A big thank you to everyone listed here for their positive feedback about our products and services.

"I have been a studio owner for over 40 years. As the years go by I value ProSelect more and more. The continual dedication the authors and developers of this priceless program demonstrate is very evident. As an annual subscriber of PLUS, I see it time and time again. The development of "SendMyRooms" is just another example of the never ending improvement demonstrated every year. As I said a number of years ago: "I must tell you this program is dearer to me than Photoshop or Lightroom. I love it. I can't begin to tell you the various presentation woes I suffered through trying to project for sales and then ProSelect came along. It is terrific. Being able to project to size is incredible. And then placing an image in a client's own room is even better." With the ongoing industry wide challenges of selling prints as opposed to digital files, I want ProSelect in my arsenal of tools to help me sell big beautiful wall portraits. It continues to be the best investment in software I have ever made."

Mark Karlsberg, Studio Eleven

"I have the Pro version and do not regret it one bit. I use just about every feature it offers. For each session, I use it to create the slideshow and do the proofing with my clients. I pre-build matted and framed wall portraits, use the room view and create albums. I took my newborn album templates (a clean version and my custom-designed versions) and added them to ProSelect so all I have to do is drag and drop. During the IPS, I can quickly switch any images out with the client's favorites and then export the spreads directly from ProSelect for uploading to RedTree. Same with birth announcements. To do all of this, I used to use Animoto, YouProof, Shoot & Sell, and AlbumStomp. It has streamlined my workflow tremendously and it has paid for itself many times since I purchased it this year."

Kim Ogden, Kimberly Ogden Photography

"Not only am I tickled to death with the software, but the emotions that I get to see and feel first hand when my clients see their images for the first time is worth 10 times what I paid for the software. Well yes, they buy more in person but that one on one, intimate viewing session is priceless beyond words. Thank you"

Michelle Goodall , A Lock in Time Photography

"The software is amazing! Used it for 2 shows in 2 days and smashed my original sales average. Brilliant product!"

Gill Flett, Gill Flett Photography

"Pro Studio Software, your service and attention to detail is the BEST!!!! Thank you!! Completely satisfied customer!"

Craig Elwyn Martin, Alyssa Martin Photography

"Just want to shout (from my rooftop) at the top of my lungs. I just made the Proslect Pro purchase, used it for the first time Friday, and made the biggest impression on the clients. I looked professional, the slide show got so many gushes and ooohs/aahs with smiles, and the clients were in control with picking their images. A US$601 sale. My largest order online proofing ever was $298. After Imaging USA, I knew I had to do things different if I wanted to have a profitable business. Thank you for providing a product that makes it acheivable. I am truly sold."

Michelle Walker, Michelle Walker Photography

"Proselect has helped me build my business. The sales sessions run more smoothly when using Proselect. We could not enter the sales room without it. ProSelect is an essential tool for anyone serious about photography as a career."

Travis Gugelman, Gugelman Photography

"Just wanted to take a moment to drop you a line and thank you for the great program. ProSelect has changed the way I do business and really streamlined my workflow... THANK YOU!"

Martina Wendland, Martina Wendland Photography

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding support! I had been waiting for a presentation system that addressed the needs of the sales system that we had created. The features of Proselect meet and exceed those expectations! I have never had any vendor respond to the our specific needs the way the Proselect team has.... I made four requests for changes to the software and within 4 weeks your team had implemented them. This is an amazing piece of software... Thank you."

Dave Junion, Junion Photography

"A few years ago, I was selling images through an online gallery. Mistakenly, I thought that this would be a convenient way for my portrait clients to view and order prints, and that my sales would be steady. I was so wrong! Sales averages were very low, and my clients were slow to place orders."

"When I made the switch to selling in-person with ProSelect, upon the recommendation of my business mentor, Sarah Petty, I was blown away not only by how my sales numbers dramatically increased, but how my clients started to rave about how much easier it was for them to have the expert sitting beside them while they ordered. I'll never go back to selling online again!"

