Jan 25, 2015
Jan 3, 2014

What's New in 2014r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2014r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest important updates to this release are shown below.


What's New in Version 2014r1

January 10,  2014

Important Notes:

To find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this new version, please see the article ProSelect 2014r1 release.

This new version is focussed on changes to the slideshow area with the addition of the some major new features. Most of the functions associated with slideshows are now under a new Slideshow Menu rather than the Preferences as in previous versions.

This version and newer will not run on the Mac PowerPC (last produced in 2006). You can check if your Mac has a "PowerPC" processor,  in Mac's Finder --> choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu. Look at the Processor line to see which kind of processor is in your Mac.


  1. This version requires that you have Apple's Quicktime installed on your computer in order to play music and videos within ProSelect. ProSelect will warn you if Quicktime is not installed on your computer and provide a link to the page on Apple's web site from where it can be downloaded.
  2. By default, playing a slideshow now uses using OpenGL (2.0 or newer) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL when playing the slideshow by unchecking Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow & Music -> Slideshow settings however the slideshow will play much less efficiently and the Ken Burns effect will not be available.

Some of the new features and enhancements include:


StudioCloud Integration

  1. When you first run this version, ProSelect prompts if you wish to enable StudioCloud integration. You can select "yes" and enter your StudioCloud login credentials or set this up late in the new Preferences -> General Settings -> Integration tab.
  2. This release provides the following functionality with StudioCloud:
  • Link a ProSelect Album to a StudioCloud Event
  • Link StudioCloud clients to existing ProSelect Order Groups
  • Add a ProSelect Order Group from a StudioCloud Client
  • Create a new StudioCloud client from a ProSelect Order Group
  • Create/Update StudioCloud invoices from ProSelect Orders
  • Transfer any payments recorded in ProSelect to StudioCloud
  • Create, and pre-populate with images and client details, a new ProSelect album from StudioCloud

See the StudioCloud Integration section in the ProSelect Reference Manual for full details about using ProSelect with StudioCloud.

General Changes & Enhancements

  1. Changed maximum number of frames supported in the Pro version from 150 to 300.
  2. Added a new option to use a logo file (which can be either a .jpg or .png file) as a copyright stamp in Preferences-> Image Effects -> Copyright Stamp. Also added extra position options of bottom center and bottom right.
  3. Separated "Find Ordered Images" and "Find Book Images" into two separate commands (under Album Menu -> Original Images).
  4. The Add Order Adjustments window now allows you select items from a different price list.
  5. Working with Slideshows now shows the number of items in each Album Set on the top left corner of their thumbnail images.
  6. You can now export low res images of selected rooms from Working with Rooms (under File Menu -> Export).
  7. Added support for including frames when exporting sample images. The exported image and frame (if applicable) is scaled based on last size used in Select Size view.


What's New in Version 2014r1.10

Jan 22, 2015

  1. [FIX][MAC] - Fixed a "Cannot Connect to Photoshop" error (possible only on Mavericks and Yosemite) when OSX doesn't responded with the current running version in a timely manner.
  2. [FIX] - Slideshow images are now correctly buffered images after adding a video to the start of a slideshow. This was causing some jerkiness at the start of image transitions after showing the first 4 or 5 buffered images.
  3. [FIX] - No longer needs to rebuild the thumbnail images for any double spread overlay images if the page sides are portrait orientated. This should fix slow startup times if you have lots of these templates especially when your ProSelect Resources folder is located across a network

