Support Resources
Available Online when you need them

Our U.S. based support team responds to tickets between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM Eastern Time, business days excluding U.S. holidays. Whenever possible, logging into your account prior to submission assists in expediting replies, and information is automatically posted to your account.

Pre-Subscription Inquiries

If you have questions regarding subscribing to ProSelect, we're happy to help. Just let us know here. If you have an account, please be logged in if possible. Answers to many questions can be found in our FAQs or in these video resources.

Subscriber Technical Support

Be sure to submit your support ticket while logged into your account and provide all critical information and error messages. Our team is ready to help. Responses are sent via email, posted in your ProSelect messages, and updated in your account at

For ProSelect owners without current subscriptions, the team will respond to submissions within two to three business days with available paid support options.

Technical assistance will remain available for legacy PLUS subscribers until their expiration date.

Account Assistance

If you have questions or problems related to your Pro Studio Software account or you are unable to activate your software, please log in to your account and submit to this department. If you need to change your account email and you can still log in using your old email address, you can update your contact details yourself and get access to your product registration details for non-obsolete versions.

If you no longer have access to an email that you wish to change, and you can't log in to your account, you can submit your request here. Login is not required.

Subscription Assistance (formally Easy Lease)

Subscription functions like pausing, canceling, adding users, moving from Basic to Pro (or the reverse), and changing credit cards can be handled by logging into your account, then clicking your initials or favicon on the top right. Click the “My Products” tab.

For full subscription terms, see here.

Business Name Change

Business name changes can be requested for subscription accounts subject to current policies. Only one change per year is allowed and proof of legal name may be required.

This is the name that appears in the background of ProSelect and prints on forms.

Computer Deactivations

Requests for software deactivation on dead or out-of-service computers should be handled here. Be sure to submit while logged in to your account and include the computer name for the deactivation in your ticket. Deactivations for subscribers usually happen the same business day, non-current Pro Studio Software versions within two business days. Deactivations for legacy TimeExposure versions may not be available.

Facebook User Group

Our user-to-user group is for sharing ideas and learning new techniques. If your question begins with “how do I”, you're in the right place.

When seeking group admission, be sure to review the group guidelines and answer all the entry questions. Technical support issues are NOT handled in this group.

Training Videos

This comprehensive video library addresses just about every aspect of ProSelect. Professionally produced and easy to follow, our trainers guide you through the many aspects of getting the most out of ProSelect. All the movies are indexed by topic.

Self-help Knowledge Base

Our self-help area has hundreds of searchable articles instantly available with answers to commonly asked questions, unique problems and solutions, bug fixes, and usage tips and techniques.