Kate Byars, Kate Byars Photography

"Thank you for one of the most amazing and important tools in our studio! Thank you for all you do to make photographer's lives a lot easier... and profitable!"

Steven Winslow, Winslow Studio and Gallery

"I am an avid user of the ProSelect software and recommend it to anyone in the industry that isn't already taking advantage of it's powerful ordering interface, as well as the time-saving integration with Photoshop template creation. It was one of the two-most important pieces of software I have ever purchased for my studio - it's equal only to Photoshop itself."

Cherie Phelps, C. Phelps Photography

"I have used ProSelect for years, but in the last year have just started taking advantage of all the amazing tools that ProSelect offers with templates, showing christmas cards/birth announcements, and importing my own frames. It has been AWESOME! Thanks for creating such a great software. My clients are always WOWed"

Alison Notgrass, Focal Point Photographics

"I just placed my order. If your product is in any way comparable to your customer service, this will be an amazing sales tool!! Thanks again!!"

Elizabeth Alcorn-Allen, Liz Allen Photography

"My first viewing with ProSelect brought in $4000 - when I was averaging about $800. I was SOLD on your software and told every photographer I knew. Your software made me a lot of money over the past 5 years! Thanks!"

Patti Burkhart, The Studio (now retired!)

"I rely on ProSelect very heavily for all my work and can't tell you how much I love it. I can't imagine life without it! I recommend the program to anyone who will listen to me - that's how much I stand behind your product!"

Linda McCarthy, MosterVisual Concepts Ltd

"Your quick response and follow-up inquiry just demonstrate in another way how ProSelect contributes so much to our business. Thank you for your willingness to help!"

Nancy Hanson, Hanson Photo Video

"PS... really enjoying the "new" features... I should have upgraded long ago. Awesome product." (after upgrading to latest ProSelect version)

Dennis Kelly, Dennis Kelly Photography

"I just had to come on here tonight to share with you all my success from my first ProSelect sale. I was so nervous spending the money on a new laptop and ProSelect, but it was TOTALLY worth it. I made back my first payment on the software just on tonight's sale. The clients were former clients of mine, so I can directly compare their orders to past orders. In the past, they would order a few 8x10's and some wallets and call it a day. Tonight, their order included a wall portrait with Wild Sorbet frame, a coffee table book and custom invitations for their child's first communion. The order was double their usual! I consider this a success! Thanks so much Sandy for your creative live presentation. You convinced me to make the jump and it has already paid off! I'm so excited to do more sales consultations. The software is so easy to use and after working out a few little things with my price lists, the presentations run smoothly! I'm jumping up and down right now! YEAH! Thanks ProSelect and thanks, Sandy!" (from Sandy Puc's University forum with permission)

Erin Wood, Erin Wood Photography

"We purchased ProSelect at ImagingUSA and I must say it was one of our best investments.  In our last consult with Ed Zemba, we devoted the time to sales presentation based on ProSelect.  With ProSelect and Ed's guidance we plan to radically change our studio's proofing and sales process. We thank Ed for his expertise, and we thank you for developing software that is changing our industry."

Arlene, Babe's Photos

"Just purchased ProSelect yesterday and loving it!!! I am converting from online sales to projection. Did my first on screen sale yesterday and sold over $1000 on a pregnancy shoot:)! Yay! That's never happened so I'm super excited!!"

Kj Wingert, Photography by Kj

"ProSelect paid for itself on the first viewing and my projector on the next two"

Josh Barry, Josh Barry Photography Inc

"Many thanks you have completely answered all my questions. Awesome product, awesome, available help."

Paul Wright, Ridgeview Photography

"I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service. Of all the technology companies we work with, Pro Studio Software is consistently the most responsive when we run into issues. I truly appreciate your software and your service."

Diane Hamilton, Diane Hamilton Photography, Inc.

"I wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic software - it has made the selling process 'a pleasant and fun experience' for both myself and my clients. Any portrait photographer without it is crazy!"