What's New in Version 2014r1.9

Nov 24, 2014

  1. [FIX][MAC] - Changes to the way ProSelect detects which copy of Photoshop to connect to. This prevents the occasional "Photoshop not running" message that could occur when opening images in Photoshop or running production on Mac OSX Mavericks and newer.
  2. [FIX] The minimum display calibration length when working in metric units is now 25.4mm not 25.4cm.
  3. Updated the https connection type so that ProSelect will be able to connect to StudioCloud servers after their planned security update.
  4. [FIX][MAC] Re-packaged the ProSelect Installer so that it conforms to Apple's new GateKeeper requirements in Mavericks 10.9.5 and Yosemite.
  5. [MAC] Added the option (with a warning) to re-enable Ambient music on in Preferences -> Slideshow. See section titled "Ambient Music on Macs" above.
  6. [FIX] No longer sets Production to "Trial Only" mode in the ProSelect Pro version if you last trialled the basic version. This bug was inadvertently introduced in version 2014r1.6.
  7. [FIX][MAC] No longer locks up and gives an error when dragging images into the Select Resource Image window from the Finder when running on OSX Mavericks or newer.
  8. Now automatically checks and fixes any illegal characters in Template Category and Group names caused by some third party collections.
  9. [FIX] Now also changes the new original file location for any duplicates of images that have been moved when using the Original Images, Move to... commands.
  10. [FIX] No longer gives Nil Exception Error when trying to start a new album or open another album after a communications error occured when trying to link an album to Studio Cloud.
  11. [FIX] The slideshow no longer gets stuck when starting up if you have previously started and stopped (paused) the Ambient Music.

What's New in Version 2014r1.8

Sept 19, 2014

  1. [FIX] Extended the time-out when connecting to StudioCloud to 20 seconds. To prevent too many search results, client searches are now limited to requiring at least 2 characters either together or combined if searching for both first and last name.
  2. Working with Images, Show Images View no longer automatically adds the next image to the Display Area if you drag all remaining images into an Image List tab. This behaviour is the same as early versions of ProSelect and allows more flexible use of the display area for comparing images.
  3. Add OrderGroupCount as a returned value from the "GetAlbumInfo" remote command.
  4. [FIX][WIN] ProSelect Resources Folder -> Show in Windows Explorer (under Resources menu) now works correctly after changes made in 2014r1.6.

What's New in Version 2014r1.7

Sept 4, 2014

  1. [FIX] Added a taxable column to the Detailed Report when using Export Price List as CSV.
  2. Added the taxable status (taxable or non-taxable) to items in an Exported Order when using Standard XML and Standard XML for Web formats.
  3. [FIX] When using Exporting Orders to StudioCloud, payments are now individually marked as exported regardless of the payment date or previous exported date. This prevents incorrect exporting of payments if you entered past or future dates for your payments.
  4. [FIX] Now warns you if your log into StudioCloud is incorrect rather than failing silently.
  5. [FIX] Now automatically fixes very long template names caused by having accented characters or illegal characters template names when using 2014r1.3/1.4. For more information about this see the article "ProSelect slow to startup when Loading Price Lists"
  6. Now displays the Event Start time when linking an Album to StudioCloud.
  7. [FIX] StudioCloud Event times are now corrected by your local computers GMT settings so they match those entered into StudioCloud.
  8. [FIX] Now correctly displays the details of gallery wrap canvas layouts and templates in the bottom right corner of the Info Bar.
  9. [FIX] Price List Setup window now correctly fills the current price box when you have previously entered a negative number.
  10. [FIX] The information line on the snapshot image of a room view image is now shown correctly when you have a gallery wrap canvas selected in the room.

What's New in Version 2014r1.6

August 7, 2014

  1. [FIX] Images in Exported Movies are now always in sRGB Color Space.
  2. [FIX][WIN] VLC libraries can now be correctly located on machines where the environment path variable has a large number of entries.
  3. [FIX] When using ProSelect in Trial mode, it will now continue the trial as "ProSelect Pro" between restarts if you have chosen this option.
  4. [FIX] No longer sometimes starts a slideshow with the music volume at zero when using the VLC libraries (which ProSelect uses as default on Windows machines).
  5. Due to instability issues with using VLC to play music on Macs (namely crashes when you changed the audio output selection or your computer went to sleep for an extended period), we have reverted the Mac version to using Quicktime to play music. Unfortunately, this has meant that we have had to disable using Ambient music on Macs. In the meantime, we are working on another solution for Mac users that will allow us to re-enable ambient music in the near future.
  6. Mac users can no longer select and add .mp4 music files because Quicktime cannot play these without stuttering. On Macs is recommended that use .mp3 or .aac format music files for your ProSelect slideshows.

