Jul 5, 2019
Nov 30, 2018

What's New in 2019r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2019r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2019r1

December 1, 2018

Important Notes:

To find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this new version, please see the article ProSelect 2019r1 release.

If you are upgrading from ProSelect v2017r1 or earlier, then this is now a larger download because it includes more resources along with royalty free music tracks. These resources are accessible with: 

(a) a first time installation (no previous versions of ProSelect installed)

(b) Using ProSelect Data --> Reset to default setup (under the File menu) - CAUTION - this will wipe out your existing setup data!

(c) Using ProSelect Data --> Install 2019r1 Default Resources - this will add the new resources to you existing setup.


  1. This release requires at least: 
    • Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit).
    • Mac OSX 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13/10.14.
  2. By default, playing a slideshow uses OpenGL (2.0 or newer) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL when playing the slideshow by unchecking Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow & Music -> Slideshow settings however, the slideshow will play much less efficiently and the Ken Burns effect will not be available. More information about OpenGL can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual.

  3. Minimum 2Ghz PC with 8GB RAM. If using the high-res production module, complex slideshows or include a large number of images in your ProSelect albums, then it is recommended that you have 2.5Ghz with 8+GB of memory in your computer. Your monitor and/or projector should be at least 1024x768 resolution. For further information on the system requirements (OS & Photoshop versions, Processor speed and RAM etc), please see the ProSelect software Downloads page (while this is the current version) and/or the readme file (available with the installation).

  4. The Windows version as of ProSelect 2017r1 and newer requires that the 32 bit version of "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" (download file "vc_redist.x86.exe") is installed on your computer. These dll files are automatically installed with Windows 10 and as part of the latest software updates on Windows 7 and 8.1. 

    They are also included in the ProSelect 2018r1 & 2019r1 (Windows) installer. If the installer stops when "Installing Windows 32-bit runtime...", this is usually caused by not having the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. For more information about this see this KnowledgeBase article: Missing DLL error with ProSelect 2017r1 on Windows.

  5. ProSelect 2019r1 registration keys for an outright owned license start with "PSV6-" (or "PST6-" if paying for your outright license using Easy Payment Plan).

Some of the new features and enhancements include:


The Mac version is now an all 64-bit application!


The Windows version now supports HiDPI screens on Windows computers.

Easy Swapping of Images In a Room

After adding and sizing a print in room, you can now drag and drop another image from the image list onto that print and the new image will replace the existing one complete with any applied surrounding mat or frame. The new image will be automatically duplicated if it has been ordered, used in another room or already had a different frame or surrounding mat applied. This action can be undone.

If the new image has a locked crop ratio, it will be sized to match the previous image however its locked aspect ratio will be maintained.

Enhanced Local Effects

1. The B&W local effect now offers finer adjustment of this effect with new Brightness, Contrast and Skin Boost controls in the Preferences --> Image Effects --> Local Effect area. This enable you to setup your preferred B&W look and quickly apply or remove these from any images.

2. The Sepia Local Effect in earlier version has been replaced with new "Special Tint" effect which provides a much wider range of tinting options. Exported Sample Images with the Special Tint effect have an filename suffix of "ST" (previously "SP").

Managing Original Images

  1. Added the option to use relative location links to original images. Choosing one of these will remove the need to "re-find" the original images when using a mix of Mac and Windows computers and a shared server storage location. You can set your preferred option in Preferences --> Importing Images --> Settings --> Original Image Location. The new options include:

    Fixed Location - Links to Original Images will always be saved as a fixed location on your computer. Use this option if you generally keep the your original images in the same place on your local hard disk.

    Relative to Album location - When possible, links to your Original Images are saved relative to your album file location. Use this option if you always keep the original images in the same folder as your album file or a subfolder below this. Select this option when saving your images and albums on a shared server location.

    Relative to default Starting Folder - When possible, links to your Original Images are saved relative your selected Default Starting Folder. Use this option if you don't save your album files with your original images but keep your original images on a shared server location. In this case, set your Default Starting Folder (in Preferences, General Settings, Default folders) to be the lowest level common folder for all your image files.