Cate McDonald, Sage Photography

"Thank you so much for this upgrade. And thanks for being so customer oriented and friendly. This is the one program (with the exception of Photoshop) that I could not do without. Thank you... thank you."

Kaye Howell, Kaye Howell Photography

"I have to tell you that no other software I use has as helpful of a support network! The webinars are actually useful information that make my daily life as a busy photographer better. And you guys are always working on improving your software which is really nice as well. When I started using Pro Select, my sales averages went through the roof. My average portrait session sale went from about $400 to between $2500-3000 - even in this economy!"

Trisha Hardin, Trisha Hardin Photography

"Although I am now addicted to designing album templates, I should have implemented Proselect Albums (books) in my workflow a long time ago. Talk about a time-saver! I love this program more and more every day! LOL"

Jason Lloyd, Soul Reflections Photography

Regarding the new Add from Watch Folder feature in ProSelect Pro 2010r2: "I tried this with a real client in the studio using the wireless transmitter. I captured 209 images and all were processed correctly. This is an awesome addition to ProSelect.

Jim Cook, James Cook Photography

"We have been using ProSelect now for over 12 months having converted from Kodak ProShots. The time we have saved not only in the sales room but the post-sales production is huge. Our sales have gone up, and we now have bigger sales with larger prints. The 'ruler' feature and the 'shopping cart' are clear winners, making it REALLY easy to sell a large picture, since the client can see exactly what size it will look like on their wall.

The printed order report (with thumbnails) is more professional than a hand-written order and we can send the customer a copy of their order after the sale which they really appreciate. We have 6 PC's and we network ProSelect on a LAN and we couldn't be happier with its performance."

Jonelle Beveridge, Premier Studios.

"What a marvellous and simple software product for portrait viewings. It solves most of the basic problems I experience on a daily basis with the software I was using before: being able to display easily two or more images simultaneously; showing an image in color and a duplicate alongside in B&W or sepia; but most significantly, after simple calibration, to project an actual 20x24, or 16x20 or even a 5x7 on the screen with the click of a button!"

Andrew Kopp, Andrew Kopp Photography

"ProSelect is a powerful sales tool and we have discovered how easy it is to use. It is intuitive, fast and cleverly designed. From its very beginning it was good and the current version, with it choice of music option is awesome. ProSelect designers must be listening to what pro photographers really want and this is refreshing."

Geoff Fisher, Fisher Photography

"My version of Proselect is now working perfectly as it has for almost all of the now three years that I have owned the product. I'm chagrined to say that when it wasn't working perfectly it was almost invariable operator error, as it was in this last case. Still, with professionalism and even cheerfulness, you and your team have worked with me to resolve every issue. I especially appreciate how even on a Sunday, you took time to help me resolve what turned out to be my issue with using the software. I really don't know of any other business that provides support like this - and your help has been invaluable."

"My Proselect software is invaluable, too - it is hands down, second only to my camera equipment, the best purchase I have ever made for our portrait and baby business. It always works. It is easy to use. And most of all, it helps us sell our images to clients, allowing us to present our work to clients and consistently enables us to make large sales. Thank you for the time and effort in not only developing this product, but in providing what I consider some of the best customer service in the industry. Watch for us to be devote Proselect users for many years to come."

Mindy & Joriana Belcher, Ever After Visuals

"We appreciate the software and, while it's not in my best interest to say this, I believe it is worth more than [the price] currently being offered."

Neil Forrest, Dina Ivory Photography

"I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with ProSelect Pro... it is EVERYTHING I've been looking for and more!! Thank you very much!"

Michael Radford, Michael Radford Photography

"I love the way you've integrated actions into ProSelect Pro's Hi-Res production module. The program's ability to provide a head start on image tweaking by auto-applying actions from the expanded actions list is not only a time saver, but helps ensure that the client will end up with the exact look they selected."