What's New in Version 2014r1.5

July 14, 2014

  1. [FIX] Changed the music player for Slideshows and Ambient music to use the VLC libraries (if installed). This makes music playing less dependent on system load and fixes an occasional crash on Macs when playing Ambient music. If the VLC libraries are not present then Quicktime is used as before.
  2. [FIX] Now updates the displayed thumbnail counts after using the down-arrow key during the slideshow to move images to a specified tab.
  3. [FIX][WIN] Some production icon images no longer have a black surround in Windows 7 or newer.
  4. [FIX] Will no longer crash if you quit the program immediately after turning Ambient Music off.
  5. You can once again select .mp4 audio files for slideshow music as these appear to work without skipping when using the VLC libraries.
  6. [FIX] Export Slideshow Movie now opens the folder with the exported movie(s) when you have checked "Open folder after Export" (was "Show Folder after Export").
  7. The Export Slideshow menu item is now always enabled regardless of the current Working with mode. However, a warning will be shown there is no content set up in any of the slideshows in the current album.
  8. Added the option to set the exported DPI when Exporting Sample Images.
  9. Ambient music will now continue to play when starting a new album an loading an album. If a new loaded album has been set up to use another ambient music group then you will be asked if you wish to change to that group instead.
  10. [FIX] Ambient music works correctly if you start a slideshow immediately after starting the ambient music (and the music is still fading up).
  11. [FIX] Working With Images. Alt/Option + Right-click now works on Ordered Images the same as on non-ordered images.
  12. Added support for setting a music group to be the default ambient music group (was previously the top most group). This is saved in the ProSelect data file so it can be shared between users. Albums that don't have a different ambient music group specifically assigned will default to playing the current default ambient music group.
  13. Added back an earlier feature when double-clicking on a zoomed in image will remove the zoom (as well as make that image the only displayed image).
  14. [FIX] Fixed a timing error that could occur while setting up slideshows if some controls have not been created yet
  15. [FIX] Now checks for correct image when checking for missing images in some cases.
  16. [FIX] No longer gives a error when exporting slideshow if you select the output folder to be root level folder (e.g. MacIntosh HD)
  17. [FIX] No longer gives an error when template's first opening is a graphics block and you tried to apply some action without selecting another opening.
  18. [FIX] Minor bug fixes and additional debugging code.
  19. The last set ambient music volume is now saved with your local Preferences rather than with the album file or ProSelect Data (in the case of the default ambient music) so it can be set and remembered for each computer.
  20. [FIX] Ambient music playback no longer gets stuck in a playback loop if the selected music group contained missing or bad tracks.
  21. [FIX] Now shows a warning if you try to setup your ambient music when there are no music groups with some music tracks setup.
  22. [FIX] No longer gives an error loading an album after importing images containing an embedded color profile name containing illegal characters
  23. [FIX] Fixed an issue with incorrectly flipped images when importing rotated TIFF format images from Nikon cameras which have auto-rotate setting turned on.
  24. [FIX] Non-English characters saved in the ProSelect data file (eg template names, price list names etc) not longer get corrupted after being loaded in ProSelect 2014r1.3 or 2014r1.4.
  25. [FIX] When Editing a template name in the Template Manager no longer sometimes incorrectly says that there is another template with the same name.
  26. [FIX] Any .png files added to Mat Backgrounds, Rooms and Frames resources folders are now automatically converted to .jpgs because .png files are not currently supported in these areas.

What's New in Version 2014r1.4

May 29, 2014

  1. [FIX] The last single sided page of a book is no longer being missed in a slideshow.
  2. [FIX] Any notes saved with the last single sided page of a book are now printed on a book report.
  3. [FIX] Find All Ordered Images now work again (broken in 2014r1).
  4. You can now optionally list any missing original images in Hi-Res Production.
  5. [FIX] Book page names shown in the Hi-Res Production window now honor the setting to show book pages as numbered side or template names in Preferences -> General Settings ->Templates, Rooms & Books -> Book Design Options.
  6. [FIX] Any copyright stamp applied to an exported Slideshow movie now fades in and out at the start and end of the movie with any transitions.
  7. [FIX] Slideshow transitions using OpenGL and a Slideshow style with an aspect ratio set to 4:3 no longer occasionally show parts of other images at the edges.
  8. [FIX] The slideshow export error code is now correctly shown in the error message window.
  9. Added a dialog when closing the Setup Music window which reminds the user that they must select a music group in the Slideshow Style before it will play in a slideshow.
  10. Updated the following default Preference settings.
  11. Increased the number of availble RAW image file extensions to five and added default extensions of ARW, RW2 and DNG on new install.
  12. Added a default Order Report Note for new installs.
  13. [FIX] Now shows a warning message when trying to load a shared preferences file from the ProSelect Resources folder if the file is not found rather than failing silently.
  14. When upgrading from version prior to 2013r1 (with the new slideshow features), if the default slideshow style doesn't have any music assigned to it then the first music group is assigned to that slideshow.
  15. When upgrading from version 3.x or earlier now automatically creates the ProSelect Resources folder in the default location.
  16. If you change the ProSelect Resources location to a different one (via Sharing Setup) and the folder does not exist in the new location, ProSelect will now warn you now that it has created a empty set of resources folder rather than just doing this silently.
  17. [FIX] Layouts with invalid sizes or presentation options now show as "**MISSING**" in the Price List Setup window rather than throwing an error. This should only happen if the ProSelect_Data.xml file was corrupted (usually by being manually edited).
  18. Updated the default ProSelect_Data.xml data to include additional sizes, templates and price list items.
  19. Changed the included Triple Scoop Music track to "Let's not forget" by "The Undeserving". Thanks Triple Scoop Music!

