Sep 29, 2015
Apr 30, 2007

QuickTime on Windows causes errors

Update 29th August 2015

Quicktime is used by ProSelect on Windows machines to import .psd files and for slideshow movie exporting. If you are wishing to install Quicktime on a complete new computer or fresh install that is running Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you may receive the error "Quicktime 7 requires that your computer is running Windows Vista or Windows 7"

This is due to a recent change by Apple with latest Quicktime releases v7.7.7 and v7.7.8 (and possibly newer).

If this occurs, then please see the article Installing Quicktime on Windows 10 & 8 on how to resolve this.

Previous Reports and Versions of Quicktime

After reading the articles below, if you need to install Quicktime v7.7.6, you can download it from the ProSelect Downloads page (for Windows), or from the Apple's web site. This version seems to install and work without issue.

Update 14th November 2009

There is a reported issue with Quicktime v7.6 version (exact version number not confirmed) on Windows Vista which can prevent ProSelect from running. The solution was to uninstall and reinstall a previously working version.

Update 12th February 2009

Apple have now released Quicktime v7.6. We have not tested this version on all OS types as yet, but hopefully this has resolved the issue.

Update 8 December 2008

There seems to be an issue with Quicktime v7.5.5 on Vista32 (unknown if issue is also on XP32 or the 64 bit versions of each at this stage).  It causes the slideshow to crash and also crashes ProSelect on exit.

The issue was rectified by uninstalling this version of Quicktime and re-installing v7.3.1 or v7.4.1.

Update 29 February 2008

Apple have now released a later version and so you could test this updated version Quicktime v7.4.1 or later.  Here is the link to the Apple Web Site for the latest version:

If you are using an iTunes playlist for a slideshow and get an error after canceling and restarting the slideshow, then please refer to this article "Canceling Slideshow causes error on restart" (also related to v7.4.0).

Update 23 January 2008

There seems to be an issue with Quicktime v7.4 for 64 bit computers.  This has been reported for Windows XP64 & Vista64 versions.

You can either restore your system (if you know how) or simply uninstall Quicktime v7.4 and download and install the Quicktime 7.3.1 from the Apple web site

We don't support ProSelect on 64 bit computers.

Original  Article

Early versions of QuickTime 7 for Windows can cause problems such as:

  1. ProSelect crashing when you start it
  2. ProSelect giving a Nil Exception Error while just sitting open with no activity.

If you are finding these problems, you should update to the latest version of QuickTime.

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