Albert Goodman, LifeCycle - Imagery that Endures

"Thank you for the some of the BEST, most valuable software I have ever used in my studio... you have made our lives SO much easier as we have transitioned into the digital world. My studio has been in business for over 60 years and we were quite nervous about how many of our long-time clients would accept the switch to multi-media sales presentations... NOT ANY MORE, thanks to your software. Life is GOOD! Sorry to ramble on, but I want everyone in your company to know how much we have appreciated your product and what a difference it has made in our business. THANK YOU!"

Curtis Almquist, Almquist Studios

"This is an amazing sales tool! Our average sales doubled when we went from online viewing and ordering to just the rudimentary use of Proselect. They doubled again when I began to create composite templates and presented them immediately after the initial slideshow and culling of the herd. I hope to get another bump by going to room view wall groupings first, then composites, and lastly "gift" portraits (8X10 and smaller). We are not in an affluent community, but my goal is still to get my average sale over a thousand dollars. Proselect is going to be a major factor in reaching that goal."

Robert Rowe, Rowe Photographers, Inc.

"After working through the documentation about the Hi-Res Production system in ProSelect Pro, I must say that I was so blown away that I upgraded immediately and bought the Composite Album Collection templates to boot! Major kudos to the team at Time Exposure. I have been involved in the software engineering field for the last 18 years at a very high level. What you have produced here is at the top level of quality on a world scale. This is simply a remarkable piece of software. Well thought out, designed and implemented."

Michael Roop, Fiddlehead Images

"Just want to let you guys know how much I love Proselect. Quite simply I can't believe I was ever in business without it. It has taken the stress out of selling for me - at the moment we are doing about 4 viewing sessions a week and it's just a breeze. We are viewing and selling from 20 inch monitors at the moment and I can't wait to get a projector and watch my sales go through the roof. The program paid for itself a couple of times over in our first session using it!"

Anna Ferrett, Ferrettography

"I think this software is so fantastic... it will do for selling portraits what photoshop did for enhancing photos."

Michael Moster, Michael's Fine Photography Ltd

"Just downloaded the latest version of Proselect. It is just brilliant and well worth the wait. Your software makes it so easy for my clients to purchase what they need. Which is fortunate because I'm not a great salesperson!"

Phil Nitchie, Nitch Photography

"The most amazing thing about Proselect is simply that I still meet the occasional wedding or portrait photographer who confesses to not using it. I just stare at them slack jawed in disbelief. ProSelect is now an industry standard, like Photoshop. If you don't have it, get it."

Craig Cooper, Cooper Photography

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the software.... HONESTLY, no JOKE.... I have used it for 2 weeks now, and have increased my sales by 400%!!! I am amazed, floored.. in shock... and I went out and bought myself a convertible this past weekend!!! HA HA! Thank you guys again from the bottom of my wind in the hair heart!"

Dena Strban, Photography by Dena

"I've been using ProSelect now for at least 2.5 years and it has meant so much to my business. In the presentations I give, I mention that ProSelect is as important to my business as Photoshop is to my imaging. It has meant many, many more dollars to my business. And now that I'm using it to design books - holy cow! It's absolutely fantastic!"

Kevin Connors, Coast Highway Photography

"You guys are onto something that I never thought I would see in my career. This is an phenominal approach to making a software that any photographer would be foolish not to have and use on a daily basis as I and all members do!! Thanks for the product and can't wait for the final release." (About ProSelect version beta release)

Doug Belmondo, Paul Douglas Studio

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great product you've made. I was searching and searching, looking to replace Kodak's ProShots that I had used for close to ten years. Tried many, found them to be clunky and much less than full featured. The folks on the Pro4uM gave ProSelect high marks. I was facing two weeks of projection appointments and needed some thing that worked! I photographed close to 100 pets in four days, and just was not happy with the functions of the lab's software, ROES, etc. At 6:30 AM I downloaded ProSelect and started practicing. At 10:00 AM that morning started my projection appointments at the rate of 15/day for the next two weeks. Needless to say, ProSelct came through for me... all on a trial copy. I WILL BE PURCHASING YOUR PRODUCT!!"

