Resources for Industry Partners

This page includes free resources for Industry Partners to use to prepare their frame images ready for use in ProSelect.

ProSelect Logos for Partner Websites

A zip file containing multiple sized logos, for use on light or dark backgrounds, on partner websites. Logos should link to the home page.

ProSelect Framers Guide

This pdf file explains how to prepare and package your frames (along with price information) into a easy-to-install Collection format for use in ProSelect 2019r1 and newer.

ProSelect Frame Image File Specifications

This pdf file contains an extract of the pages from the ProSelect Reference Manual with the specifications for how to prepare your frame images to work in ProSelect.

ProSelect Frame & Mat Installation Instructions

This .pdf file must be included with any ProSelect collection files for distribution.  The collection file (.tpk or .ppc) along with this instructional pdf file can be zipped into a single file for downloading.