ProSelect Quick Start

ProSelect is very easy to learn and use. Most people pickup the basics in less than an hour and are using it with clients soon after that. (We DO recommend that you at least rehearse your presentation with ProSelect before going live with real clients!)

To save you time, we have put together this Quick Start page to help you get up and running and profitable with ProSelect as quickly as possible...

Installing and starting your ProSelect Trial on

Find out how to install your downloaded ProSelect software on your computer and start your trial. Click the green Play button to watch the video now. If you are installing on click here.

Watch this Video to find your way around

User Interface - Finding your way around the main screen
This video will give you quick overview of the basic features in ProSelect. Click the green Play button to watch the video now.

Get into our Getting To Know ProSelect videos

Watch a few videos in our Getting to Know ProSelect Videos series.

Put each video into practice using our supplied Sample Album of images (see below) or your own images at your next sales session then watch the next one. Each one will teach you more of the basics. You will find all our Training movies under the Training Menu.

Browse the Quick Start Guide

Re-inforce what you have learnt in the movies by skimming through the Quick Start Guide.

This pdf file is automatically installed when you install ProSelect.

You can open it from the Help Menu in ProSelect.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the Guide. If you don't have it click here to download a free copy.

Load the Sample ProSelect Album file

Your will find a small ProSelect album already populated with some images that you can play with installed on your computer in the following places:

Windows: In the "My Documents" folder

macOS: In your Documents folder

To open this album file, select Open Album (from the File Menu) and select the file "Sample Album.psa" in the folder mentioned above or just double-click on the album file.

When you have finished, select New Album (under the File Menu) to clear this Album out of ProSelect.

Create Your Own Album

Drag a folder of high-res images (.jpg, .tif or .psd) into the lefthand column in ProSelect (called the Image List) to load them.


Click the Add Folder button (bottom left corner) and select your folder of images to load.

After the images have been loaded, you should save them as a ProSelect Album file using the Save Album command (under the File Menu).

Have a play with your own images using what you have learned in the Getting to Know ProSelect video series.

Download More Resources

To get you quickly started, ProSelect has lots of included resources already installed. You can access supplier / partner resources from our Downloads link on the home page.

Continue to Learn More

We have many resources on our website to help you become an expect with ProSelect

  • The ProSelect Reference Manual (under the Help Menu in ProSelect)
  • More videos can be found on our Training Videos page. You can event search for a video by keywords.
  • The searchable Knowledge Base in our Support Resources (You can also get to this from the Help menu in ProSelect))
  • For personalized attention,submit a support ticket through our Support Resources Center.