Burke, BURKEphotos.com

"Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful software. I swear it is a license to print money - I have had nearly $8,000 in sales in the last three days! Just thought you might like to know how often (and it is almost everytime) MY clients make remarks like What wonderful software you have for showing the photos. Happened again this morning, on the back of a $1300 sale to boot!"

Craig Stewart, Craig Stewart Photography

"ProSelect is a must have for every photography studio. It is a software based around the knowledge of selling photographs and the understanding of good customer service. It allows us to focus on our client and sell our photography all at the same time. All of our clients wish they could look at their photographs at home through this software.!"

Jeff & Julia Woods, portraitlife

"I really do believe this software has changed the way we do business. It definitely made us more profitable and the clients really do love it!"

Jeff Hawkins CPP, CR.Photog, M.Photog. "Canon Explorer of Light"

"I used your ProSelect software today for the first time and I have to tell you I am totally sold. I PAID FOR MY PROJECTOR WITH THE FIRST SALE!  My client was really sold. Thanks for such a great product."

Russell Smoak, Inner Image Photographics

"I have used ProSelect since late '04 and have seen it go through the many changes to arrive at where it is today. All I can say is this is an application that no portrait or wedding studio can do without! It has made my job as a photographer and salesman both simple and profitable. The work flow is clean with its ability to link into Photoshop through the production module and the linking into RAW files.

The production module for building layouts and book orders is without compare and has made the production end of my business fast and easy. I have tried a lot of the viewing, selling and production softwares available but ProSelect is it for me!"

Stephen Walker, grapeshot studios

"Our aftermarket sales have gone from the low hundreds to orders that are rarely less than $2000 and often $5000-$8000. ProSelect is a HUGE part of our success this past year. ProSelect is the single most valuable software program we own..."

Ryan Phillips, Ryan Phillips Photography

"Your program is the final jigsaw piece that makes our work flow 90% automatic. From shoot, preview and print the whole thing is an integrated logical progression. Your program is stunningly good and is as vital to our work as the cameras we use, it's like having another member of staff."

Phil Flowers, Phil Flowers Photography

"I have been selling with projection for almost 20 years. After using many different methods and products we have now found the best. Since we have been using ProSelect we have been able to really streamline our sales process. The program is very easy to comprehend and learn to use. ProSelect is a great program for both the beginner and professional sales person. We were able to get up and running using it in just one day."

"We are able to offer our clients many different products and our sales averages have grown quite a bit with the different products we now offer. Our clients love being able to see their images in the sizes they select and all the unique portrait panels we are able to offer them. Our clients love it, it takes less time and we make more money, I don’t think it gets much better than that! I highly recommend ProSelect to anyone who wants happier clients, to be more profitable and have a streamlined workflow! Thanks for a great product."

Angela Carson, Angela Carson Photography

From one of Angela's students on her projection class... "After years of hesitating about making the "big, scary" move to projection sales, I was just thrilled to find that Angela of all people was offering a course on it.  Angela’s amazing class absolutely compelled me to finally make the jump! She was so thorough in showing us what to do (and also what not do) that I left the class excited and inspired and most importantly, entirely confident to make the transition.

I returned to my studio, learned ProSelect in a snap and was excitedly projecting within days. My very first sales were not just double, but triple and quadruple my old averages. I was absolutely floored at the power of projection. This class is not to be missed! I couldn’t be happier. thank you SO, SO, SO much Angela!"

Dove Thiselton, As Cute As It Gets Creative Photography

"I have tried other programs and Proselect is the best. Just put on your big boy pants and buy it!"

Diana Oliver, Oliver's Portrait Shoppe

"The day we installed ProSelect, our sales went up and have stayed there consistently. Our sales staff would not be without it!"