  2. The Show Selected Image Info window now shows which of the above methods was used to save the location to this image.

  3. New Find Original Images window makes it easy to find and re-link original files. It lists all missing images from either the entire album file, just the ordered images or only the images used in a book.
    • You can see all missing images and where they were last located. By default, locating one image will check if any other missing image are in the same location and automatically locate those as well.
    • You optionally clear the "found" status of any of the listed images and locate them again or quickly set the location to be the same folder as the current album file.
    • This window can now be quickly opened from most places that need access to original images.
    • You can also use the new Find Selected Images (under Album Menu --> Original Images) to check and locate only the selected images.
    • As before, if you hold the Shift key down while selecting one of the "Original Images --> Find Images" options (under the Album Menu) then all found and unfound images will be listed in the new window allow you to connect to a copy of the images in a different location. This can be used to connect a set of re-touched images to your album file without needing to replace the original images in their original folder.
  4. You can now right-click on an image and select "Show in Finder/Explorer" to show the location of the originally loaded image.

Auto-Backup Improvements

The auto-backup option no longer saves the backup into the Album file itself rather the backup data is saved in the "Album_Backups" folder located in Username -> Library -> Application Support -> ProSelect. This means that auto-backups will now still work when the current album has been opened across a network and the network connection fails. It also reduces the network traffic and update frequency of the album file. When re-opening an album, ProSelect checks if there are unsaved changes for this album in this location on YOUR computer and asks if you wish to recover them.

We believe that this may reduce the problem of album files located in a Dropbox folder from becoming corrupted. As such, we have added a "Don't show again" option to the Dropbox warning.

Production Improvements

  1. ITPC Data on original images is now preserved when creating final print images and digital files through High-Res Production.
  2. Added the option to the Preferences (General Setting -> General -> General Default -> On Album Open: Find Production Images) to automatically check that all original files are available when opening an album file. You can use this option on your production machine to quickly check the availability of your original image files.
  3. In the High-Res Production window, if you have selected Photoshop as your RAW image editor in your Preferences, then you can Alt/Option click on the "Open RAWs in" to open the selected RAW images in Lightroom and visa versa.
  4. Added Show in Finder/Explorer button to the High-Res Production window. This will show the folder containing the selected image.
  5. To allow you to manually prepare custom Black & White and Special Tint within the normal ProSelect workflow, you can now set Production to look for file with a "_BW" or "_ST" suffix on your original file name and use that file instead. This is setup in Preferences -> High-Res Production -> General Actions -> Custom Final Images.

    This allows you to save your custom B&W or Special Tint files with this added suffix as either a jpg, tif or .psd file.

    If you have one of these options enabled then:

    (a) When opening the High-Res production window ProSelect looks for a matching image with associated suffix (e.g. Image001_BW) and a type of jpg, tif or psd.
    (b) If found in the same folder as the original image and with a newer last modified date/time, will then set that file to be used for production.
    (c) Will display "Using Custom Final Image" in the Selected Image Info box.
    (d) Because ProSelect assumes that you have completed all changes to these images, when these files are present no local or custom effects (that you have applied within ProSelect) will be applied to the custom image when running production.

    If you make any changes while the High-Res production window is open, you can use the "Refresh Custom Final" button to look for these files again.

    Note: The status or use of an custom files is not saved in the Album file but rather checked each time that the Production window is opened. Removing the file from the folder where the original image is saved or updating the original image (or a re-linked version) so that it is newer than the Custom file will revert back to using the most recently modified file.

Production Album Changes

  1. When exporting a Production package with included images, ProSelect now checks that all the images can be found BEFORE the exporting. If some are missing, you can immediately open the Find Missing Images window to locate those images.
  2. When Exporting a Production Package, you have added any images with the same filename from different folder locations into the same album (such as have a set of re-touched images with the same name - not recommended by the way!) then rather than export both version of the image into the same export folder (and overwriting one of them), all images are now saved in separate subfolders within the exported production folder. The subfolder names match the parent folder for each image. The image locations in the associated production album are changed to reflect exported subfolder locations.
  3. ProSelect now warns you if you are about to overwrite an existing Production Album folder.

More Powerful Collection Support

When importing collections, ProSelect now checks if the imported group of items already exists and allows you to select to either Replace the exiting group (and it contents) or Add the Collection group as a new group.

When the Add option is selected, the new group name has the current date appended to its name (in YYYYMMDD format) so you can easily find the new group after it has been added.

This works for Templates, Mats, Frames, Book Designs, Library Rooms, Slideshow Styles and Title Slides.

