You Asked, We Answered

We realize you have questions and the ProSelect team is here to help. Below we have compiled some of the most often asked pre-sale questions. If we didn’t cover it below, you can reach out to our sales support team. When you schedule your free online mentor session, your mentor will be able to answer questions too.

Will ProSelect work on an iPad?

Nope. An iPad uses a mobile operating system that is not capable of running the powerful features of ProSelect. ProSelect will run on a Microsoft Surface Pro as that utilizes a full Windows 10 operating system.

What type of computer do I need?

ProSelect can run in either a Mac or Windows operating system.

  • Minimum OSX 10.14+
  • Minimum Hardware 1.6GHz Intel with 8GB RAM
  • Recommended Hardware M1+ with 8GB+ RAM.
  • Some features require Photoshop CC


  • Windows 10+ (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Minimum Hardware 2Ghz PC with 8GB RAM
  • Recommended Hardware 2.5GHz+ with 8GB+ RAM
  • Graphics chip with own memory for extended desktop on two screens
  • Microsoft VC 2015 libraries required
  • Retouching features require a 64-bit version of Windows
  • Some features require Photoshop CC

Can I install ProSelect on more than one computer?

Yes. A single-user license allows installation on two computers, so long as they are only using ProSelect one-at-a-time. Most users install on a computer for sales and one for production. Additional user licenses can be added if you require more installations and/or users.

What is the difference between ProSelect Basic and Pro?

Basic is basically a "sales only" version of ProSelect. It gives you the tools for executing an effective in-person sale. The Pro version, the most popular choice, has many enhanced features. The biggest feature of ProSelect Pro is its powerful production features that automatically drives Photoshop building complex products like layouts and books in seconds. For sales sessions, the Basic version allows you to create and show one room view at a time. If you want to show another layout option, you would delete that room, then build the next option. With the Pro version, you can add as many rooms as you want. You can duplicate, modify, show different areas of the home, whatever you need. Other key differences includes framing options, Basic 12, Pro 500. Photoshop Actions, Basic 5, Pro 100. Slideshows can be much more robust in Pro with videos, dynamic title slides, and Ken Burns motion effects. Pro lets you create up to five different slideshows in each album. Basic allows one.

For a full list of features and a video, visit here.

How do I book my mentor session?

Booking your mentor session is easy. Just login to your account at and you'll see a banner at the top. Just click the banner to go to the booking page. Be sure to use the email address associated with your account to book the session.

If I subscribe, do my payments go towards a purchase?

No, subscribing to ProSelect is similar to a membership model. When you opt for a ProSelect subscription, your minimum subscription period is six months, meaning you are committed to making six payments. After this period, you have the option to cancel or pause your subscription in accordance with the full subscription terms. An active subscription ensures you always have access to the latest versions, support, and all PLUS benefits. Full subscription terms apply and can be reviewed here.

Do I need Photoshop with ProSelect?

Photoshop is not required to run ProSelect for sales sessions. If you own ProSelect Pro, you need Photoshop (CS6 or later) to use the high resolution production functions. ProSelect and Photoshop work hand-in-hand creating an efficient workflow. It’s not required, but it’s a good idea. The best part about ProSelect Pro and Photoshop is that you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert. ProSelect Pro automates Photoshop making complex tasks easy.

Can I export and sell the slideshows?

Absolutely. ProSelect creates great slideshows that can be exported for use online or in HD quality for customer sales. You are licensed to sell these shows with PLUS music for personal or commercial use. Most other companies limit music licensing to personal use and charge high dollars for commercial usage. ProSelect allows you both. With an active PLUS account, you can choose from over nearly 20,000 tracks for customizable slideshows. With ProSelect, there is no need to subscribe to a separate slideshow or music service.

What is Pro Studio Software?

Pro Studio Software is the company, ProSelect is the product. Pro Studio Software is based in Michigan.

What is a ProSelect Album?

A ProSelect album is essentially a job file. This single file, (a .PSA format) contains all the images used for the viewing, layouts and products created, room view images and orders for a single client session.

Once I get ProSelect, do I need other software?

ProSelect is designed for in-person sales sessions. In addition to showing and selling your images, ProSelect builds and exports slideshows and includes royalty-free music. ProSelect Pro includes a complete album builder. The Pro version also automatically works with Photoshop creating print ready files for any lab.

So, in short, Photoshop is needed with the Pro version. ProSelect also integrates with Lightroom for both Basic and Pro, but it is not required. Most studios at some point add a studio management software. ProSelect directly integrates with StudioCloud.

Do I need a projector to use ProSelect?

We think a quality digital projector is best, but others use TV’s or monitors as well with great success. It’s helpful to show actual size images along with room view images, so larger is better. When showing images on a projector or TV, the client only sees the images, the rooms and the product. Invoicing, tools, and notes are confined to your screen leaving your customer to focus on just what they need to.

What about skin retouching?

ProSelect uses Perfectly Clear™ retouching technology so you can quickly pretouch for viewing and retouch your final images though ProSelect Pro production. Use of this feature is a PLUS benefit.

Can I post albums online for client proofing?

If you want to share albums and books for the purpose of client proofing, just export web resolution, watermarked page spreads, then upload to a free Dropbox account for client proofing and comments. It’s easy and fast.