Dec 15, 2018
Feb 21, 2018

What's New in 2018r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2018r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2018r1

February 1, 2018

Important Notes:

To find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this new version, please see the article ProSelect 2018r1 release.

If you are upgrading from ProSelect v2016r1 or earlier, then this is now a larger download because it includes a lot more included resources including 12 royalty free music tracks. These resources are accessible with: 

(a) a first time installation (no previous versions of ProSelect installed)

(b) Using ProSelect Data --> Reset to default setup (under the File menu) - CAUTION - this will wipe out your existing setup data!

(c) Using ProSelect Data --> Install 2018r1 Default Resources - this will add the new resources to you existing setup.


  1. This release requires at least: 
    • Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Mac OSX 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  2. By default, playing a slideshow uses OpenGL (2.0 or newer) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL when playing the slideshow by unchecking Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow & Music -> Slideshow settings however, the slideshow will play much less efficiently and the Ken Burns effect will not be available. More information about OpenGL can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual.

  3. Minimum 2Ghz PC with 6GB RAM. If using the high-res production module, complex slideshows or include a large number of images in your ProSelect albums, then it is recommended that you have 2.5Ghz with 8+GB of memory in your computer. Your monitor and/or projector should be at least 1024x768 resolution. For further information on the system requirements (OS & Photoshop versions, Processor speed and RAM etc), please see the ProSelect software Downloads page (while this is the current version) and/or the readme file (available with the installation).

  4. The Windows version as of ProSelect 2017r1 and newer requires that the 32 bit version of "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" (download file "vc_redist.x86.exe") is installed on your computer. These dll files are automatically installed with Windows 10 and as part of the latest software updates on Windows 7 and 8.1. 

    They are also included in the ProSelect 2018r1 Windows installer. If the installer stops when "Installing Windows 32-bit runtime...", this is usually caused by not having the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. For more information about this see this KnowledgeBase article: Missing DLL error with ProSelect 2017r1 on Windows.

Some of the new features and enhancements include:

Locked Crop Ratio on Images

  1. In Working with Images, Cropping view, you can select to Lock or Unlock the current cropping aspect ratios that you have applied to an image. This allows you to fix the crop of one or more images regardless of the currently select Print Paper Size. 

    You can lock or unlock the crop on one or more selected images:

          (a) In cropping view, using the Lock/Unlock Crop Ratio toolbar buttons.
          (b) Thumbnail View, Cropping View - Right-click menu
          (c) Edit Menu --> Crop Ratio Locking --> Lock/Unlock
          (d) Working with Rooms, Cropping View - Right-click menu

    The "Crop to Print paper size" option (under the View Menu) and in the Larger/Smaller size right-click popup menus used in earlier versions has been removed since this is now controlled for each image.

  2. When an image has a locked crop, the surrounding border is displayed in red in Cropping View and on the thumbnail images. A lock icon is also displayed next to the ratio value in Cropping view. The shape of the cropping rectangle is also locked to the current aspect ratio when dragging the corners of the cropping rectangle in Cropping View.
  3. The Larger/Smaller size right-click popup menus now shows both the resulting image size for the locked crop and the Print Paper Size used to get this size when you are showing an image with a locked crop ratio.
  4. The Crop to --> Other Crop Ratios window (under Edit Menu) now has the option to set the new crop on the selected images to be locked after cropping.


  1. Vignetting can now be optionally applied to each image rather than having to be turned on/off for all images in the album.
  2. You can apply (or remove) a High-Key or Low-Key vignette to one or more selected images using the Vignette menu (now under the Edit Menu) or using Custom Effects popup menu in the right-hand toolbar.
  3. You can adjust and preview your High-Key and Low-Key Vignette settings in Preferences --> Image Effects --> Local Effects.
  4. By default, the vignette will not be applied to the final images in production unless you have select this in Preferences -> High-Res Production -> Styles & Stamps -> Production Vignette Setup. In this case, the vignette will be added as a separate Photoshop layer which you can later adjust (provided you have selected to export the images as "Layered Photoshop files") or selected "Keep Open in Photoshop" during production.
  5. If you have selected to include the vignette in production, then ProSelect will not let you change the applied vignette on any ordered items without duplicating the image (or removing the order).

New Shortcut Keys and Right-Click Menus

To speed up working within ProSelect, new Short-cut keys have been added and new right-click menu options throughout the program.

  1. Added the "L" keyboard shortcut to quickly change to Working with Layouts. From there, using the same key again will return you back to Working with Rooms.
  2. Added support for "I" key to go from Rooms to Images and back and from Layouts to Images and back.
  3. When working with Layouts, Rooms and Boos, added new right-click popup menu options: 

        (a) Reapply Template - to update the current layout/page with the current template
        (b) Delete Layout/Page - removes the item from the album (Undoable)
        (c) Borders Inwards/Outwards - swaps direction on Composite items only (see below)

Working With Rooms

  1. You can now use Cropping View when in Working with Rooms to make fine cropping adjustments in selected layouts and prints in a room. This includes locking and unlocking a Crop. If nothing is selected, then all items in the room are available for cropping adjustments. You can use the C key to quickly swap to Cropping view and back again.
  2. Now supports auto-fill of one or more images dropped into a layout in a Room the same way as in books.
  3. When dropping an image into the opening in a layout, the new image now just replaces the existing one rather than displaying the "Hole Already Filled" warning.
  4. If there is only one item in the room, the selection rectangle is now temporarily shown when while the mouse is down (i.e. when dragging) to provide visual confirmation that the item has been selected and to show the location of the item's edges.
  5. In Cropping View, you can use the right-click Popup menu on any images (prints) to quickly lock/unlock as crop ratio, or select one of the standard crop ratios. (Same as Working with Images)
  6. When shifting to Working with Rooms from Working with Layouts, the layouts tab in the image list is now automatically selected, and the last selected layout is now visible in the list.
  7. You can adjust the positions of the prints in a Wall Grouping Layout by right-clicking on the wall grouping in Show Rooms view and selecting "Adjust Wall Grouping" from the Popup Menu. You will then enter "Adjust Wall Grouping mode" where the items in the wall grouping can be individually moved and aligned (other items on the wall will be disabled). In this mode, a bright green border is displayed around the room image. You can use the "G" key to turn the grid on/off of assist with spacing. When done, clicking the checkbox in the bottom right corner will to return to the regular view.
  8. You can save an updated Wall Grouping (and any other layout in the current album) as a new template using Save Templates from Selected Layouts (under the Templates menu) - See Templates section below.
  9. You can select two or more Prints in a Room and use "Combine Into Wall Grouping Layout" (under Album Menu -> Wall Groupings) to create a single layout which can then be ordered as one item. Since all openings in a Wall Grouping must share the same frame and mat, it is best to have this set first else you may get unpredictable results.
  10. You can "Separate a Wall Grouping..." into individual print items (under the Album menu -> Wall Groupings) or from the right-click popup menu. You will be prompted whether you wish the resulting duplicate images to have their Crop Ratio locked to the same as the opening in the wall grouping or unlocked to it is then cropped to the selected Print Paper Size.
    Any applied Surrounding Mat and frame is transferred to each new duplicate image created.
    The exception is any openings that have a non-rectangular shape or wrap/bleed applied are converted into a full-size single opening layout. Any applied surrounding mat is automatically added to this layout.

About Mats

  1. ProSelect now supports the display and ordering of pre-designed mats to images and layouts. Mats can be applied around images and composite layouts as a "Surrounding mat" and can also be used as an "Inner Mat" to control the appearance of the mat area WITHIN both traditional matted and composite templates (and book pages).
    When applied as an Inner Mat to a template/layout, the top mat's color/image controls the background color of the layout. The edge design of this mat and any second and third mats are then applied around outside of each opening in the layout. The overall size of the layout is not changed.
  2. Mat Designs follow industry standards that make it easy to order real products that exactly match your designs in ProSelect.
  3. When applied as Surrounding Mat, the width of the mat remains constant regardless of the size of the image or composite layout size. For example, 3" wide mat will be 3" wide on any sized item and increase the overall size of the product by 3" on each side.
    For surrounding mats, you can optionally set different widths for each side or choose to have the contents automatically optically centered in the mat area.
    Surrounding Mats can be applied using the Select Surrounding Mat toolbar button when in:

          Working with Images - Select Size View
          Working with Layouts - Thumbnail, Show Layouts, Select Size Views for selected Composite Layouts.
          Working with Rooms - Show Rooms, Select Size Views for selected Composite Layouts.

  4. Mat Designs replace the Template Styles from earlier versions of ProSelect. When upgrading from these versions, your styles are automatically converted into the new Mat design structure and will look the same as the original styles.
  5. Inner Mats can be applied to any layout type or book page using the Select Inner Mat tool when in: 

           Working with Layouts - Thumbnail, Show Layouts, Select Size Views
           Working with Rooms - Show Rooms, Select Size Views for selected Layouts.
           Working with Books - Thumbnail, Show Pages and Cropping Views.