Note: Only Collections exported using the new Collection file format (i.e. from ProSelect 2018r1 or newer) can take advantage of this feature.

If Pricing information has been included in the Collection being imported, then this can also select to add the print list entry and, optionally, the prices in the Collection. In the case of items that use Price Groups (i.e. Mats and Frames), if there is a conflict with an existing price group you are prompted to either Replace the existing one or Add a new price group.

Replacing existing template group will remove all items in that group along with any price list items associated with the templates in that group.

When replacing an existing price group, if the current price group is using a markup factor set to be higher than 1 then the existing markup factor is left unchanged. This means that Collections that included supplier's costs can easily be updated and while keeping your current markup rate in each price list.

When importing a Collection of frames, the Frame Group names in the Exported Collection are used as the High-Res Resources folder names. The number of free frame slots available is also displayed in this window.

When adding any image resources, ProSelect checks for existing resources by matching both the name and the size of the image file. If there is a name match but a size difference, the new resource image is added with a _X after its filename. (eg filename_1, filename_2 etc).

When importing a Collection in the new format, BEFORE importing, ProSelect now automatically saves a backup copy of the ProSelect Data file in the format "ProSelect_Data_TPK_YYYYMMDD_HH:MM.xml". This allows you to recover back to your configuration before the import using the Shift-Startup option and selecting to recover from this backup file.

Reporting Improvements

  1. New Ordered Digital Files Report (under the File Menu) is a neat way to provide details of any ordered digital files to your clients or production team. You can select small, medium or large thumbnail sizes as well as other options on the report.
  2. Digital Files Thumbnails can now be optionally added to Order Report Printouts (under the Options 2 tab). Note: These print one image per row so, if you have a large number of digital file orders, best to turn off this option and use the Ordered Digital File Report instead.

Increased Book Design Flexibility

In Working with Books, you can now rotate a page regardless of the aspect ratio of the book except in these cases:

(a) The page has an overlay image applied.
(b) The page is a double-spread.
(c) The current book design is Traditional Matted and the Fitting Option is NOT set to "Stretch Mats". In this case, a warning is shown.

Frame Management Improvements

  1. Frame Groups are now enabled in ProSelect Basic.
  2. In the Setup Frames window:

(a) The number of frames in a selected group is now displayed on the bottom right hand side above the Available Frames listbox.
(b) When at the top level, the Frame Resources List box now has a "Frames" count column which shows the number of frames in each Supplier's frames folder.
(c) The popup menu in the Frame Resources areas now shows "All Suppliers" at the top and the just the folder names below that (instead of "Frames: Supplier name").
(d) When you open a Frames Resources folder, the number of used frames and the total frames in the folder is now shown below list box on the left and right-hand side respectively.
(e) When importing a folder of frames, if that same frame folder already existing in the ProSelect Resources folder, you are asked whether to replace it. In doing so, any frames in the existing folder that are no longer in the new folder are moved to a "Discontinued" folder and removed from the Available Frames list.
(f) You can now drag multiple folders of frames from the Resources list to the Available Frames list.
(g) When displaying the contents of a frame folder in the Frame Resources list, you can click the left header to sort the frames by "Used in Available Frames" status.

Easier Ordering of Custom Cropped Images

  1. When ordering an image with a Locked Crop ratio in the Place Order window, ProSelect will now try to find and select the closest matching price list item by first matching the long side of the last display size against print price list item sizes (or next largest size) then match closest print area equal to or greater than area of image.
  2. When opening Custom Product window for Prints, if a print has locked crop ratio then custom crop option is automatically pre-selected, and dimensions of the last display size are placed in the width an height boxes ready for you to order at that size. If the print does not have a locked crop ratio then it uses lasted selected size in Place Order window and selected Print Size ordering option.

Price List Setup Shortcuts

  1. The Print Paper Sizes window now can sort paper sizes by those used in the Price list using the Sort By button. You can use this to gather un-used sizes together for removal. Also, after deleting a row, the next paper size in the list is now automatically selected.
  2. In the Price List and Products window, after entering a new price, if you click on the Save button while holding down the Alt/Option key, then that price will be applied across all of your price lists.