Bill Keane, Keane Studios LLC

"I purchased ProSelect just two days ago! I played around with it that afternoon, set up a session I had just done of a four-year old. The parents had had her picture made before, but only purchased a few proofs. I thought this would be a good way to test the program. I set up the album of her proofs, ran through them, set up a title shot, and started up the slide show paused with the title on the screen. And I don't even have a projection system yet but I was simply using my laptop!

When the family came over to view "the pictures" they were blown away! They were so impressed with the professionalism (I work out of my home) and the music with the show that they kept commenting over and over about the fact that I really am a professional! (I've done photography professionally since 1979! - just not in this area.) They ordered 1 16x20, 1 11x14, 1 8x10, and 24 4x6s in an album! I'd say the program paid for itself right there!"

Martha K. Weaver, Memory Weaver Photography

"My evaluation of ProSelect is that it's outstanding! I have been able to do everything I need to do. It's easy, the slide show is elegant, I can project images in panels of all kinds, I can put mats on. I can invoice from ProSelect if I choose to, I can crop the images and project them in actual size - great for showing how really big a "great big 8x10" is.... There are many more features but the one I like the most is the software is multi-platform so as a Mac user it's fully available to me."

Helen Yancy, Helen Yancy Art & Photography

"As a busy portrait studio employing 5 photographers over 3 locations, we are always looking for ways to save production and selling times as this is a great way to drive profit to our bottom line. Proselect software helps us do this. Not only are the features 'out of the box' going to suit many studio's workflow, the customisability of Proselect seems to be almost limitless! Add to this it's intutive interface and easy to read online manual and it's a powerful tool that can be easily learned and taught. I would recommend Proselect for any portrait studio that's going places."

Mark Strachan CEO, Artist Photographer

"We've been testing ProSelect for a week or so and just purchased it. We absolutely love it! I think we tried demos of everyone's projection software programs, and I believe that all of the others cost more than this product and this is by far the easiest to learn, with the most intuitive interface and features that suit us best. The Customer Support has also been excellent! Proselect has already begun to make our lives a little easier in both the viewing and the prep for viewing stages and we can already see how it can do a lot more. This is really a winner."

Gail Morello, Pixel Perfect Photography

"We have been using Proselect for a few years now and without a doubt it is the best piece of software we have ever used! Our sales averages have more than tripled and selling is just a pleasure using this program. Not only do I recommend it, I would have to say you'd be pretty silly not to use it!"

Brian Chapman, Family Image Photography

"I've just recently started using the Hi-Res production workflow with Raw and PSD files and I am astonished at how well you guys have integrated Photoshop workflow. I'm well and truly impressed. Its saving me hours of work."

Dennis Advani, Retrospect Photography

"I have downloaded the trial version of ProSelect and have given it a "proper workout". At the same time we have evaluated similar programs from other software companies however ProSelect topped them all because their has been a lot of input by an actual photographer who knows the requirements. Congratulations.

I am particularly impressed by the added production module as more and more photographers are starting to print their own imagery. The program works extremely well and I will be promoting ProSelect as part of our Digital Workflow in the Fotofuture Workshops this year."

Leo Duyckers, Image Managers

"I would like to congratulate and thank you for creating this fantastic piece of software (ProSelect). We run a small portrait and wedding photography studio in Sydney and have incorporated it into our work flow because of it's ease of use. In fact, we show the client how to use it in about two minutes and they choose their image selection themselves. And you know what happens when they choose the images themselves... BIGGER SALES!!! Our sales have increased since using ProSelect so thank you very much and well done."

Daniel Capobianco, WICKED IMAGES

"Finally, software that makes viewing and selling easy. I have tried many others, but some provide a nice slide show, some provide an easy way to compare images, none have given me everything I need in one place - until now! The ProSelect software is very easy to use, and the presentation to the clients is perfect. I am most impressed with the ability to crop, compare, and project actual size. Thank you for this wonderful tool!"