  6. Mat Designs can be ordered as:

    (a) Traditional Mats. Order this when you want to deliver a physical cut mat on the final product.
    (b) Virtual Mats. Order these when want to have the mat produced digitally as part of the final printed item on one piece of print paper. 

    If your Mat Design includes elements which can only be reproduced in a Virtual Mat (see the Mat Designs section below), then those mats can only be ordered as Virtual Mats.

  7. With ProSelect Pro, you can print an Order Mat Report (see below) containing full specifications for all Traditional Matted Surrounding and Inner Mats so your mat supplier can build accurate mats to that match your mat design. Full mat data is also included in the Production Report for direct input into some cutting machines.
  8. Any item with a surrounding mat applied to it will display a "mat" Thumbnail tag icon when "Show thumbnail tags" is turned on (under the View Menu).
  9. White core bevels are now displayed and output with different shades of off-white on each edge for more distinct corner detail. To show bevels the same way as earlier versions of ProSelect, you can optionally set the edge type to Bevel (legacy).
  10. Exported Sample Image and Layout have the option to include the frame and the mat on the exported image or not.
  11. When applying a Mat to a Wall Grouping template, it is treated as a surrounding Mat (because the mat surrounds each opening) and it thus applied using the Select Surrounding Mat toolbar button.
  12. Adding a Mat to a print or layout is Undoable.
  13. You can see the name of the Surrounding and Inner Mat mat applied to the currently selected item on the left-hand side of Info Bar. You can also use the small arrow buttons on the left side to change to the next or previous mat.
  14. In the Template Editor and Template Manager, you can assign a Surrounding Mat (for Composite Mats only), an Inner Mat and frame to a template to create ready-made products.

Mat Designs

  1. You can design or edit your mats using the Mats Designs window (under the Resources menu).
  2. Mats can be either Single, Double, Triple Mat or Bevel Mount types. Mat construction matches common industry design standards in that the overall mat width is set and any applied double and triple mat widths are deducted from the outer mat width.
  3. For each level of mat (except Bevel Mount types) you can specify a color or image fill (background), an edge type and an optional Keyline or V-Groove embellishment. Edge types can be selected to be either:
    - Bevel Cut 
    - Reversed Bevel Cut
    - 8 Ply Bevel Cut
    - Bevel Mount
    - Fillet (from your available frames)
    - Keyline [VM Only]
    - None [VM Only]
    - Bevel (Legacy)
  4. Bevels (except reversed Bevel Cuts and legacy bevels) can be white or black cored, and you can also add a "raised mat" to your edge options.
    If you still wish to use the old style bevels you can choose "Bevel (legacy)". Existing Styles from earlier versions of ProSelect will have their bevels automatically set to "Bevel (legacy)".
    The earlier Preference option to "Darken White mats with Bevels by" has been removed as a High-Res Production option. However, if you are using a style containing one or more "Legacy Bevels", any very light colored (mat) backgrounds will still be displayed as slightly dimmed in ProSelect, so the bottom & right edges of the bevel are visible.
  5. Mat Designs containing "Virtual Mat only" elements (these are annotated with "[VM only]") which that can't be reproduced on a physical Mats show with a green square to indicate that they can only be ordered as a Composite Mat. These design elements are edge types of None and Keyline. A green square is also shown next to these mats in the popup menu when clicking on the Select Inner Mat and Select Surrounding Mat buttons in the ToolBar.
  6. While you can specify a graphics block "style" on all Mats, these are ignored when used as a surrounding mat or on a Traditional Matted Layout.
  7. When selecting a fillet frame, you can choose any available frame from the list of frames. The List defaults to only show frames with a width less than 0.875" (23mm). However, you can uncheck the "Hide large frames" to show all available frames.
  8. Mats designs can be arranged into Groups, and each Mat can be assigned to a mat price group (See Price List Setup section below).
  9. Images used with a Mat are saved in the Mat Backgrounds folder (in your ProSelect Resources folder) except for fillet edge images which are saved in your Frames folder. Mat Background images can be jpg, tif, png or psd. When previewing a mat, if ProSelect can't locate the file a red and white diagonal image is used instead.
  10. You can preview each mat used as a Surrounding Mat, an Inner Mat on a Single sided Layout/Book page, or as an Inner Mat on a Double-Spread Layout/Book page.
  11. If you edit a Mat that has been assigned to a template, the assign mat is automatically updated. Note: This does NOT happen when you edit a mat which is already applied to a layout to avoid accidentally changing previously created client products. In the latter case, you just need to re-select the mat to have the updated version applied to the layout.

Ordered Mats Report (Pro only)

  1. With ProSelect Pro, you can select Print Ordered Mat Report (under File Menu) to get a printed report containing full specifications for all Traditional Matted Surrounding and Inner Mats. Full layout dimensions for up to three layers are included so your mat supplier can build accurate mats to that match your mat design.
  2. In the report, you can select whether the report is to display in Decimal Inches, Fractional Inches or Centimeters. If Fractional Inches is selected, all sizes are adjusted to the nearest 1/16".

Mat Overlaps

  1. Mat Overlaps can be calculated, applied and displayed on Traditional Matted Layouts (with a mat assigned) and on Images with a mat assigned. These are setup in Mat Overlaps window (under the Resources menu). Mat Overlaps settings are saved in the ProSelect Data file for easy sharing between users. The option to hide/show Mat overlaps in earlier versions of ProSelect has been removed from the View Menu.
  2. You can select a different mat overlay size for different print size ranges. These default to 0.125" (1/8") for prints up to 8", 0.187" (3/16") for print from 8" to 16" and 0.25" (1/4") for prints over 16" on the long side. The maximum size that you enter is limited to 0.5" (13mm).
  3. Mat overlaps do not affect final images sizes but can be used to see how much of the edges of an image will be hidden by the applied mat. The mat overlap areas are shown as a cyan edge in Cropping View.
  4. Mat overlap adjusts the overall width of the mat in an inwards direction by the overlap amount so that the overall size of the item remains the same. For example, a 2" mat with a 0.25" mat overlap applied to an image will become 2.25" wide. The additional width is added to the topmost layer of the mat.
  5. Exported mat data incorporates any mat overlap adjustments so mats can be accurately cut to exactly match the design created in ProSelect.
  6. Mat overlaps are ignored when using composite mats and composite layouts.
  7. The amount of any mat overlap for the currently selected item is shown in the bottom right corner of the Info Bar.

Mat Pricing and Ordering

  1. Pricing for mats is setup in the Price list under the Frames & Mats tab. You can specify one of these pricing models Fixed, United Inches, United Centimeters, Area Metres, Area Centimeters or Area Inches. An optional plus fixed price and markup can also be applied. Each Mat can be setup to use a different price group when it is ordered as a Traditional Mat or a Virtual Mat.
  2. If you have "Include any applied Mats when ordering" selected in Preferences --> Pricing & Ordering, then surrounding mats will be automatically added to the order through the Quick Add to Order menu and preselected in the Place Order Window.
  3. In Preferences --> Pricing & Ordering you can specify a default Product code for any ordered mats as well as setting them up individually in the Price Lists & Products window.

Mat Borders on Layouts

  1. By default, when Inner mats are applied to layout, the mat "layers" expand outwards from each opening so that the designed opening sizes in the layout are not altered. As a result, the print sizes in a traditional matted layout exactly match the opening sizes regardless of the application of different mat designs.
  2. To support earlier versions of ProSelect where applied template styles reduced the size of openings in a layout by the sum of the size of the styles borders, you can optionally set a layout to apply mats the "old" way by setting it to "Borders Inwards". This can be done: 

        (a) In the Template Editor (using the "Default to Borders Inwards" checkbox).
        (b) Using the Set Selected Layout to "Borders Inwards" (under Album menu).
        (c) Setup your Composite Book Design with "Borders Inwards". In this case, any new templates added to a composite book with automatically have the "Borders Inwards" option set on the any newly added pages.

  3. The border direction for the currently selected Layout or book page is shown in the bottom right corner of the Info Bar. For composite layouts, you can also use the small arrow button on the righthand side to swap between Borders Inwards or Outwards.
  4. Any composite book designs from earlier versions of ProSelect will have the new Borders Inward option automatically selected, and all composite book pages in the albums created by earlier versions of ProSelect will also be set the same way.
  5. If you try to apply a mat to a template which has a full-sized opening and borders outwards, you will be prompted with options to make this visible. eg On Traditional matted layouts - change to Composite type with borders inwards. On Composite layouts - change to borders inwards.


