Getting Started with ProSelect

This series of short movies is designed to help you get started using ProSelect and making extra money as soon as possible.

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To save you time, we have put together this Quick Start page to help you get up and running and profitable with ProSelect as quickly as possible...

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Building your ProSelect Album

Recommended Workflow overview
Adding a folder of images into ProSelect
Supported image formats
Working with RAW files and about Lightroom
Saving your album and the default save location

Working with Images - Navigation & Tools

Learn about the Working with modes and Views
Toolbar tools & Controls
About the Info Bar
Introduction to Image Sets
Using the Image List
Second Display and Ambient Music controls

Editing, Comparing, Zooming & Cropping

Preparing your images for the sale presentation
Culling and removing rejects
Re-arrange the appearance order for the sale
Cropping individual images
Cropping in bulk
Zooming in for more detail
Using multiple image zoom for closer comparisons

Your first Client Presentation!

The six sales presentation steps
Re-arranging the order of the images
Starting the slideshow
Choosing favorite images
Zooming in to see more detail
Comparing and choosing from a series of images
Showing one or more images on a room background
Changing the room background
Showing images at actual size

Setting up Paper Sizes

About Print Paper Sizes
How they control image sizes in Select Size View
How they determine Production Output sizes (Lab Sizes)
Changing the display order
Adding sizes for special order types such as digital files

Slideshow Basics

Running a Quick Slideshows
Slideshow shortcuts
Adding with your studio logo to your slideshow
Using the Preferences to setup a default structure
Adding music basic music synching
Including video clips

Using ProSelect with StudioCloud

Introduction to StudioCloud
How to setup StudioCloud Integration in ProSelect
Integration Preference Settings
Linking an album to a StudioCloud Event
Recording an order
Exporting the order to StudioCloud
Reviewing your exported invoice in StudioCloud
Opening a ProSelect Album from within StudioCloud
Ammending an order and updating to StudioCloud