What's New in Version 2014r1.3

April 25, 2014

  1. [FIX] Now sets the Get Photoshop Actions List results file format to be UTF8 to avoid errors if it any action names contain any illegal characters. Also added extra debug statements when updating the action list.
  2. [FIX] Now correctly updates the Photoshop Action list to contain no actions when no actions are returned rather than leaving it as it was before.
  3. [FIX] Ambient music now correctly resumes after running a slideshow with a paused start.
  4. [FIX] Added a more space on WebGallery Upload window job date field to fully display yyyy formatted dates.
  5. Now displays "None Selected" if there is no shared folder setup and sharing is turned on.
  6. [FIX] Removed .mp4 as an allowed audio file format because it was found that Quicktime couldn't keep up with playing these fil types during a slideshow and the music was skipping.
  7. Added a new Export Price List as CSV file "detailed" format which provides all price list data split apart ready to be imported into other systems. You can still get this data in the previous combined format by selecting "Summary (old format)" from the format options provided. This data can can now be exported with tab or comma separators.
  8. [FIX] No longer uses a book design's minimum page number as the image name for the last page when sending a book to production.
  9. [FIX] No longer shows the registration window again on the same day on which you started a trial when starting a new album or opening another album.
  10. Added extra debug information to slideshow startup to show referenced music tracks and the setup fade down times. Additional debug information is also output when the music starts/ends a fade down and what the trigger was for this action.
  11. Added extra text to the Setup Slideshow window to make it obvious that music syncing only works in Working with Slideshows.
  12. [FIX] No longer hangs up if StudioCloud returns invalid XML data.
  13. Added the latest Spanish and Portuguese translations.
  14. When debugging Photoshop commands, ProSelect now sends the commands to a .jsx file and directly opens Adobe ExtendScript ToolKit (assuming that the .jsx files have be associated with this application). This allows the Toolkit to be used for debugging once again on Windows machines. This can only be done when you have one item checked in the Hi-Res Production window and hold the SHIFT key down while clicking on the "Make Hi-Res Images" button.
  15. You can now debug the the "Reload Custom Actions" command by holding SHIFT key down while clicking on the "Reload" button.
  16. [MAC] Removed periodic Quicktime polling to reduce the chance of a random crash when closing windows while playing Ambient Music. (This know issue will be fixed in the next update).
  17. All Photoshop production scripts are now send to Photoshop via a file called "photoshop_script.jsx" which is now saved into Applications Support -> ProSelect folder -> ProSelect Debug Data folder.
  18. [FIX] Hi-Res production Completion Actions which flatten the image no longer cause production to stop with an error.
  19. When running Hi-Res production on images with "Fill to next Print Paper Size" selected, the background layer is now called "PaperFill" (same as when producing Composite Layouts).
  20. [FIX] No longer gives an error loading the Order Table in the Place Order window in some rare circumstances.
  21. [FIX] No longer gives an error when dragging an image to a new position in some circumstances.
  22. [FIX] Fixed an error that occurred when resolving a StudioCloud client data conflict when there were missing phone numbers on one side.
  23. [FIX][MAC] No longer give an error sometimes when closing the test custom action window.
  24. Layout thumbnail images are now created using the same drawing method as empty templates so that it is easier to see when the empty opening are located when these are added to the album without any images in them.
  25. [FIX] Opening positions in empty layouts are now drawn using the same wider lines as empty templates to make them more visible.
  26. [FIX][WIN] The faces on the image list tab are now redrawn so they don't stay highlighted after drop images onto them.
  27. [FIX] StudioCloud client data containing non-English characters should now read correctly. (StudioCloud are also making a change at their end as well).
  28. [FIX] No longer beeps when dropping template at end of layouts in scroll area.
  29. Now automatically turns on "Show Product Codes on Price List Items" in the Preferences -> Pricing & Ordering -> Settings when turning on Studio Cloud Integration since StudioCloud will soon be using these when importing price list items.
  30. [FIX] Right-Clicking on images while holding down theAlt/Option key now works again - reversing the "zoom in" mouse option preferences.
  31. [FIX] Made changes to Hi-Res Production scripting when substituting text in the overlay image .psd file to fix a font size changing problem when using Photoshop CS6 and newer. This workaround is due to changes (and some bugs) introduced in Photoshop CS6 and carried into CC and occurred if you have any re-scaled text layers in the .psd file. Since Adobe made at least two changes in this area with different updates to CS6, we have modified ProSelect to work with the latest update (as of now) which is Photoshop v13.0.6. If they make any further changes, we may need to undo some of these workarounds.
  32. [FIX] The Output Report Button now stays with the bottom edge of the window when the Production Window is re-sized.
  33. [FIX] Remote commands no longer show the album as "unsaved" after doing a "New Album" when StudioCloud integration is turned on. This prevented exporting using the Lightroom plug-in unless you re-started ProSelect.
  34. [FIX] The minimum template and opening sizes are now consistant and set to be 6mm (about 0.25")