General Changes

  1. The splash screen and application icon now reflect the new branding graphics.
  2. You can now do a "Save As" if the album you are using has forcibly been "taken over" by someone else.
  3. In the Preferences, the option to Sharpen when importing images has been moved to the Adding Images group.
  4. [OSX] Single image imports are done internally without helper app since 64-bit PSD files can be imported using the OSX 64-bit APIs.
  5. Moved the Preference option that sets the transparent background color on exported sample layouts from the Price & Ordering section to the General Setting --> Templates, Room & Books since it is relevant to more than one action.
  6. In Working with Rooms --> Show Rooms View, added support for Alt/Option + arrow keys to nudge the selected item by 2 pixels at a time.
  7. Changed "Find Images" (under Album Menu) to "Search for Album Images" to differentiate it from the Find Original Images options.
  8. The Help Overlay Images have been updated.
  9. Added Alt/Option+Up/Down Arrow keyboard shortcuts for image Crop In/Out to

Working with Images: Cropping View
Working with Layouts: Show Layouts View, Cropping View
Working with Rooms: Cropping view
Working with Book: Show Pages View, Cropping View


  1. [FIX] The Import Collection window now displays and imports groups as items in the same order as they are included in the Collection file.
  2. [FIX] In the Template Editor, when you duplicate a template more than once without re-selecting the template in the list, the thumbnail now shows the correct template.
  3. [FIX] No longer gets stuck in the Setup Mats window if you are part way through making changes to a double or triple mat design then change the mat type to one with fewer layers.
  4. [FIX][WIN] On Windows 10, the popup menus in any windows (other than the main window) now work correctly when you are using Mirror Display Area mode and have each of your screen's display properties set to different scalings settings such as when using a High-DPI computer at 200% scaling and an external monitor at 100% scaling.
  5. [FIX][WIN] The screen no longer sometimes flashes to a white background when switching to or from Thumbnail view.
  6. [FIX][WIN] The graphic of a multi-screen layout in Preferences --> Display now correctly reflects the current screen layout when using a mix of high and low DPI screens.
  7. [FIX] When using Mirror Image List (under View menu), this list now displays in the correct position on the Mirror Display Area screen when you are using a mix of Retina/Hi-DPI screens and standard screens.
  8. [FIX][WIN] Improvements to the way the mirror screen and slideshow playback are located in the second screen when using a mix of Hi-DPI and non-Hi-DPI screens and different scaling factors.
  9. [FIX][OSX] When playing a slideshow the border around an included movie is no longer out of position by one pixel.
  10. [FIX] In Working with Slideshows, thumbnail view, the available resources area is now updated after importing additional album videos.
  11. [FIX] In the Setup Videos window, any video being played is now stopped when you choose another action.
  12. [FIX] Slideshow movies now correctly honors your Use/Mute Video Sound settings when you have two or more consecutive videos in your slideshow and you have a short transition time.
  13. [FIX] When checking access to TimeExposure's server, the timeout for no response is now 5 seconds.
  14. [FIX] No longer showing "Turning off color management" warning dialog when opening Preferences when you last had the Display --> Color management tab open and Color management turned off.
  15. [FIX] In the Price Lists & Products window, making the window wider now expands to size of the description and presentation columns equally. Also you can no longer expose any hidden columns when adjusting the column widths.
  16. [FIX][WIN] Improvements to the way the mirror screen and slideshow playback are located in the second screen when using a mix of Hi-DPI and non-Hi-DPI screen and different scaling factors.
  17. [FIX] ProSelect data --> Reset to Default Setup (under File Menu) now forces a new copy of default resources any of Default Resource images are newer than one in hi res folder. Any previous copies in the low res cache folder are also removed so they will be updated.
  18. [FIX] Added more error checking when loading selected production image data.

Minor Release Changes

What's New in Version 2019r1.8

July 5, 2019 

  1. [FIX] - Cropped portrait oriented Images rotated manually or using EXIF rotation no longer show the incorrect crop rotation on the thumbnail image. This bug was accidentally introduced in 2019r1.7.
  2. [FIX] - Cropped portrait oriented Images imported with Use EXIF rotation turned off in the Preferences and manually rotated in Pre 2019r1.7 versions, no longer have their thumbnail images rotated. This bug was accidentally introduced in 2019r1.7. Incorrectly orientated thumbnails detected from albums saved in 2019r1.7 are automatically updated in most cases.