  1. Templates can now have any irregular outside shape. The shape is set by assigning a B&W shape (mask) file (.jpg) to a template. The white areas of the mask are transparent and black areas are opaque. These Shape files are stored in the Template overlays folder.
  2. If you have an overlay image and a shape file for the same template, then it is recommended that you use the same file name for both. In this case, ProSelect will display an icon next to the file name in the Select Overlay/Shape Image window, if there is a paired shape file or overlay image file in the resources folder.
  3. When added a shape or overlay image to a template, the corresponding Shape/Overlay Image file will also be automatically assigned to the template if found in the Template Overlays folder and you haven't already selected a file.
  4. When you assign a Shape to a template, the template is automatically set to be a fixed size. However, you can turn this off if required.
  5. In the Select Resource Image window for Overlay images, if you have a both a hidden PNG and a JPG shape file of the same name, the Image List with show a black icon with either JPG or PNG respectively.
  6. Apart from adding/removing/updating the shape file in your ProSelect Resources folder through the Template Editor, you can also directly access the folder using Resources Menu --> ProSelect Resources folder --> Manage Resource Images --> Shapes.
  7. Openings in a template can now be set to use the following geometric shapes: Rectangle (default as before), Round Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Diamond, Hexagon (vertical points) or Hexagon (horizontal points). You can easily create a circular product by creating a full-sized opening set to a circular shape in a Wall Grouping template.
  8. Template openings with non-rectangular shapes automatically are set to "No Mat Border".
  9. Added the ability to save templates from your layouts or book pages in an album. This can be used to Use "Save Templates from Selected Layouts/Pages" (under the Templates menu). Can can select the Category and Group which the template(s) are to be saved into and whether any mats or frames on the layouts should also be saved with the template.
    When saving one template you can specify the saved templates name (it default to the Layout's name). When saving multiple templates you can specify a prefix to be added to the existing layouts names to make it easier to find them in the Template Manager.

Template Editor

  1. When adding an overlay image to a template, if the template name is the default "untitled" then it will be automatically set to be the same as the overlay image file name.
  2. Empty graphics blocks now display as diagonal stripes in the Template Editor (and in layouts and book pages).
  3. You can see, add and remove Inner Mats, Surrounding Mats and Frames in the bottom left area of the window.

Template Manager

  1. Any templates with a Surrounding Mat will display a "surrounding mat" icon in the list and the mat name is shown in the properties box.
  2. To enable you to quickly add or update a price list item for a template, you can now use the new Open Price List popup menu. If selected template not already in the price list, you can choose to "Add new Price List Item". If there is already one or more price list entries, you can choose to "Show in Price List" or add another a new price list item.


  1. When working with Layouts and Rooms, newly added non-fixed size layouts are now always displayed at their design size when first added to an album. As such, the starting size settings for both composite and traditional matted layouts have been removed from the Preferences --> Calibration & Options window.
  2. To prevent production issue for layout with mats, you can no longer change the type of an ordered layout. If you need to do this then, first remove it from the order, change the type then re-order the layout.
  3. When resizing a non-fixed sized layout by right-clicking on the Larger or Smaller size toolbar buttons, you can now re-select the Design size from the top of the popup menu.
  4. When selecting a Layout in Working with Layouts and Rooms, the top center description of the item size is now "Overall Layout Size".

Smart Filtering

  1. In thumbnail view when Working with Layouts and Books, after you have turned on Smart Filtering of templates, you can use the spacebar to toggle the current filtering selection on/off to allow you to quickly show all available templates then switch back to only showing the filtered ones. A screen prompt confirms the change.

Working with Books

  1. In Working with Books, if you have set the Preferences to warn you if the selected image has already been used in the current book, it now checks for matching filenames so you will also be warned if you are adding a duplicate of the same image.
  2. Working with Books. In thumbnail view, the total number of images in a book is now also displayed next to the book name in the top bar.

Image List Filters

  1. You can now filter the image list to show only:

    Original images (hides any duplicates)
    Ordered Images
    Images Not Ordered

    For the last three options, you can select to exclude and duplicates of the show images.

  2. When showing Layouts   

    Ordered Layouts
    Layouts Not Ordered
    Favorite Layouts

  3. When showing images, the filter applies to the images in the currently selected Tab and Set. Selecting "Show All Sets Together" (under the View Menu) will show the images meeting the filter selection across all sets in the currently selected tab.
  4. The results of the currently selected image list filter are also shown in the display area when you are in Thumbnail view in Working with Images. In this case, when the filter is on then the message is shown in the bottom right corner of the Display Area.
  5. The filters can also be turned on/off under the View Menu -> Image List Filters

Price List Setup

  1. You can now optionally apply a markup to Print and Layout Extras prices.
  2. The Frame Tab is now also used for Frames, Traditional Mats, and Virtual Mats. When setting up a new price group, you need to specify which type of item the price group is to be used for. By default, new price group codes start with F, M, V for Frames, Traditional Mats and Virtual Mats respectively.
  3. Mat price group can use the following pricing methods: Fixed, UI, UC, AM, AC, AI. In all cases, the width and height values used for the calculations are taken from the outside edge of the top mat.
  4. When the Frames & Mats tab is selected, a check mark is shown in the leftmost column against all price list groups that have been already assigned to a Frame or Mat. You can select one or more of these groups and use the Reassign button at the top to change all items using that price list group to a different one.
  5. You can no longer remove a price group that is currently assigned to one or more frames or mats.
  6. When automatically creating product code for Mat Price Groups, the code is prefixed with "MT-" and "MV-"
  7. The Print Paper Sizes and Presentation Options windows now show a green check mark next to items which have been used in one or more price list items. The Setup Print Paper Sizes window has been redesigned.
  8. Price List Setup window. Doubling-clicking on a row in the list box now opens the Change dialog.
  9. When you choose Lock Price Lists, as warning box is shown explaining how to Unlock them again. When you try to Unlock a Locked Price List incorrectly, it refers you to the Reference Manual.


  1. You can now adjust the cropping of an ordered print in the "Change" window.
  2. You can now order a mat with a print or layout the same way that a frame can be added to these items when ordering. These are automatically set to be currently applied mat and frame when using the Quick Order button if you have this option selected in Preferences --> Pricing & Ordering --> Ordering Frames & Mats.
  3. In the Place Order window, items in the "Select to Order" list which has a Surrounding Mat show an icon on the right-hand side.
  4. Mats and/or frames can be selected, previewed and added to the ordered print or layout item in the Add with Extras or Custom Product windows. When ordering a mat, it defaults to a Traditional Mat or Virtual Mat as follows:

         Images - Traditional Mat 
         Composite Layouts - Virtual Mat

  5. Prints ordered with an applied composite Mat are listed with a green square icon on the left edge. Order print without an applied mat or an applied traditional matted mat display with a grey square icon.
  6. The Overall size shown when ordering, now also shows "(excluding frame)", "(including mat)" or "(including mat but not frame)" whenever mat or frames are assigned to the item being ordered.
  7. The Image Area and Overall sizes are now also shown when ordering Custom Products from prints.
  8. When you have selected your Pricing & Ordering Preferences to automatically include any applied mats or frames (for items over a set minimum size), and ordering through the Place Order window, you can quickly set the quantity to 0 by clicking the small trash can next to the price box.
  9. When Ordering Prints, you can now rotate the cropping rectangle in the Custom Product and Add with Extras windows. Click the crop icon in the preview area to show the rotate button.
  10. When ordering a Custom Product or Add with Extras for a selected traditional matted layout, you can no longer change the type to a composite type and any assigned mat must be included as part of the order. This is to ensure the mat is correctly applied during production. The layout type is displayed underneath the layout name in these windows. You can still change the type of a layout before ordering using Set Selected Layout types to.. (under the Album Menu).
  11. In the Place Order window, you can now use the Quick Order button to order multiple layouts at the same time provided all layouts are the same (except for the images in them!).
  12. In the Place Order window, any Frames and Mats that are added to items at a $0 price now displayed as "Included" rather than $0.

Order Report

  1. You can optionally choose to show frame and mats (previously just frames) on displayed thumbnail images on the order report.
  2. Any virtual mats included on your order automatically have "(VM)" appended to the Mat name, so they are easy to identify.
  3. Any Frames and Mats that are added to items at a $0 price now displayed as "Included" rather than $0.

Production Code Changes

  1. You can now optionally setup ProSelect to have a different Product Code for each item in each price list. This is done in the Preferences -> Pricing & Ordering -> Product Codes.
    When NOT using the same product code for all price lists, you can either:

    (a) Have the same base code across all price lists with a Price List dependent prefix being added to the code. In this case, setup your price list prefix codes in the Setup Price List names window. This can be up to two characters in length but defaults to A, B, C, D etc.

    (b) Manually enter a separate product for each price list item in each price list. You can use the Set Product Codes button in the Setup Price Lists window to have there generated for you. In the case, the Price List Prefix is permanently added to the automatically generated product code.

  2. When exporting orders in XML format the ProductLineName code field now uses then entered Product code prefix instead of A, B, C, D etc. 

         <ProductLineName code="SP">Studio Pricing</ProductLineName> 

  3. When adding or changing a price list item, the current Product Code method (ie "same for all price lists" or "unique for each price list") is shown under the Product code entry box.
  4. When Turning on Studio Management integration (in Preferences --> General Settings --> Integration), if not already on, Product Codes are automatically turned on and set to "same codes across all price lists plus Price List prefix" (the second option).

Studio Cloud Integration

Added the option to export sample images of ordered items in the XML order data sent to StudioCloud. You can enable this in the Preferences --> General Settings --> Integration --> Integration Options: Export Sample Images. These are the small-sized versions.


