Pro Studio Software's goal is to help professional photographers develop and run efficient, profitable and enjoyable businesses.

We do this by developing the best software tools for the industry and providing training, support and other resources to help you use these tools effectively.

About Pro Studio Software Membership

To make it easier for you to quickly get to the things you need and keep your information updated yourself, we introduced Membership to the Pro Studio Software website.

Membership is FREE! Once you have joined, you can download trial products, new updates and extras, purchase products and upgrades, attend free webinars and even resign if you wish - but we hope that you will never want to!

You will also be able to quickly access the registration keys for any Pro Studio Software products that you own.

Privacy and Email

We dislike spam as much as you and any information that you provide will be kept private as stated in our Privacy Policy and you can control how much, if any, information you would like to receive from us in the mailing list options section of your My Account page.

Registered Product Users

If you are a registered user of one of our products or services, but have used other email addresses for subsequent downloads, then you should only setup an access password for the email address that you used to register the product.

If you no longer have access to that email address, then please submit a Membership Support Ticket though our Support Center with your business name, old and new email addresses and we will fix this for you.

Removing Multiple Email Addresses

If you are receiving emails from us under other email addresses as well, you should use the Opt Out link at the bottom of those emails to remove yourself from the mailout database which will automatically delete any extra memberships (provided no products are registered to those email addresses).

Your Feedback is Welcome

We are continually working to improve our products and services. Our success to date has been based on listening to the needs and wants of our users. If there are any particular things that you think could help us to help you and your business, please let us know.