What's New in Version 2019r1.7

June 28, 2019 

  1. [FIX] - Warning Message windows can no longer end up hidden behind the main window during startup in some circumstances.
  2. Added backward compatibility support for the new "Graphic Block Only Mats" added to version 2019r2.
  3. [FIX][WIN] - Double-spread layouts (and book pages) no longer print at half size on the Proofsheet and Book Report pages.
  4. [FIX][WIN] - In the Print Proof Sheets window, the preview image is now correctly updated after adjusting the image size setting to be too large to fit then returning it to a smaller size.
  5. [FIX] - High-Res Production. The additional size of any included virtual mats added to a print or composite layout is now included in the production output filename sizes and Fill to Next Standard Size calculations.
  6. [FIX][WIN] - The room view background is no longer blurred when dragging room images around in Working with Rooms in some circumstances.
  7. [FIX] - When ordering a Wall Grouping Layout with an applied Mat or Frame using the Quick Add to Order popup menu, the automatically calculated prices now match those in the Place Order window.
  8. [FIX][MAC] - Find Original Images now works if you have used any of these special characters ~`'" in the any of the folder names above your image file location.
  9. [FIX] - Missing large preview images are now shown in light grey color (rather than white) to make them visible with any color theme.
  10. [FIX] - Locking the crop on a full-frame (un-cropped) portrait orientated image will no longer result in the thumbnail image being displayed as rotated by 90 degrees.
  11. [FIX][WIN] - Updated the messages dialog window so that it can no longer open off-screen when you are using multiple displays with certain relative positions and display scalings.
  12. When opening a non-RAW file in Lightroom, ProSelect now checks if any associated RAW files exist alongside the selected images and recommends that you open the RAW files instead. The avoids "file not found errors" in Lightroom if you have not previously imported non-raw files into your Lightroom catalog.
  13. [FIX] - The Place order window no longer locks up when trying to order multiple prints with surrounding mats at the same time in some circumstances.
  14. Added a "Full 4K size" to "Preferences -> Importing Images -> Resize To" popup menu options.
  15. [FIX] - Removing the crop from a tilted portrait orientated image with EXIF rotation no longer causes the thumbnail to be displayed with incorrect rotation.
  16. [FIX] - Export Sample Images window. When you select to export at the "Imported Size" the area (rather than the long side length) of the selected images is now used to determine the largest image size that will be exported. In this case, cropped images are no longer scaled up to the full imported size on export but rather exported at their resulting cropped pixel dimensions.
  17. [FIX] - When assigning a new Frame to a layout in the Template Manager, ProSelect now always remembers the change after you close and re-open the software.

What's New in Version 2019r1.6

April 11, 2019

  1. [FIX][WIN] No longer crashes when you click on the shopping cart icon if you have your screen's Display Scale set to 225% on a 4K monitor.
  2. [FIX] Production image checking no longer reports a missing Mat Design image as a missing Custom Final image. The missing image name and Mat Design that it is referenced from is now also displayed the Debug Log.
  3. [FIX] Auto-backups now correctly prompt you to restore unsaved data if you have recently created an album and not closed it yet.
  4. [FIX] Auto-backups now longer fail if your album name includes XML data characters (such as ampersands, quotes or angle brackets). This version automatically repairs auto-backup data from previous versions of 2019r1.
  5. [FIX] Albums with an ampersand (&) character in the album name now show the ampersand character in the Open Recent Albums menu and in the Open Album dialog window