  1. In the High-res Production Window the old "Composite Prints" has been renamed to "Composite Layouts & Pages" so its clear that it is only for producing these types.
  2. Prints ordered with a Virtual Mat are produced under the Single Image Prints tab and preview with applied Mat. They display a Surrounding Mat icon next to the name.
  3. Export Production Package (under Production Menu) now allows you to select to include original images, raw images or both (for Ordered Image and Book Image) in the production package.
  4. If you have ordered any Prints with a Virtual Surrounding Mat applied to then, when you select the image in the Production window you will see both the image and the mat in the preview where you can adjust the crop if necessary. Likewise, any ordered Composite Layouts a Virtual Surrounding Mat will show the mat around the Composite print. Both these items will show a Surrounding Mat icon in the list box, and the name of the surrounding mat is shown in the Info area.
    Running production on these items will produce both the image and the virtual mat together as one output file ready for printing. If you have set your output file format to be a "Layered Photoshop file" or use the Keep Open in Photoshop option in Production, you will find each mat layer on a separate Photoshop layer making it easy to add further touches if you wish.
    If this is not what you intended, then make sure you are only applying Traditional Matted type mats to your ordered images and composite layouts.
  5. Prints and Composite Layouts ordered with Mats show the mat name and width in the Info Box when selected.
  6. You can now rotate the cropping rectangle for ordered prints which are not part of a layout. Click the crop icon in the preview area to show the rotate button.
  7. The current Mat Overlap amount on Single Image Prints order with a Mat or from an ordered Traditional Matted Layout is shown on the bottom right corner of the preview area and displays as a cyan border around the image.
  8. The High-Res Production Preferences options to select how styles are treated for composite and traditional matted items has been removed as these setting are not determined by how you order your Mat.
  9. Added a new "Traditional Matted Production Options" window (under the Production menu) which allows you to select any or all of your Traditional Matted Layout and Book pages to be produced as Composite rather than individual prints.
    Book pages are separately grouped. You can select multiple rows or individual pages. You can use the Check All and Check None buttons to quickly change the selection of all the items.
    This allows you to produce all images on a multi-image layout or book page on one piece of paper which a physical mat can be overlayed to simplify construction. In this case, any applied Inner Mats are ignored, so the images are printed at full "design size" allowing for correct mat overlap on the produced mat.
    When selected, the layout or page will appear under the Composite Layouts & Pages Tab in the High-Res Production window.

Ambient Music (Pro only)

  1. An Ambient Music group can now be setup to play in random play order. When selected, a random starting track and a random play order for the selected ambient music group will set each time ambient music is first started after opening ProSelect. The random option can select in the Setup Music window when selecting the default ambient music group and in the Ambient Music setup window (under the Album menu).
  2. You can force a new random track selection by starting the ambient music while holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the icon in the Working with Bar.


  1. Collection files are now in a new extensible format. They can be used to distribute Templates (with and without mats and frames attached), Book Designs, Styles, Mats, Frames, Rooms, Title Slides and Slideshow styles as well as well as any associated price list entries. This makes it easier for suppliers to prepare products for ProSelect.
  2. The new format files can only be read by ProSelect 2018r1 and newer. These versions can still read the old version .tpk files.
  3. Templates can be exported as one or more template Categories or Groups. Styles, Mats, and Frames can only be exported in groups. In the latter case, any items not in a group show in a "virtual group" called "Ungrouped items".
  4. The Export Collection Menu is now under the Resources Menu.
  5. Any templates with applies styles, mats or frames can optionally include those items in the collection.
  6. When exporting a collection, you need to provide an ID Code between 4-6 uppercase characters long. This will be appended to any duplicate resource files when importing the collection. This code defaults to using part of your business name or the last used code as saved in your Preferences.


  1. [WIN] Printing under Windows now uses the latest Windows Direct2D printing APIs which may solve some previous printing issues with some printer drivers.
  2. [WIN] Now supports HiDPI screens on Windows computers.
  3. [WIN] Less flickering of controls in the main window during screen updates.
  4. WebGallery (now obsolete) menu items have been removed from the File menu and the On-Line section from the Preferences window.
  5. In Working with Images, you now right-click on one or more selected in Thumbnail View to apply or removed local effects including B&W, Sepia, and Vignettes.
  6. In the Print Paper Sizes window, you now have an option to sort the sizes by Diagonal Size, Width, Height or Shape. The last options can be used to easily separate square shapes from rectangular shapes.
  7. The Info bar is now three lines high to accommodate the additional information when using the new Mats feature. When working with Images, Select Size View, the Overall size (including any applied mat and frame) is displayed bottom center.
  8. When displaying print and layouts sizes the overall size figure shown now includes the mat width and is annotated as such.
  9. Working with Images. Now shows the Overall Size with a mat in the bottom center of the Info bar.
  10. The amount of External Cache Memory Used is now displayed in the About ProSelect window.
  11. Swapped the position of the New Group and Duplicate buttons in the Setup title Slide to make it consistent with other areas.
  12. Removed WebGallery Tab from Notes Library as it is no longer used.
  13. In the SHIFT-Startup window the dropdown menu for the "Restore from Auto-backup" option now shows "Recent Backup" and "Version Backup" followed by a ProSelect version that saved the file to make it easier to differentiate between them.
  14. The Select Resource Image window is now re-sizable.
  15. The maximum allowed length for frame images is now 1000px (up from 750px) to allow more details in thinner frame sections such as fillets.
  16. Added the following Menu shortcuts:
    • Cmd/Cntrl-N for New Album
    • Cmd/Cntrl-W for close album
    • SHIFT-Cmd/Cntrl-S for Save As
  17. Now supports swipe gestures for use with Trackpads and Magic mouse on Macs and Touch Screens on Windows machines. These can be enabled in Preferences --> General Settings --> General --> Mouse options where you also set the direction.
    Swipe Up/down gesture can be used to move the current image to another tab where the Up gesture is more positive (Like) or less Positive (unlike).
    Swipe Right/Left gesture can be used to move to the next or previous image without change the images tab. This is the same action as using the Next and Previous buttons in the toolbar.
    Depending on your scrolling preferences you can select to reverse the direction of each action.
  18. You can now use the Delete key to remove layouts and book pages from the album in Thumbnail view. You can also right-click on an item and select "Delete" from the popup menu to do the same thing. Both of these operations are Undoable.
  19. Now prompts you with a warning when turning off screen color management in the Preferences.
  20. Preferences --> Sharing. If you have just made changes to the shared folder location when you use Send to Shared and Get from Shared buttons you are now prompted that your changes need to be saved before proceeding. This is to avoid the previously saved folder location from being used instead.
  21. ProSelect now remembers, for each album file, whether you had the Image Sets area expanded when you last saved or closed the album file and set it back to the same state then opening the album. Previous albums without this saved setting will default to expanding the Sets area if more than 1 set has been used. New albums will always open with the Sets area collapsed.
  22. Setup Frames window. You can now update the list of Frame Resources using the Refresh button next to this list.
  23. Any Layouts which have at least one price list entry now display with a $ thumbnail tag in bottom right section.
  24. In Working with Layouts (Thumbnail view), you can now right-click on a template and quickly "Add a New Price List Item" or show any existing price list items for the template in the Price List & Products window.
  25. [WIN] ProSelect no longer uses Quicktime for Music or Videos or movies. You need to have VLC and FFmpeg installed to use these facilities on Windows machines. This libraries are included in the standard installer.
  26. Added support for using remote commands to obtain Standard XML Data for Web with embedded thumbnails images from the currently open album file.
  27. In the Select Resource Image window, you can now Alt/Option click on the Open Image in Photoshop button and it will show the image in a Finder window (Macs) or Explorer window (Windows).
  28. Dialogs related to unlocking ordered images and duplicating items used in multiple rooms now default to "OK" rather than "Cancel".
  29. Added support for importing videos via remote commands when using the new Lightroom plugin version 2.x.
  30. Added new logo stamp positions: center with offsets going up/left or down/right and for stamps angles at 15 degrees CW or CCW.
  31. Added additional Title Slide designs to the default setup.
  32. [WIN] added CC 2018 to Preferences list of selectable Photoshop versions.
  33. When adding a template to a new price list item, if not a fixed size, it now defaults to use the closest matching paper size to the template's design size.
  34. Changed the V keyboard shortcut for adding selected images to the Display Area to use it for swapping to/from Select Size View and Show View. This works in Working with Images, Layouts and Rooms.
  35. The installer includes the newly updated version of the Upload Manager used for uploading files to Animoto.