What's New in Version 2014r1.2

February 12, 2014 

  1. [FIX][WIN] Print paper size window icons no longer have a black background on Windows 7/8.
  2. [FIX][MAC] Re-compiled to fix an odd error where Exporting Slideshow movies always failed with an error -43 in the last release on some newer versions of Mac OSX.
  3. [FIX][MAC] No longer gives an error when opening the Slideshow Export window if you are running ProSelect from a location that is not next to its Default Resources folder and no Slideshow Export Preset have been previously added.
  4. [FIX][WIN] You can now adding new videos using the Setup Videos window and the associated ProSelect Resources window on Windows machines.
  5. [FIX] No longer gives an error when setting up title slides when a title slide group is open.


What's New in Version 2014r1.1

February 1, 2014

  1. [FIX][WIN] The mirror display screen no longer has a 1 px white border on the top and left edges. This seemed to be a more recent Windows version issue only.
  2. To help track down the reason why a slideshow movie fails to export, ProSelect now displays an error code which references the step at which an error occurred. These codes can be found in the KnowledgeBase article called "Slideshow and Movie Export Error Codes".
  3. Added more data to the Debug messages when exporting and playing slideshows to assist with any diagnostics in these areas.
  4. To improve slideshow playback appearance, ProSelect now dynamically adjusts the priority of the background thread that is fetching the next image. This is based on the type of slideshow style, slideshow contents and computer performance.
  5. [FIX][WIN] - On start-up ProSelect no longer attempts to install the default music if Quicktime is not installed because this results in the music track length being set to zero and results in a crash if you then attempted to play a slideshow using this music track.
  6. [FIX] Slideshows no longer crash if you try to play them using a music track with zero length.
  7. [FIX] The Setup Music window now shows a warning on any tracks that have zero length.
  8. [FIX][WIN] Slideshow transitions now work on Windows XP with OpenGL turned off.
  9. [FIX] Fixed a currency format problem when using ProSelect on Mac OSX Mavericks for non-English languages (mainly European).
  10. [FIX][WIN] - Slideshows now play correctly when not using OpenGL on Windows XP.
  11. [FIX][WIN] - Made changes to the slideshow timers to improve playback performance on Windows XP machines when not using OpenGL.
  12. Now shows the achieved speed (in Frames per second) in the Debug Log at the end of each slideshow.
  13. [BFIX][WIN] Now correctly positions the windows used for playing slideshow. (broken in 2014r1.1b1)
  14. [FIX] Now shows the "Starting Slideshow" screen without delay when starting a slideshow.
  15. [FIX] Jumping forward and backwards through a slideshow now correctly buffers the next images to remove any delays when the slideshow resumes.
  16. [FIX] Now automatically add two default slideshow movie Export Presets to the list of available options if there aren't any there to when the Export Slideshow Movie window is opened.
  17. [FIX] No longer gives an error when deleting title slides from Setup Title Slides window which were visible in thumbnail list.
  18. [FIX] Now reloads thumbnails after editing titleslides when in Working with Slideshows, Thumbnail view.
  19. [FIX] No longer gives an error when editing title slides with text layers with a font that is not installed on the same computer.
  20. [FIX] Added out of bounds checking to the Slideshow play video loop to fix a possible thread being processed while stopping a slideshow.
  21. Added additional "thread already running" checks when pausing resuming ambient music.
  22. [FIX] No longer gives an error when resizing a title slide text layer box to a size smaller than width of one character of text. Now stops ar need to set text height 25%.