What's New in Version 2019r1.5

March 29, 2019

  1. [FIX] No longer uses additional memory on startup when pre-loading templates with overlay resource images, pre-assigned mats or frames. Previously, this could result in preventing the creation of low res cache versions on your local machine and eventually a crash when you have a large number of these templates. Now, the first startup with this new version will correctly create any missing low-res copies, and subsequent startups will be faster by using those images.
  2. [FIX] Fixed a memory leak that could cause ProSelect to use up free memory over time. This would happen faster if you had a large number of resource images and when using some functions in ProSelect.
  3. [FIX] On startup, the thumbnail images for templates with pre-assigned frames or mats are now built using the low res cached thumbnail images rather than the larger versions to improve startup times.
  4. Add support for remote commands to Reload and Relink images. This is to work with the new Lightroom plugin version. This operation supports the option to add any images not already in the album at the same time. Note: Any images being updated will have any Custom Effects images removed.
  5. When Exporting a Collection file, if your business name contains the word "Demo" then this will be removed from the internally saved author's name.
  6. Added current memory usage to debug reports for diagnostic purposes.
  7. The default tax is now saved in your preferences rather than the ProSelect data file so studio sharing a common data file across multiple states can set a different tax for each location. In the Tax Setup window, you can use the button "Set as Default" to select the default tax for your location. The default tax is marked with an icon in the list of taxes.
  8. You can once again display Graphics Blocks on Wall Grouping Templates. These will appear when the applied Inner Mat has its Graphics Block setting set to a color or image fill. This is for display purposes only and not carried through to production. If you don't want to show these, apply an Inner Mat with the Graphic block set to None or delete the graphics block from the template. This feature has been reinstated at the request of some of our users.
  9. [FIX] When using the Original Images -> Open in Lightroom -> Selected images command (under the Album menu), the imported images (e.g. jpgs) rather than the RAW images are now opened in Lightroom.
  10. [FIX][WIN] - The Setup Frames no longer locks up when dragging frame resources when there is a change that needs saving and the confirm changes dialog box is displayed.
  11. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives an error when exporting a slideshow movie which uses a slideshow style with the combination of a full frame Ken Burns effect and 0% edge space.
  12. [FIX] - Slideshows will now play a little smoother when you have selected a slideshow style set to use the "Fade to background" transition.

What's New in Version 2019r1.4

March 2, 2019 

  1. [FIX] Open RAW files now works if you have your images saved on a server which has a case sensitive file system. However, we do not recommend using servers configured this way as other issues may appear. ProSelect first checks for an exact case match against the raw file extension setup in your Preferences then looks for other Raw files with different case levels and selects the first one it finds (in case, for example, you have both files such as image1.cr2 and image1.CR2).
  2. [FIX][WIN] Once again uses the absolute path when opening image in Photoshop and Lightroom to avoid abbreviated filenames. These paths are now encoded WindowsANSI to preserve any accented character data in them.
  3. [FIX][MAC] Now correctly imports the event date from StudioCloud when using Mac OSX 10.13 or newer. An invalid timezone offset was sometimes being provided by these versions OSX.
  4. The path and filename of the first ten missing production images are now shown in the Debug Data window.
  5. When using Show in Finder/Windows Explorer, if the file or folder is not found then the path to file is now included in the message displayed.
  6. The Show Image Info window now includes the name of a matching RAW image file is found in the same folder provided you have RAW linking enabled in the Preferences.
  7. [FIX] Changing room background then exporting room now correctly shows the room name in the exported filename.
  8. If a ProSelect runtime error occurs, an error report is now saved to the debug log to allow later diagnosis.
  9. [MAC] If there is an "execution error" when running a script file, the actual error message is now displayed at the bottom of the dialog window. These errors can occur on OSX Majove if the user has not allowed ProSelect to connect to system resources and Photoshop.
  10. [FIX] Find Original Production Images now correctly identifies missing images of you have ordered or used in a book any duplicated images.
  11. [FIX] Find Original Images window now also checks for missing Production Linked images. Any linked images now display a linked icon next to them which is colored red or green if the link image is missing or found respectively. More information about the status of the selected image is now shown at the bottom of the window.
  12. You can now unlink a linked production image in the Find Original Images window.
  13. [FIX][MAC] On OSX Mojave, if have not given permission for ProSelect to connect to the Finder, then when you use Show in Finder, an error message is now displayed rather than failing silently.
  14. The Template Editor now shows the total number of openings in the selected template in the label at the top of the Opening Data box.
  15. [FIX] Production window. Checking one of the orders in the top listbox under the Digital File now enables the Make-Res Images button without the need to select the item row first.
  16. [FIX] Production window. Selecting the Digital Files tab no longer defaults to disabling Make High-Res Images button.
  17. [FIX] Production Window - The check for missing images when you click the Make High-Res Button, now only checks for images that are selected to be produced under the currently selected tab rather than all production images across all tabs.
  18. [FIX] Production window. Checking one of the orders in the top listbox under the Digital File now enables the Make-Res Images button without the need to select the item row first.
  19. [FIX][MAC] Changed the method used to "Show in Finder" so it will no longer require permission to connect to Finder on OSX Mojave and fail silently when not given.
  20. [FIX] Production window. Checking one of the orders in the top listbox under the Digital File now enables the Make-Res Images button without the need to select the item row first.
  21. If there are any missing images found when starting Production, production no longer automatically starts when you close the Find Production Images window so have have the opportunity to change your selected production items.
  22. Updated production workflow to check for critical errors (missing actions, resources, and zero sized images and missing Custom Final Images) before the missing images check. This speeds up error check before running missing image check which has to run through all of the selected production images. Note: Holding the Control key down when starting High-Res Production will bypass these checks but doing this may result in production errors.
  23. [FIX] The mouse cursor is changed to a "Wait Cursor" during pre-production checks so you are aware that something is happening.
  24. [FIX] The "Refresh Custom Finals" button is only enabled there are any ordered image with a B&W or Special Tint effects applied to any production images AND this option is enabled in the Preferences.
  25. [FIX] In the Production window, the check for Custom Finals action is no longer done when there is no need to.
  26. Added a Checkbox option in the Notes window to also Add/Update this note change to any duplicates of the