  1. [FIX] When reloading an image in a layout with a custom action that changes the shape of the image, the cropping gets messed. eg using one of the expand actions. So it not checking for change in the crop ratio in these circumstances.
  2. [FIX] When swapping a half-filled layout with a modified version of the same template, the images are now correctly transferred to the same relative opening rather than starting at the first empty opening.
  3. [FIX] Ambient music group with one track now correctly auto-repeats at the end of the track.
  4. [FIX][WIN] When leaving thumbnail view, the display area no longer show its previous contents for a fraction of a second before changing to the new contents.
  5. [FIX] Frames images saved in an album file which are associated with prints are now correctly updated when you select "Update Album Resource Images" under the Album menu.
  6. [FIX] Working with Books. The Image list filter "Hide Used Images" now works correctly when you have selected "Show All Sets Together" (under the View Menu).
  7. [FIX] In the SHIFT-Startup window the dropdown menu of backup ProSelect Data files now correctly lists the most recent 25 backup copies. Previously if you had more than 25 back-ups, it was just sorting the first 25 that it found in reverse date order potentially missing some recent ones.
  8. [FIX] Hovering over the file selector icon (the magnifying glass) now shows the full path including the filename (if applicable) in the help tag.
  9. [FIX] Popup menus in the main window no long stay there if you select the menu item in less than 0.5 seconds!
  10. [FIX] Removing a frame from the available frames list now also removes it from the Low-Res Cache so when you add it back in the low-res cache image gets correctly updated.
  11. [FIX] Recent Albums Menu. Using Remove Missing Albums now also removes the last item in the list when it is a missing album.
  12. [FIX] In Working with Layout & Books (Thumbnail view), right-click "Find Template" command now selects the found template when it's already visible in the bottom area.
  13. [FIX] If you add a template with a Surrounding Mat or a frame to a book page, the surrounding mat and frame are now removed.
  14. [FIX] Now correctly transferring images into a new template when replacing an existing book page or layout when there were graphics blocks in the template.
  15. [FIX] Reduced the width of the Cyan and Red borders around cropped thumbnails to 2 pixels wide when using the Black and Dark Grey themes so as not to be too visually distracting.
  16. [FIX] Slideshow menu --> Convert selected sets to... menu is now disabled when a book set is selected since these cannot be split apart in the slideshow. You can select individual pages in a Book and use "Copy Selected Book pages to Layouts" (under Album menu) then add these layouts in your slideshow.
  17. [FIX] Template Editor. Graphics Blocks with "No Mat Border" now display with a red colored outline when not selected to be consistent with how image openings are displayed.
  18. [FIX] Working with Layouts, Thumbnail View. Alt/option dropping a layout onto a template (to swap the template). Now leaves scroll position in the Layouts area unchanged rather than setting it back to the top.
  19. [FIX] Price List Setup Digital Files Extras. The Product code area is no longer displayed when Product Codes are turned off in the Preferences, and the taxable option is also not shown when tax is off.
  20. [FIX] When running High Res Production on a Production album, the "Default Album Location" now defaults to the same folder in which the Production album is located.
  21. [FIX] After using Alt/Option in Select Size View to show items at maximum size with the display area, any content is now correctly re-scaled to fit after using the next/previous item buttons and after re-sizing main window.
  22. [FIX] When replacing a template in a layout if that layout was used in a room it is no longer lost.
  23. [FIX] In Working with Books, Undoing replacing a book page template now works as expected.
  24. [FIX] When playing a slideshow of a book, any blank pages now show as black pages rather than white.
  25. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, Thumbnail view. When adding a new room by dropping an item into one of the room resources, the top section will now automatically scroll down if necessary to always show your newly added room design.
  26. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, Thumbnail view. The first single item (image or layout) dropped into the thumbnail image of a room is now automatically placed in the room's target location. (Previously it was placed at the drop location.)
  27. [FIX] Setup Frames windows. The frames list no longer scrolls back to the top after applying a change.
  28. [FIX] When Working with Layouts and Books, when you click on the mat area any selected images are now de-selected. Previously you had to click outside the layout bounds to do this.
  29. [FIX] Changed the Item and Opening selection rectangle colors when using the lighter themes to make these more visible and consistent in the different working with modes.
  30. [FIX] When going from Show Rooms View to Thumbnail view, the thumbnail scroll position is now automatically adjusted so that the last active room is visible and selected in the top album area.
  31. [FIX] When using the White theme, Thumbnail tags and text labels are now shown in a mid-grey color.
  32. [FIX] No longer gives an error when closing the Test Custom Effects Actions window if you close it before it has received the resulting image back from Photoshop.
  33. [FIX] No longer gives an error in some circumstances when Previewing digital prints in the Production window.
  34. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, you can no longer move an item passed the edges of the Room View image.
  35. [FIX] In Working with Rooms you can now click and select an item which is "underneath" the bounds of a Wall Grouping Layout.
  36. [FIX] When using ProSelect Resources Folder --> Check for Updated files now works faster because only resources that are being used in ProSelect are updated.
  37. [FIX] When selecting "Edit Template" from the popup menu, the template list in the Template Editor is now always scrolled so the selected template is visible.
  38. [FIX] Fix and issue that could potentially cause ProSelect to crash when send malformed XML when using the remote commands.
  39. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives and error when the video cache has 0x0 sized video and you try to play a preview of the movie.
  40. [FIX][MAC] No longer causes some Grayscale images to be stretched when imported. This was due to an incompatibility with the color profiles assigned to grayscale images and ProSelect's internal RGB format. For these images, any embedded color profiles are no longer applied. For best representation of B&W images in ProSelect, they should be first converted to RGB format before importing or imported as color images and converted to B&W within ProSelect.
  41. [FIX] The "T" keyboard shortcut now toggles between Thumbnail view and Show view in all Working with modes.
  42. [FIX] Changed white theme thumbnail tag color so its easier to see on template/layout backgrounds.
  43. [FIX] Snap to grid operations, such as when using the Template Editor, will no longer snap to a grid line that is beyond the edges of the template.
  44. [FIX] When entering prices in the Price List Setup window, leaving the price box empty and clicking Save now set the price to 0 (and, if applicable, the markup to 1) rather than leaving the previous values there.
  45. [FIX] In Setup Rooms, decreased minimum allowed scale value to allow calibration of very large rooms.
  46. [FIX] Template Editor. When adding a new template, it is now added to the end of the currently selected (category and group) rather than at the very end of all the templates.
  47. [FIX] No longer allows you to dragging items when right clicking on layout.
  48. [FIX] Accessing SendMyRooms no longer fails with a Validation Error if you have updated your email address and not updated your ProSelect Registration yet.
  49. [FIX] Working with Books, Thumbnail View now shows the Book Design size with up to 3 decimal places.
  50. [FIX] When running High-Res Production again, ProSelect now check that the previously saved output folder location is still valid. If it is not, the location is reset back to the default location (as setup in the Preferences) and a warning message is shown. This avoids the output folder from being set to "None" after moving the album file to a different computer or relinking to images in a different location.
  51. [FIX] Export Production Package - Will now respect the option NOT to include the Production Report.
  52. [FIX] Export Production Package - Removed case sensitive check for raw files and will now assume raws are in the same case as defined in Preferences. Only a few people using case-sensitive file systems (not recommended!) will be affected by this change.
  53. [FIX] Now updates the template Smart Filter result after Selecting a different Template Category or Group when the Smart Filter is turned on.
  54. When exporting a order in Standard XML format, any extras attached to a Digital Files order now include the tag <ItemType>Print Extra</ItemType>. This line was missing before.

Minor Release Changes

What's New in Version 2018r1.11

December 15, 2018

  1. [FIX][WIN] The preview image in the Place Order window now correctly clears out any previous image when updated.
  2. [FIX] Thumbnail images of wall grouping templates with an overlay image are no longer being re-generated each time you start ProSelect. This bug was introduced in the 2018r.10 update.
  3. [FIX] When checking access to TimeExposure's server, the timeout for no response is now 5 seconds.
  4. [FIX] No longer gets a error when ordering an image and saving an album file if you have deleted the print paper size that was previously used as the default Starting Size in Preferences --> Display --> Calibration & Options --> Print Sizing.
  5. [FIX] The Preferences --> Image Effects --> Local Effects settings now default to showing the preview image in color with no vignette.
  6. [FIX] When the Image List Filter is turned on, the Image List is now re-filtered again after doing any action which changes the order of the images in the image list (such as dragging the position of images, sorting the list, duplicating images, duplicating into other sets)
  7. [FIX] Working with Rooms. No longer gives an error when right-clicking on the shopping cart toolbar button when you have selected an image with a surrounding mat.
  8. [FIX] Custom Print window. No longer gives an error when the default Print Paper Size item has been deleted.
  9. [FIX][MAC] On startup, you can no longer access the Recent Albums menu until the startup process has completed. Doing so resulted in an error.
  10. [FIX] In the Mat Designs window you can no longer change the order of mats or mat groups in the list box when there are unsaved changes to the currently selected mat design.
  11. [FIX] Added additional error checking while loading SendMyRooms results.
  12. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you try to close the Print Paper Sizes or Presentations Options windows from within Setup Price Lists and Products window using the Escape key while they are still opening.
  13. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you try to re-size the main ProSelect window while ProSelect is loading an album file.
  14. [FIX] No longer gives an error when loading three or more images (using the Helper App) and none of the images could be imported for some reason.

