Oct 12, 2023
Feb 24, 2022

Creating a SendMyRooms link for CRM use
In order for a client to access SendMyRooms, their information needs to be in the SMR system.   For that, you need to first create an invitation.
In the SendMyRooms settings, Orders > SendMyRooms > Open Management Area > Settings > Manage Templates, modify one of the templates to only contain [DIRECT_LINK].  (See graphic).
Close the management area.

Edit SMR Invite Template
In ProSelect:
  1. From the ProSelect Album, choose Orders > SendMyRooms > Send Invitation.
  2. Complete the client information
  3. Click Send Invitation
  4. In the next screen, from the Template drop-down, choose the template (1,2 or 3) that you modified for the direct link.
  5. Click Show Preview
  6. Copy the direct_login_link (See graphic)
  7. Click Cancel

Copy direct_link
That link can then be pasted into your CRM software.   As long as the Cancel button is clicked, no email will be sent.

KnowledgeBase Article: Creating a SendMyRooms link for CRM use