What's New in Version 2019r1.3

February 9, 2019

  1. [FIX] The Place Order window now has more space for longer layout names at the top of the window.
  2. [FIX] Duplicate images no longer use the same Custom Final Images if only one of them used a BW or Special Tint effect.
  3. [FIX] When opening the Place Order window and some other ordering windows, there is no longer a beep when there is an associated price for the item being ordered and that item's the price is $1000 or more. These prices no longer display with a comma thousands separator.
  4. [FIX] For a more realistic appearance, a drop shadow is no longer displayed under a reverse bevel cut edge in a Mat either during the preview in ProSelect or in Production.
  5. [FIX] You can now apply a 3" wrap on layouts down to an 8x10 size. The minimum size is now the smaller of 5", half the width or half the height.
  6. [FIX] Find Original Images now correctly find images in the same folder when you have imported original images of types other than jpgs.
  7. [FIX] In Working with Images, Select size view, if you have right-clicked to set a room background then changing the size of the image no longer removes the room background.
  8. [FIX] If you start a slideshow setup in Working with Slideshows and there is no content in the slideshow then a warning message is now shown rather than starting and immediately stopping the slideshow.
  9. [FIX] When ordering a Traditional Matted Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping with an inner matt, the mat is no longer priced as a separate add-on item.
  10. [FIX][WIN] The dragging cursor on High-DPI displays is no longer half size.
  11. In Working with Layout and Working with Books, you can now use the keyboard shortcuts B,S & O to change the selected opening to B&W, Special tint & Original.
  12. [FIX] [WIN] When using Mirror Display Area, the mirror screen is now cleared when changing the view from thumbnail View to other view modes. It was previous show the previous contents for a short time on slower machines.
  13. [FIX] Fonts with unusually large ascenders no longer have the top clipped off when displayed in a Title Slide.
  14. [FIX] When calculating automatic frame and mat prices, the results are now rounded to nearest two decimal places to remove any possible computer floating point errors.
  15. [FIX] If an auto-backup is found when opening an album file and you choose to restore from the backup, you are now immediately prompted to save the album with the restored changes.
  16. [FIX][OSX] No longer uses the Helper App when importing less than 4 images at a time.
  17. [FIX] In Working with Images, when viewing a "Scaled to fit image" in Select Size view (by Alt/Option clicking on Ruler Icon) if you then double-click on a new image it will now reset back to actual size view the same as clicking on the Ruler icon again. This special view now also resizes correctly when you add or change mats and frames.
  18. [FIX] When importing a Collection containing Price Groups, imported price groups codes are now automatically renamed if they already exist and are not exactly the same as the existing ones using the same code.
  19. [FIX][WIN] In Working with Rooms, Show Rooms View, the up and down arrow keys once again works as shortcuts for the larger and smaller size toolbar buttons instead of nudging the position of the selected items (which happens when if you hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys).
  20. Details for how automatic pricing is being calculated is now added to the debug data. This data includes price list, price group name, price group type, values, sizes used and results.
  21. [FIX] The Ordered Mat Report now includes correct mat data for mats applied to an ordered Wall Grouping with surrounding mats. Each item (opening) has its own Mat Report page.
  22. [FIX] The Ordered Frames Report now includes correct frame data for frames applied to an ordered Wall Grouping. Each item (opening) has its own row on the report.
  23. [FIX] In the Place Order window, items with a Surrounding mat now show a connecting line drawn on the ordered items list.
  24. [FIX] In the Place Order window, wall grouping templates without a mat assigned no longer display with a white background in the preview image.
  25. [FIX] The Link to StudioCloud window now correctly resizes when an edge is dragged.