What's New in Version 2018r1.10

November 28, 2018

  1. [FIX] Layouts with Surrounding Mats now display with the mat in a slideshow.
  2. [FIX][WIN] The operations to open an image in Photoshop, show in file locations in Windows Explorer and reloading the Resources window now work correctly when you have accented characters (such as some French language characters) in the path to the file's location.
  3. [FIX] The thumbnail image of an empty wall grouping template or layout with an attached overlay image now display correctly.
  4. [FIX] On the Order report, any included thumbnail images now display with the ordered cropping of each image rather than the cropping applied in the album file. If there is more than one consecutive order of the same image, then the thumbnail will show the ordered crop of the first one.

What's New in Version 2018r1.9

October 29, 2018

  1. [FIX] After restoring from an AutoBackup, the album file is now always set to an "Unsaved" state so you are prompted to save it when you close the album.
  2. [FIX] Order Report. Mat backgrounds on layouts are now shown correctly on the sample images.
  3. [WIN] Added Photoshop CC 2019 to the Preferences options.
  4. [FIX] The Download from SendMyRooms window will now display and download the correct set of client images after changing the sort order of the list by clicking on the headers of the list box.
  5. [FIX] The Download from SendMyRooms window now sorts the viewing date column correctly when you click on the date column header.
  6. [FIX][MAC] B&W images in jpg, tif or psd format are no longer stretched when imported using the Helper App. (By default, the Helper app is used when loading three or more images at the same time.)
  7. [FIX] In the Template Editor, you can now change a non-fixed size template with a wrap or bleed to a fixed size (but not the other way around unless you first remove the wrap).
  8. [FIX] The Template Manager no longer allows you to change a fixed size template to a non-fixed size one when the template has a wrap or bleed.
  9. [FIX] When Exporting a Price List as CSV (Detailed format), the headers now correctly align with the columns. Product code column headers for products in the second and subsequent price lists now have "(B)", "(C)" etc appended to the header name.

What's New in Version 2018r1.8

October 3, 2018

  1. [FIX] When setting up sharing using a shared folder or the ProSelect Network Server, the selected "Save without Asking" option is now stored and immediately applied when using the "Send to" and "Get from" buttons.
  2. [FIX] When setting up sharing the ProSelect Network Server, the current Server permission settings are now checked before each "Get From Server" and "Send to Server" operation rather than only when opening the setup window.
  3. [FIX] High-Res Production now correctly produces keyline edges for composite mats on images in production.
  4. [FIX] The Production window preview image now shows any Inner Mats applied to Traditional Matted Wall Grouping with a wrap/bleed. These items now also show the Inner Mat icon next to them.
  5. [FIX] High-Res Production of images now includes any inner mats (e.g., for solid edge colors) assigned to Traditional Matted Wall Grouping Wraps.
  6. [FIX] Now silently handles an out-of-memory error when storing an image in the cache rather than opening the error window.
  7. [FIX] No longer gives an error when opening the Custom Product for Layouts when no paper sizes have been set up as the default starting size in the Preferences.
  8. [FIX] No long gives an error when dragging some of the last template category groups to end of the same group.
  9. [FIX] After adding a new Price List item, the main Price List now scrolls to the bottom, so the newly added item is visible.
  10. Added additional debug code.
  11. [FIX] Use Adjust Wall Grouping on a Grouping with a Wrap now displays correctly.
  12. [FIX] Now checks for a correct connection to the album file when doing Save As.
  13. [FIX] You can no longer add a Surrounding Mat to a Wall grouping template/layout with an edge wrap.
  14. [FIX] Custom Product window. Wall Grouping Templates with wraps now show the Inner Mat name rather than None.
  15. [FIX] Add with Extras window. Wall Grouping Templates with wraps now show the correct applied Inner Mat in the preview image.
  16. [FIX][WIN] Printed reports with images now respect the selected resolution settings.
  17. [FIX] High-Res Production no longer includes some functions more than once in the script generated for producing print images.
  18. [FIX] High-Res Production is no longer halted if the image file being included has one or more embedded path items.

What's New in Version 2018r1.7

September 7, 2018

  1. [FIX] Searching for TXPLUS music or graphics no longer sometimes results in a "No data returned to search" error for some search combinations. This change is due to updates made by our TXPLUS content provider.
  2. [FIX]  Searching for music then graphics then music again (or visa versa) within a two minute period no longer results in an "Invalid API Call" when doing the last search.
  3. The Splash Screen now shows Alpha and Beta version info in red text to make it clearer that you are using a pre-release version.
  4. [FIX] In the Template Editor, the "Select Inner Mat" window now shows mat background images rather than a white background in the preview image.
  5. [FIX] In the Place Order Window, the check-marks from used items in the Select to Order listbox are now correctly cleared after using the Delete All (Orders) button.
  6. [FIX] In Working with Images, after locking or unlocking a crop in cropping view, all the size related crop offsets are cleared out. Previously ProSelect was sometimes showing the last displayed crop position for some sizes until the size was changed.
  7. The Add with Extras window now pre-selects the applied frame and mat regardless of the Preferences "Ordering Mats & Frames" settings.
  8. [FIX] When Ordering an image in the Place Order window and the Quick Add to Order popup menu, the default size to order apart from looking for the closest "fit within" size match the available price list items from those selected, it now also tries to match one with the same aspect ratio as the image being ordered. Locked or Unlocked crop makes no difference.
  9. [FIX] In Working with Images, images with a locked crop ratio no longer sometimes display with the incorrect crop in Select Size View after they have been first previewed in the Place Order window.
  10. Added option to select the default price list on program startup and for new albums to Preferences -> Price List and Ordering.
  11. [FIX] When Preferences are set to lock price lists on startup, the "Lock Price Lists" warning dialog is no longer shown when the program is launched.
  12. [FIX][WIN] Exporting a Slideshow movie using a slideshow style with the Ken Burn effect now works correctly when you have your computer set to use a language which uses a comma character as the decimal separator (such as most European languages).
  13. When adding a new layout price using the Add New Price List Item right-click popup menu, to save time, the default Print Paper Size is now either an exact match for the design size of the template or, if not found, it will be the last used size.
  14. Added support for holding down Alt/Option key when Adding adding a new price list item. This keeps the "Add window" open allowing you to add more items.
  15. [FIX] In High-Res Production, an ordered Composite layout with a Traditional Surrounding Mat no longer treats the mat as a virtual mat by including it as part of the produced print.
  16. Improved the ability to reconnect to an open album file when the connection to the file has been lost. Typically this would be due to a network failure or renaming an album file outside of ProSelect while it is still open.
  17. [FIX] Locking or Unlocking a Crop Ratio now sets the album state as Unsaved.

What's New in Version 2018r1.6

August 13, 2018

  1. [FIX] When upgrading from a pre-2018r1 setup, if you have modified the default style (called None), it is now kept and renamed to "Default (previous version)".
  2. When exporting a Collection you can now select whether to include any price list items and/or prices associated with the exported items. If you select to include prices, you can select which one of your price lists to export them from.
  3. When importing a Collection, if the Collection includes price list items and prices, you can now select whether to import these as well. They will be automatically associated with the imported items. When importing prices, you can specify which one of your price lists the imported prices should go in to OR into all Price Lists (the top option in the popup menu).
  4. [FIX] When importing a Collection, now sets the Frame Group's Price Group (which contains the imported frames) to be the same as the first frame in that group.
  5. [FIX] Any Pricing Groups assigned to Frame Group are now also taken into account when setting the "used" checkmark in the Setup Price Lists window.
  6. [FIX] Mats with background PNG images now correctly display the mat's set background color behind the transparent areas of the image rather than defaulting to a white background. Production was rendering the mat correctly.
  7. [FIX] In Working with Images, when only using the Crop In/Out buttons in Cropping view, the new crop is now correctly applied when switching back to Select Size view.
  8. In Working with Images, Select Size view, you can now use Alt/Option with the Up/Down arrow keys to Crop In/Out (in small increments). This will crop in/out of the image's current crop center position.
  9. [FIX] The price for any Inner Mats (on Traditional Matted Layouts) using an automatic pricing models is now correctly calculated and displayed in the Quick Order popup menu.

