Jan 2, 2017
Mar 27, 2012

ProSelect Easy Lease FAQs

Commencing April 2012, TimeExposure now offers another option to start using ProSelect or ProSelect Pro in your business. You can now either lease a license or purchase it outright.

To help you decide if leasing is the best option for you, please refer to the following pages:

ProSelect Easy Lease - Is this the best option for you?

ProSelect Easy Lease Terms & Conditions (Sales Policies page) 


Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing ProSelect

I already own ProSelect, can I upgrade using Easy Lease?

If you already own a ProSelect License, you cannot make a purchase using Easy Lease under the TimeExposure account that has your current license. However, you can create a new account (using a different email address) and make a new Easy Lease purchase under that account. Please note that if you cancel your Easy Lease you may no longer have access the to latest version of ProSelect since you will only be able to use the version * associated with your originally purchased license from your other account.

Remember, if you already own ProSelect, you can upgrade to the latest version at a substantial discount on the new price so, in most cases, this would be the best option for you. When upgrading you can choose to pay the upgrade cost in three monthly installments.

 * Note:  ProSelect Album files (.psa)  saved in a newer version of ProSelect may not be able to be opened in an older version.


Can I convert my Easy Lease into an outright purchase?

Yes, this is possible after a minimum lease period. See the "Conversion to Outright Purchase" section on the ProSelect Easy Lease Terms & Conditions page for full details. 

Do I need to pay for Support or Upgrades when on Easy Lease?

No, all TimeExposure PLUS benefits are included in your monthly Easy Lease payments so, while your lease is current, you get the same benefits as everyone with current TimeExposure PLUS.

Can I change-up to Pro or add extra users to my license when I am on Easy Lease?

Yes, you can do this at any time and start using the new features immediately. Your next monthly payment will be changed to reflect the new price of the your new license.


Can I down-grade to a license with less features or users when I am on Easy Lease?

Yes, with certain conditions and restrictions. See the "Changing your license up or down" on the ProSelect Easy Lease Terms & Conditions page for full details.


Can I lease Add-ons such as the Collections?

No, these must be purchased outright. However they remain yours to keep even if you cancel your Easy Lease.


Is there a minimum Lease period?

Yes, you must continue to make monthly payments for your Easy Lease for at least 6 months after it is started, re-started or upgraded.


I only work 8 months of the year. Can I cancel and restart my Easy Lease so I am  not paying for when I am not using it?

Yes. You can optionally Cancel or Pause your Easy Lease any time after 5 months and it will stop on the next monthly payment date.

If cancelling, you can start a new lease any time after that, however a new minimum monthly period will apply.

Alternatively, you can pause your lease for up to six months and will start the pause on the next payment due date (no charge will be made to your credit card). Your lease will automatically resume after the end of the specified paused period. You can resume a paused lease at any time if you need to start using ProSelect sooner than anticipated. Your monthly lease payment will recommence on the date that the lease is resumed. You must wait at least 2 months after resuming a paused lease before you can pause it again. See "Pausing/Resuming a Lease" on the ProSelect Easy Lease Terms & Conditions page for full details.

Does my computer need to be permanently connected to the Internet to have an Easy Lease?

No. Your computer does need to be connected to the internet for initial installation & registration and, after that, at least every week or so for automatic re-activations. To avoided any problems we recommend that you only lease ProSelect on a computer that is regularly connected to the internet.


Why does my monthly Easy Lease payment change slightly each month?

Your Easy Lease monthly payment is in Australian dollars which is converted to your local currency by your credit card provider. TimeExposure's "Monthly Rate Guarantee"  means that, if the Australian dollar to your currency conversion rate changes to cause your monthly cost to increase, we will adjust down the amount that you are charged in Australia dollars so your monthly Easy Lease payment in your currency will not be any more than 5% higher than your first month's payment. TimeExposure's billing systems does this by automatically checking the international exchange rates each day. 


My bank always rejects my monthly Easy Lease payment until I ring them up. What can I do?

Some banks automatically reject credit card charges from overseas countries. If this is happening to you, you should contact your bank and advise them to automatically approve your monthly Lease payments. If they cannot do this, then you should consider changing to another bank who will. See the next section for how to update your card details if you change cards.

Please note that if your bank is continuously rejecting your monthly payments, TimeExposure reserves the right to cancel your Easy Lease


I have changed my credit card. How to I make sure that the monthly Easy Lease payment is billed to the new card?

If you wish to change to a different credit card, you can do this through your account as follows:

  1. Login in to your account
  2. Go to your My Membership Home page
  3. In the Easy Lease Details section click on the Manage Your Payments link
  4. You can add/remove a new card and/or select which card should be used for your monthly payments.


Are my credit card details saved securely?

Yes. TimeExposure does not store your credit card details. Rather, they are stored in the fully secure, PCI compliant facility provide by eWay, our credit card gateway processor.

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