  26. Command line data send to Helper applications is now included in the Debug log.
  27. Added Menu shortcut Cmd/Cntrl-E for Export Selected Sample Images and SHIFT-Cmd/Cntrl-E for Export Sample Images in Current Set.
  28. Added an "Export Last" button to Export Sample Images/Layouts/Rooms/Books windows. After selecting a destination folder on the first export, you can use this button to export to the same folder again. When enabled it is the default button in the dialog.
  29. [FIX][WIN] Importing PSD files using the Helper App now works again. This was inadvertently broken in 2019r1.
  30. [FIX] In the Ordering dialog windows when adjusting the crop, images with a locked crop ratio now show the cropping rectangle in red instead of black.
  31. [FIX] If you change the location of an album file while it is still open in ProSelect then you are now given the opportunity to select the album's new location rather than getting an error when saving. If you change the name of a folder containing the album file, it will attempt to automatically re-find the album.
  32. When exporting a Collection with prices included, you will now receive a warning (after the export) if there were either no prices enabled in your selected price list or all the prices were zero value.
  33. [FIX] Popup menus for selecting Surrounding Mats now consistently append the Mat width (in square brackets) after the Mat's name.
  34. [FIX] When ordering a Wall Grouping layout with a Surrounding Mat or Frame the prices calculated using the Automatic Pricing methods now match those if you were to order each part of the Wall Grouping separately. In these cases, the calculations line displayed in the Add with Extra and Custom Products window has "Total (X)" before the results to indicate that they are the sum of the X opening in the Wall Grouping.
  35. [FIX] Layouts with Inner Mats now display the Inner Mat name after the template name on all of the ordering windows.
  36. 35. [FIX] In the Place Order, Custom Product and Add with Extras windows, the row with the Layout Type (i.e. Composite or Traditional Matted) is now always shown in dark colors when using the lighter themes to make it easier to see.
  37. [FIX] In the Template Editor, the smallest displayable grid size is now the larger of the set Grid Snap Size or 10 pixels.
  38. [FIX][MAC] Loading multiple images from a location which has double quotes in the path name no longer fails. e.g. My "Big" Shoot/image01.jpg
  39. [FIX][MAC] Portrait orientated videos now have their thumbnail image correctly orientated. Note: While you can play some portrait orientated video in a Slideshow on Macs, you cannot export the slideshow with those videos correctly orientated. On Windows, you cannot play or export slideshow containing portrait orientated videos in the correct orientation.
  40. [FIX] In the Add with Extras window, a Composite Layout with any applied Inner mat now shows the mat in the preview.
  41. [FIX][WIN] Swapping between Thumbnail view and other views no longer flashes white on the Mirror Display screen on some display configurations.

What's New in Version 2019r1.2

January 12, 2019

  1. [FIX][WIN] The menu bar and task bar are now shown again after being hidden while playing a slideshow.
  2. [FIX] The text boxes are now larger on the default Title Slides to prevent any lower case descenders from being cut off.
  3. In Cropping View, the default action for the Crop In/Out Toolbar buttons is now fine increments. Holding the Alt/Option key down makes it coarser. The Up/Down Arrow keys and +/- keys work the same way as these buttons.

What's New in Version 2019r1.1

January 7, 2019

  1. [FIX][MAC] The Slideshow no longer plays with a blank screen when using OpenGL on OSX Mojave.
  2. When printing the Order Report, the thumbnails images of any prints ordered with a zero size are now printed at full size rather than being left blank.
  3. [FIX] When updating a payment and syncing with Studio Cloud, the Update Payment window no longer stays open.
  4. [FIX] The screen snapshot of Thumbnail View (in all all working with Modes) now includes the filenames when they are turned on.
  5. [FIX] In the Setup Music window, the volume no longer suddenly increases when you use the next and previous buttons to play other tracks after preview playing one track.

KnowledgeBase Article: What's New in 2019r1