What's New in Version 2018r1.5

July 25, 2018

  1. [FIX] The Mat and Frame Price boxes in the Place Order Window now respect the current Show/Hide Prices setting.
  2. [FIX] In Working with Images, when the image list filter is on, playing a Quick Slideshow now just includes the results of the current filter setting rather than all the items.
  3. [FIX] Now always correctly setting the state of view mode and action buttons based on Image Filter results. For example, you can no longer start a quick slideshow when there are no images shown after applying a filter.
  4. [FIX] When Ordering a Print, if a matching price list item already exists for that print's size item in the Place Order window, then the price, size and presentation option for that item are now automatically carried through to the Custom Product window.
  5. In Working with Rooms, Grid View, you can now set the minimum grid size to 1" (2.54cm) provided your screen resolution is sufficient to display this.
  6. In the Price List & Products window, when adding a new Print item, the last selected print paper size and presentation option are now remembered when the window is next opened.
  7. In the Watch Folder window, the "Add to" and "Of set" and Apply action settings are now saved in your Preferences between sessions.
  8. [FIX] Export Production report. When you selected Location: Selected folder as the export location and have checked "Show folder after Export" the selected folder is now opened rather than the folder above it.
  9. When saving an album file, ProSelect now prevents you from saving an album file into the same folder area as the application itself so the albums won't be deleted when you reinstall or update ProSelect.
  10. When the Image List Filter and Template Smart filter are turned on, the filter results text is now shown in bold highlighted text.
  11. [FIX] In the Mat Designs window, changing the Overall Width on a mat with Custom edge widths now updates the preview and enables the Apply button when the newly selected width is the same as default width (2").
  12. Added the ability to set a transparent area fill color in the Preferences -> Pricing & Ordering -> Settings -> Export Order Options. This color is now used in the transparent areas of Exported Order Sample Layouts instead of the current white color. It defaults to Chroma Green color.
  13. [FIX] Exported Order Sample Layouts now have any clipping masks applied so they appear the same as in ProSelect. Transparent area is filled with the selected transparent fill color as chosen in the Preferences.
  14. [FIX] After using Update All Prices (in Setup Price and Products), you can now cancel out of the Setup Price and Products window to undo the changes made.
  15. [FIX] When running Production, ProSelect will now warn you if any of the General Actions setup (as setup Preferences -> High-Res Production -> General Actions) are not available in Photoshop.
  16. [FIX] When scanning the music folder for trimming files for end silence, any files starting with a "." are now ignored.
  17. [FIX] Rotating a crop on an ordered Digital file no longer causes an incorrect crop on the exported image.
  18. [FIX] When in Working with Images and not in Thumbnail view, changing the Image List Filter now also updates the Display Area by removing displayed items that are no longer in the image list.
  19. [FIX] When duplicating a price item, if "auto-generate product codes" is turned on in the Preferences, a new unique product code will be assigned to the duplicated item.
  20. [FIX] When duplicating a Frame or Mat Price Group, the next default group code will be automatically added to the new Price Group.
  21. [FIX] When setting up frames, saving multiple selections no longer causes the list to scroll to the top.
  22. [FIX] Layouts containing an opening with a rounded rectangle now show the correct size of the arc on the corners when there are no images in the opening.
  23. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, you can now apply or change a frame while in Adjust Wall Grouping Mode.
  24. [FIX] The correct the amount of mat overlap is now always calculated from the size of the main image opening in Traditional Matted Layouts.
  25. [FIX] Importing Collections which include one or more frames no longer resets the all frames price items to their default value.
  26. [FIX] The High-Res Production window now displays the mat overlap hint (the cyan area inside the cropping rectangle) for ordered image prints with an applied mat, and the mat overlap size is shown below the preview image.
  27. [FIX] In the High-Res Production window and Traditional Matted Production Options windows, any applied mat is no longer displayed when the layout or book page has been selected to be exported as a composite.
  28. [FIX] The last used Paper Size and Presentation Option is now preselected when adding a new print or layout to the price list.
  29. [FIX] In Working with Books, you can once again select one or more pages and swap the page type between Composite to Traditional Matted if you are using a mix of these types in the same book. You can do this using Album Menu -> Select selected Book pages to or the toggle button in the Info Bar.
  30. ProSelect now checks for the term "Dropbox" on the folder path from which you are loading or saving album files to and warns you of the consequences.
  31. [FIX] Duplicating a layout or book page now correctly updates the thumbnail image.
  32. [FIX] Added the ability to reconnect to a remotely located album file after a network connection failure.
  33. ProSelect now checks each album that it opens is correctly formatted (not corrupted due to a system or network failure) and informs the user if there is an issue to avoid the problem of only finding this out when you save the album.
  34. [FIX] In the Place Order window, the price for any Inner Mats (on Traditional Matted Layouts) using an automatic pricing models is now correctly calculated and displayed. The calculated price was only correct when you used the Custom Product option.
  35. [FIX] When importing Collections of templates with mats applied, only one copy of each different mat type is added to your setup.
  36. [FIX] In Working with Images, you can no longer change the assigned mat or frame using the arrow buttons in the Info Bar unless you are in Select Size View.
  37. [FIX] In the Mats Designs window, more realistic sizes for double-spread books are now available in the Preview Options select size popup menu.
  38. [FIX] The Select All and Select None commands now can be used to select or de-select all of the openings in a single selected layout.
  39. [FIX] In Working with Layouts, image openings are no longer drawn in the incorrect location in some circumstances.
  40. [FIX] In Working with Slideshows, the available resource list now always reflects the number of items available in each resource. It was previously not updated until you first went to the relevant Working With area.
  41. [FIX] When importing a folder of images using the Helper App, if you have "Don't Sort" selected in the Preferences -> Importing Images -> Settings -> Adding Images -> Sorting, then the images are now left in the same order as the operating system provided them. On Macs, this is usually in file name order but on Windows this is usually a random order.
  42. [FIX] The position of empty openings in templates and layouts is now drawn double thickness on non-Retina (non-Hi-DPI) computers to make them easier to see.
  43. [FIX] In the Template Editor, the 90 degree rotation tool now rotates openings around their center point rather than the top left corner.
  44. [FIX] When using the Template Editor on double spread templates, you can now see and snap to 1/4 and 3/4 width markers.
  45. [FIX][WIN] No longer generating hipdi ready thumbnails on Window machine to improve startup times.
  46. [FIX] Replacing a layout or book page with another template with different opening counts no longer gives an error in some circumstances.
  47. [FIX] No longer gives an error in some circumstances when downloading images from the graphics library.
  48. [FIX] The Presentation Options window correctly shows an item has been used when it was part of a Digital File price list item.
  49. [FIX] Now resets the selected template category in Working with Book and Layouts to "All categories" when the previously saved category is missing or not visible for current "Working with" mode.
  50. [FIX] No longer displays the locked basket icon over images ordered with a frame in Working with Images, Show Images View.
  51. [FIX] In Working with Images, Select Size View, if the displayed image is too large to fit on the Mirror Screen, the information line (on the Mirror screen) now displays "Displayed Size: XXX x XXX (Scaled to fit)" instead of the intended size.
  52. [FIX] In Working with Images, Select Size View, the "Displayed Size" warning on the bottom right corner of the main screen is now removed when you change to a different view.
  53. In Working with Images, Thumbnail view, added "Show Image Info" to right-click menu when only one image is selected. This opens Show Selected Image Info window for that image.
  54. In the Show Image Info window, added a "Show in Finder/Explorer" button which opens the enclosing folder containing the image.
  55. [FIX] The Production window now shows the correct mat overlap information for prints.
  56. [FIX] The Grid display in Working with Rooms now works in even Centimeter sizes when you are using these units.
  57. [FIX] High-Res Production of ordered prints with included virtual mats now works again. This was inadvertently broken in the last update.
  58. When doing any operations that refer to an original image, ProSelect now reports that the image can't be found if the folder that the image is located in has been moved to the trash.
  59. [FIX] When importing a Collection which includes frames, if you run out of free frame slots in your Available Frames list, then the import no longer stops at that point. Rather, it will now complete the import and any subsequent frames will continue to be imported into the Resources folder but not added to the Available Frames list.
  60. [FIX] No longer gives an error on closing Preferences, Pricing & Ordering -> Settings Ordering Mat & Frames, if you had selected a minimum size for adding a mat and later removed that size as Print Paper Size.
  61. [FIX] Now saves your entered Product code when adding a new Price List Extra item.
  62. [FIX] In the Place Order window, when ordering multiple layouts of the same size at the same time, the automatically calculated mat and frame prices are now correct for the second and subsequent items.
  63. [FIX] On Windows machines, if you activate or move the main window while the Messages window is open and the Messages Window is behind any portion of the main window, then the Messages window will close. This prevents the Messages window from "stealing" keyboard presses from the main window when it is hidden behind the main window.
  64. [FIX] Exported Order sample image of layouts are now displayed as clipped within the overlay image.
  65. [FIX] The Quick Add to Order Menu no longer shows Layout price list items if the selected layout type does not match the price list item's type in the current price list. Instead, the menu will show "No Composite price item found" or "No Traditional Matted price item found".
  66. [FIX] In the Place Order window, if the selected layout type being ordered does not match any price list item's type in the current price list, it now shows "No Composite price item found" or "No Traditional Matted price item found".
  67. In the Place Order and Add with Extras window, the currently selected layout type displayed at the at the top of the window now matches the way it is displayed in the Custom Product window.
  68. [FIX] When importing a Collection with Mat or Frame price groups, these groups are now enabled across all price lists rather than just the first one.
  69. [FIX] No longer gives an error when converting wall grouping to images when in Working with Layouts after viewing it in a room.
  70. [FIX] Added additional error checking to a number of areas.
  71. [FIX] Moving the position of a frame in the Setup Frames window now immediately updates the frame's group ID to avoid incorrect exporting of the frame in a Collection.
  72. [FIX] Now includes empty groups as possible destinations when using Save Selected Templates to a Category and Group. If selected Category has no groups, a warning is now shown rather than giving an error.
  73. [FIX] When importing a Collection containing price groups (for mats or frames), any added price groups are now always uniquely named.