  23. [FIX] Extra error checking added when updating images after changing images with effects back to original.
  24. Improved the method of calculating number of images/videos being imported based on acceptable file types so the progress bar reflects the actual number rather than all items in an imported folder.
  25. [FIX] - Fixed an issue where a Title Slide with a "next image" background was showing title slide image again in place of the next image. This only occurred when with Ken Burns effect was turned on.
  26. [FIX][WIN] Export slideshow Window. Fixed button misalign.
  27. [FIX] - If turned on, the Vignette is once again shown on slideshow playback, preview and exported movies.
  28. [FIX] Now correctly caches slideshow images when they are loaded. This was causing some jerkiness (particularly on machines with slower disk access speeds) during slideshow transitions after the first five slides were played.
  29. [FIX] Frame data associated with a layout is now correctly copied to a layout when the layout is duplicated.
  30. [FIX] Thumbnails are now correctly displayed after duplicating an empty layout with a frame.
  31. [FIX] Now correctly shows the first slide on paused start (if set up in slideshow style) when running a non-OpenGL slideshow.
  32. The Export Button is now visible and usable in the Place Order window when not using StudioCloud Integration. It opens the "Export Orders" window. The button is now updated correctly depending on the current status of any album & client links to StudioCloud.
  33. [FIX] - The version checker window will no longer appear if there are any other dialog windows open (including the register/active windows). This could cause a user interface lock-up.
  34. [FIX] Now correctly updates the number of items to be exported for the selected Order Group after deleting the Order Group before another one that is linked to a StudioCloud client.
  35. [FIX] The slideshow down arrow keyboard shortcut now works again for moving images to another tab at the end of the slideshow (this was broken in v2013r1 & fixed also).
  36. [FIX] Added extra debugging code when exporting slideshows. To circumvent possible OS file locking, if an error occurs while converting the movie to .mp4 format, this operation will be retried up to three times before giving up with an error message.
  37. [FIX] Setup Print Paper Sizes - You can now select a newly added size to be used for print or layouts as soon as both width and height sizes are non-zero.
  38. [FIX] The Preference -> Integration setting for warning of unexported orders when saving or closing an album now works as advertised.
  39. [FIX] Now clears out the last used parameters (eg Order Group name) when linking an album to StudioCloud after starting a new album or loading a different album.
  40. [FIX] No longer gives an error when adding a template as a book cover when the front cover page is already set and the design has a back cover.
  41. [FIX] Now checks that the default output folder for slideshow export exists before exporting.
  42. [FIX] Now hides music syncing status in the info bar when using a music group with no music in it.
  43. [FIX] When StudioCloud Integration is turn on, ProSelect no longer prompts to link the album to StudioCloud when saving unlinked albums. It will prompt you to link the album when you first save the album if you have this option selected in the Preferences-> General Settings -> Integration.
  44. The Add/Change Payments window now shows the locked payment warning at the bottom of the window rather than in a message box. You can now Alt/Opt click on a locked payment to enable it to be deleted (but not changed). Improved UI when deleting a payment.
  45. [FIX] Trim End Silence in Setup Music now defaults to on.
  46. Added a new Display Preference option to just hide thumbnail view when Working with Slideshows on mirrored screen independently of hiding all thumbnail views. 


KnowledgeBase Article: What's New in 2014r1