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Nov 30, 2015

What's New in 2015r3

If any changes are made, the incremental updated details added in ProSelect software version 2015r3 will be shown below and also in the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer. This initial release is v2015r3.3, so any further minor updates will be v2015r3.4 etc.

What's New in Version 2015r3

Oct 1, 2015

Important Notes:

To find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this new version, please see the article ProSelect 2015r3 release.

This release has the same feature set as the last release of ProSelect v2015r2, however it has been compiled using the latest version of our development environment which includes a new optimizing compiler. The result is that the software is quite a lot faster for most operations (between 20-40% from our tests) and is recommended for Mac users who are using or planning to use the Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan). See this article: ProSelect on El Capitan.

Note: that starting with this release ProSelect will no longer run on Windows XP machines.

This release is the foundation for the next major release, ProSelect 2016r1 planned for release in early 2016 and will include many exciting new features that you are going to love, so watch this space!

As with ProSelect v2015r2, this is now a download of around 200+MB because it includes quite a number of great new default templates, styles and a new room view image. These are currently only accessible if you are doing a "clean install" or using ProSelect Data -> Reset to default setup (File Menu). These additional resources are available as a downloadable collection (.tpk) file, so existing users (with current SUPPORTPlus) can add them to their existing setup.

We have also included quite a lot of the most requested changes in this release as well as a number of minor fixes.


  1. This version (as with v2015r2) only requires that you have Apple's Quicktime installed on Windows based computers in order to play music and videos within ProSelect. It will warn you if Quicktime is not installed on your computer and provide a link to the page on Apple's web site from where it can be downloaded.  The Mac version takes advantage of OSX’s new "AVFoundation" - part of OSX 10.7 and newer (more below).

  2. This release requires Mac OSX 10.8 or newer. Runs on Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32 & 64 bit). We have not tested this on Vista (32 bit), however believe it should run (you can install and test in trial mode if using these older Windows OS versions). As mentioned above, this version will not run on Windows XP (or older).

  3. This version (as with v2015r2) by default, plays a slideshow uses OpenGL (2.0 or newer) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL when playing the slideshow by unchecking Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow & Music -> Slideshow settings however the slideshow will play much less efficiently and the Ken Burns effect will not be available. More information about OpenGL can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual.

  4. For information on the system requirements (OS & Photoshop versions, Processor speed and RAM etc), please see the ProSelect software Downloads page (while this is the current version) and/or the readme file (available with the installation).

Some of the new features and enhancements include:


  1. [FIX][MAC] - Full screen windows on El Capitan (10.11.x) no longer cause a crash when they are closed.
  2. ProSelect software runs a lot faster for most operations (between 20-40% from our tests).
  3. See the What's New in ProSelect 2015r2 article for a full list of features (and changes) if you have been using v2015r1.

What's New in Version 2015r3.5

January 17, 2015

  1. [FIX] No longer gives an error when cancelling overlay image update from within the Template Editor.
  2. [FIX] Additional error checking when updating ordered item checkmarks in the Place Order window.
  3. [FIX] Now checks for a closed progress window before showing another window to avoid an error if an operation is cancelled before completely showing a progress window.
  4. [FIX] No longer gives an error when no action list is returned from Photoshop.
  5. [FIX] Better handles out of memory errors while copying images during image export.
  6. [FIX] No longer give scripting error when you run a Custom Action with an "&" character in the Action Set name.

What's New in Version 2015r3.4

January 16, 2016

  1. [FIX] No longer incorrectly draws layouts with overlapping holes and/or overlay images which have a frame assigned when using alt/option dragging to adjust the image positions.
  2. [FIX][MAC] Now longer gives and error -2 when exporting some movies setup with synced music, cross fade transitions and ken burns effects due to a timing miscalculation.
  3. [FIX][MAC] The 2015r3 OSX installer now includes the default room view images (missing in initial release).

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