What's New in Version 2018r1.4 

June 7, 2018 

  1. [FIX][WIN] When setting up a shared resources folder, the folder no longer is reported as being "not readable" with some Windows network configurations.
  2. [FIX] Duplicating a locked template in the Template Editor or Template Manager windows now unlocks the duplicate (as it did in prior versions).
  3. [WIN] Added extra debug code when scanning music files.
  4. [FIX] High-Res production now correctly completes when producing a Composite Layout with tilted openings and one or more borders which use an image for the background.
  5. [FIX] Alt/Option clicking on the File Selector icon once again opens the selected folder in a Finder/Windows Explorer window.
  6. [FIX][WIN] The filename text in the file selector control now cleanly updates.
  7. [FIX] In the Mats Designs window, all controls are now disabled when no mat or mat group is selected.
  8. Added reporting of Photoshop scripting error information to Console in ExtendScript Toolkit.
  9. [FIX] High-Res Production. Composite layouts with transparent elements (such as .png file used Mats to style a graphics blocks) no longer have white in the transparent areas in the output images.
  10. [FIX] When ordering a custom print, any selected mat and/or frame are now added to the order when the price for these items is set to zero.
  11. When Ordering a Custom Layout, the layout type and assigned Inner Mat are displayed in the window in appropriate colors.
  12. [FIX] Templates with tilted opening and borders now display more accurately in the main window and when previewed in High-Res production.
  13. [FIX] When in Select Size View in Working with Images, Layouts & Rooms, the "C" key shortcut now takes you to Cropping View. To quickly swap back to Select Size View use the "V" key.
  14. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, the Room's thumbnail image is now correctly updated after applying Surrounding Mats or Frames to prints or changing the size of a print while in Show Rooms View.
  15. [FIX] When using a menu command (except Crop To -> Other Crop Ratio) or the right-click menu to apply a crop to one or more selected images, if the image already had a Locked Crop Ratio, it now stays locked.
  16. [FIX] No longer gives an error importing collections in some circumstances.
  17. [FIX] Ordered Mat Report. The report now shows the correct values for the Bottom and Right edge widths when you have used a mat with a custom edge sizes and have set the report sizes to be "Inches - Fractions".
  18. [FIX] Ordered Mat Report now correctly displays optically centered preview images.
  19. [FIX] Ordered Mat Report. The description of a Surrounding Mats now displays the mat's width in the format "(2.0" OC)" for optically centered mats and "(L:2.0" T:1.5" R:2.0" B:2.5")" for mats with custom edge widths.
  20. [FIX] High-Res production. Layouts with tilted openings and Border Inwards no longer slightly offset the edge positions.
  21. [FIX] Layouts with Inner Mats now display mat details correctly (inner mats and edges) when included in a slideshow or viewed in Preview Slideshow Slides View.
  22. [FIX] When using the Screen Shot Tool, the overlayed info line will now show the overall size of the currently selected item (as displayed on the bottom line of the Info Bar) if applicable.
  23. In Working with Images, Cropping View, you can now adjusting of the aspect ratio of a locked crop by holding down the Alt/Option key while dragging the corner handle of the cropping rectangle.
  24. [FIX] High-Res production. Inner Mats containing fillets now render correctly when applied to tilted openings in composite layouts.
  25. [FIX][WIN] The "Convert Select Sets to Slides by" submenu items (under the Slideshow menu) are now only enabled when you have a Album Set selected in Working with Slideshows.
  26. [FIX] No longer gives an error dragging a template category to the end of list in Template Manager.
  27. [FIX] Now correctly shows the Mat offset positions in the Ordered Mat Report when two adjacent mat layers are identical.
  28. [FIX] Dialog windows with more that two buttons now have the OK button preselected as the default button allowing you to use the Enter key to continue.
  29. [FIX] You can now use the I,L,R keyboard shortcut keys from Working with Books and Working with Slideshows to swap to Working with Images, Layouts and Rooms respectively.
  30. [FIX] The Ordered Mat Report now shows the correct cropping on the preview image for an ordered print.
  31. [FIX] Mat Designs. The Optically Centered checkbox is no longer enabled when custom Mat widths are selected.
  32. [FIX] Ordered and retouched portrait orientated images are no longer incorrectly rotated in Production if don't make any further changes to the order after Re-loading/Re-Linking the images then close and re-open the album file.

What's New in Version 2018r1.3

May 18, 2018

  1. Updated French Translations.
  2. To make it easier to start and resume the Add from Watch Folder feature, you can now start it by using the W keyboard shortcut. A new Pause button is now available when the watch folder is running which,when pressed (you can also use the ESC key), the window will immediately close. It will then reopen with the watch folder running whenever you start it again. The screen position of the Watch Folder window is also now saved between runs and sessions.
  3. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, Cropping view. The Up/down arrow keys and +/- keys now allow you to adjust the crop in/out the same way as when using the other Working with modes.
  4. [FIX] The left/right arrow keys are now disabled in Working with Rooms, Cropping View.
  5. [FIX] High-Res Production now correctly completes when producing images from an ordered Traditional Matted or Wall Grouping layout.
  6. [FIX] High-Res Production. Mat borders applied around Composite layouts set to Borders Inwards with production preferences set to NOT to "combine all layers" are no longer rendered in Photoshop in an outwards direction.
  7. [FIX] Template editor. The opacity popup menu is no longer disabled after dragging the position of multiple openings at the same time.
  8. [FIX] In Working with Rooms, when adjusting a Wall Grouping Layout, the Mirror Screen view now shows the same image as the main screen rather than just the layout.
  9. [FIX] Separate Wall Grouping (Album menu -> Wall Groupings) is now only enabled when you have selected a Wall Grouping in Working with Rooms (in Show Rooms View or Select Size View). (Previously enabled in WWR thumbnail view and WWL)
  10. [FIX] High-Res Production. Mat borders applied around Composite layouts set to Borders Inwards or Borders Outwards with production preferences set to "combine all layers" are now correctly clipped when there are overlapping openings or graphics blocks.
  11. High-Res Production Preferences. Updated the description and added a short explanation for combining Mat borders Layers on produced Composite layouts to make the purpose of this option clearer.
  12. [FIX] High-Res Production. Mats with borders applied to tilted openings now have the correct width on the left and top edges in the output files.

What's New in Version 2018r1.2

April 26, 2018

  1. [FIX] When Alt/option-dragging to adjust the cropping position in a Wall Grouping layout, the areas between the openings now remain transparent.
  2. [FIX][WIN] Zooming in on a cropped image no longer overwrites the full image with the cropping view image.
  3. [FIX][WIN] To better handle screen resolution changes when the Mirror Display Area screen is turned on, the mirror screen is now automatically turned off and back on again after a resolution change.
  4. [FIX][WIN] ProSelect no longer immediately reacts to resolution changes when turning on the mirror screen to allow Windows (versions 8/10) to complete its automatic window resizing. This prevents the mirror screen incorrectly overlapping the main screen in some circumstances.
  5. [FIX][WIN] Change the way the main screen responds to updates to speed up operations when dragging large images.
  6. [FIX][WIN] Turned off Hi-DPI support for Windows due to slideshow positioning issues on screens with different scalings. This will be hopefully restored in a future update.
  7. [FIX] You can once again apply mats and frames to Wall Grouping layouts (accidentally prevented in 208r1.1).
  8. [FIX] You can no longer set or change a frame on a Wall Grouping template with an overlay image or a shape mask from the Info Bar.
  9. [FIX] No longer gives an error when drag reordering videos, music tracks and groups, and title slides if you dragged an item all the way to the bottom of the list.
  10. [FIX] No longer gives an error when closing the download music window in some circumstances.
  11. [FIX] Template Editor. You can no longer assign mats or frames to template types that do not support these (such as those with overlay and shape images attached). In this case, these icons now show "Not supported on this template" next to them.
  12. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives an error after showing the progress window in some circumstances.
  13. [FIX] In the Template Manager, if you try to assign a mat or a frame to an incompatible template, it now shows a warning.
  14. [FIX] When applying a frame to a composite layout with a shape image, the frame is no longer partially clipped out.

What's New in Version 2018r1.1

April 20, 2018

  1. [FIX] Working with Rooms. When Adjusting a Wallgrouping which includes non-rectangular openings, the images now display within the shape rather than as rectangles.
  2. [FIX][WIN] In the Sharing Setup Preferences windows, the Select Shared Resources Folder location control no longer has a transparent background.
  3. Added more debugging information about missing resource images when saving albums to assist with tracking down any missing images.
  4. [FIX] Wall Groupings with an Overlay Image or Shape Mask applied can no longer be Adjusted in Working with Rooms or have a Surrounding Mat or Frame applied.
  5. [FIX] In the Template Editor, you can no longer select a template to be both a composite and a wall grouping as they are mutually exclusive.

KnowledgeBase Article: What's New in 2018r1