Liz Taylor, Legacy Studios

"ProSelect has become our most important Presentation program for both Portrait viewing and Wedding Image presentation. From using the Smiley category symbols to sort out images to being able to instantly show clients images in black & white or sepia with the press of a button has made sales simple and easy. The 2 up image comparison and the project to exact sizes are both major winners. I delight in showing how small an 8x10 inch will look on the client's wall with a simple click of the mouse."

Stephen Jones, Arana Photography

"ProSelect is awesome. We are having huge fun with it and, even better, it is gaining great sales for us off both Portraits and Weddings. It Rocks, and we are only really touching the surface with it currently. We are happy to be used as a reference if need be as it's a great product, and very user friendly. Thanks also for all the after sales support and contact. It's neat and superb to know the backup is there when needed.."

Simon Woolf, Photography by Woolf

"I have been using Proselect for about 2 months now and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. It's very user friendly... my clients certainly have taken to it and has definitely increased sales as well as purchasing confidence."

George Trifunovic, Ardmillan Studios

"One week onto Proselect and it is the best selling tool around. I have tried many other programs and this has increased the bottom line with less time."

Mercury Megaloudis, Megagraphics

"As I downloaded the ProSelect demo, I kept saying to myself, "I DO NOT WANT IT!" My software projection program did what it said it should, and since it cost over $500, I was pretty set in my mind to reject ProSelect.

I tried like hell to make it screw-up and to not work for my needs. But ProSelect so outclassed every projection program that I have ever seen, that after a couple of days of hard trial I conceded defeat. I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! ProSelect embraces so many aspects of the showing/sales process the other programs ignore, that time and money will be gained by using ProSelect. Let alone that ProSelect loads fast, does not require individual file prep, allows you to crop images, show multiple images side by side, illustrate image collage through provided (and customizable) templates, but the ordering process is also an integral part of the package.

I could go on and on but why don't you just download the program for yourself - and try to "reject it" like I did "

Steve Peterson, Steve Peterson Photography

"Can't tell you how happy we are with your product. I have just recently started promoting you and your company at my workshops, seminars and programs. Keep up the great work!"

Don Emmerich, Studio Art Photography

"I am thrilled with your program. It is so simple, fast and easy to use. No fumbling around and losing their attention. I also notice that I usually have an add on of an album or 20X20 grouping after my wall portrait sale. Soooo, it has made a big difference to me financially! I don't know if my friends tell you who directed them to your website, but I tell two kinds of photographers about ProSelect. Those that want to hear and those that don't. Best of Luck!!"

Colleen Boak, Roy's Photography

"We have been using ProSelect for less than a month, and consistently our orders have been larger than usual. Our former average order for babies and children was $350 to $400. Since beginning to use Proselect our average is approaching $1000!!! Yesterday we had two projections - one was from a session of a 5 year old little girl. Lasted one hour...... $840 order!! Then one from a session of a 4 year old little girl. Lasted THREE hours... $2200 order!!!!!!"

Bonnie Gordon, Gordon Photography Studio

"I absolutely LOVE the program for selling. It has made a big change in the length of my sales sessions and the ease of which I can present images and makes it so much easier for clients to make decisions."

Carmen Matthews MPA, F.Ph., Photography by Carmen

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the ProSelect software. It paid for itself the FIRST DAY we had it up and running. Our customers really like the ease of the system and especially the sepia and black and white options."

Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson Photography, Inc

"Congratulations on a wonderful product. It's as though you have read my mind. As I am using it, I think to myself, I wish you had've installed this feature, and then a couple of minutes later I find a button that does it. "

Chris Franklin, Unposed Kids

"I am very impressed with your software. I have used it twice in one day and it has helped me triple my regular expectations in sales as a result. Due to your software I was able to turn a 5x7 & 8x10 order into a 11x14 &16x20 with frames mounted order. You have helped put food on my family's table. No software has made me say WOW as much as yours has!!!"

Yoti Telio, Photography by Yoti

"The new high-res production will enhance my ordering without a doubt. I cannot imagine NOT using ProSelect... I am a very happy bunny!"

Julian Porter, Julian Porter Photography