ProSelect Included Resources

ProSelect comes with a comprehensive suite of resources ready for you to use in your sales sessions. It also includes the tools that allow you to duplicate and modify the included resources or create your own additional resources to further customize your product range and customer experience. See below for a brief overview of the included resources.

Get the Guide

You will find full details of the included resources in the ProSelect Resources Guide. You can open this .pdf document under the Help Menu in ProSelect or download it from the Main Downloads page.

Upgrading from earlier versions

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of ProSelect, find out how to add newly included resources to your existing setup in this article: Adding New ProSelect Included Resources.

Room View Backgrounds

15 pre-calibrated rooms that you can use to show your images, canvases and layouts at actual size on a room background. Of course, you can also use your clients own rooms through your custom branded SendMyRooms™ website

Royalty Free Music

12 music tracks that you can use forever in your slideshows and export slideshow movies. You can also add your own music and download more tracks from the 40,000+ track PLUS Music Library.

Templates for almost every need

Nearly 250 templates for a wide range of different types of products including:

  • Traditional, framed prints with mats
  • Multi-image collections/story boards
  • Wall Grouping designs in a room
  • Social Media Banner images
  • Press printed products
  • Canvases
  • Books


Mats add a huge amount of flexibility to ProSelect. You can use them as Surrounding Mats around any sized Print or Composite Layout AND use them as Inner Mats on templates and book pages to instantly create uniquely styled products. 100 Mats are included with ProSelect with high-resolution image files ready to be used as part of your final products. Mat data can be exported from ProSelect to allow your framer to cut the exact matching physical product for you.

  • Traditional Matted Styles
  • Contemporary Composite Styles
  • Composite Styles with Graphic Block
  • Gallery Wrap Solid Edge Styles
  • Navy Damask
  • Damask Floral
  • Jewel Tone Damask
  • Damask Floral
  • Worn Plaid
  • Cracked Damask
  • Happy Floral
  • Simple Flower


12 gorgeous Frames from Real Frames are includes to get you started. You can replace or add to these with free frames from our ProSelect Resources Downloads page. ProSelect Basic users can install up to 12 frames files while ProSelect Pro users can install up to 300.

Slideshow Styles *

ProSelect includes 5 Slideshow Styles. These control the pace, transitions, background and other effects allowing you to create unique slideshows for your sales presentation and/or exported slideshow movies for sale or promotional purposes.

Slideshow Title Slides*

ProSelect includes 8 Pre-setup Title Slides which can be inserted anywhere into your slideshows. ProSelect's text tag feature will automatically add your client's name into these title slides when played in your slideshow.

Slideshow Videos*

If you have ProSelect Pro, you can insert the included 2 Video Clips into your slideshow to add some pazzaz.

Stamps, Watermarks & Logos

13 Pre-setup Stamps & Watermarks are included ready for be added to images for prints in final production, digital files for sale (in ProSelect Pro) or use on social media exported images. These can also be applied to on-screen images to identify favorite images or protect from screen captures or cell phone pictures taken by over-zealous clients.


ProSelect’s Notes Library is designed to save you time adding commonly used notes during your sales session as well as providing customized content to your Order Reports or Invoices. There are 6 Order Agreements that you can use or modify to suit your studio requirements as well as numerous commonly used retouching notes.

*Some Slideshow Styles, Title Slides and all videos can only be used with ProSelect Pro.