About ProSelect Pro

ProSelect Pro is the version of ProSelect that professionals use to enhance their sales session and complete the workflow after the sale. Click the movie below to find out why.

ProSelect Pro Additional Features

ProSelect Pro includes the following additional features over those in ProSelect Basic:


  • Setup & Use 100 Photoshop Actions within ProSelect (5 in Basic)
  • Design & Show unlimited client Wall Galleries (1 in Basic)
  • Setup & use up to 300 custom frame images (12 in Basic)
  • Set the mood with ambient music
  • Watch folder auto-loading of images (for tethered shooting)

Slide Shows

  • Design 5 custom slideshows for viewing or export (1 in Basic)
  • Add text layers to title slides
  • Add video clips to your custom slideshows
  • Create multi-segment slideshows with different speeds, music etc.
  • Support Ken Burn Effects in slideshows (slow panning & zooming)
  • Open Video Clips in Photoshop


  • Design composite books (single & double-sided)
  • Design matted books (single & double-sided)
  • Setup Book Designs for most suppliers and book formats
  • Save pages in a Book as a group of templates for re-use
  • Auto-populate a book from a group of selected images
  • Auto-build a book from a template and a group of selected images
  • Stretch Overlay Images (Photoshop templates) to fit any book size
  • Combine single-sided pages into double page spreads and vice versa
  • Use "Bleed Smart" to keep content centered regardless of bleed/gutter changes
  • Apply automatic Retouching to output images file


  • Efficiently manage production workflow
  • Open Raw files in Photoshop or Lightroom
  • Generate ordered Hi-res images to send to Lab
  • Produce composites with overlay images
  • Produce composites with background images
  • Export Collections (templates, styles)
  • Automatically add vignette to Hi-res images
  • Add style effects to Hi-res images
  • Produce Hi-Res images as layered Photoshop files
  • Create production report for Lab submission
  • Apply custom Actions to Hi-Res images
  • Produce Gallery Wrap Canvas images
  • Apply automatic Retouching to output images file

Using the Pro Features

Show more Room Design options and you will sell more products

Whether you want to show your clients the same products on the different walls of their home, or offer them completely different designs in each room, ProSelect Pro gives you the flexibility to create and save an unlimited number of room designs for each client.

Ambient Music Control - One less thing to worry about.

Setup and forget your background music in ProSelect Pro. Background music will play at a low level during your viewing session then music will automatically fade down as the slideshow starts and fade up again at the end of the slideshow. No more fiddling with other music sources when you start and stop your slideshows.

Show and sell more Custom Slideshows

Apart from your main sales session presentation, you can also create another four different slideshows for each job. Use these to a design a different slideshow movies for showing during the presentation and/or exporting as fully rendered movies for your clients to buy or for you to use for promotional purposes on your blog or Facebook page.

Add some extra pizzaz to your Slideshows

Use the slow pan and zoom (Ken Burns) slideshow effects to make your sales session and exported slideshow movies really stand out.

Make your clients feel really special

Quickly add your client's names (and other details) to your slideshow title slides and make them feel really special when they come for your presentation.

Differentiate your studio

Adding some video clips to your slideshows will make you stand out from your competition. You can use studio branding videos at start and end of the slideshow as well as video clips from the photo session for a truely custom presentation that your clients will love.

Quickly design and sell books

Books are a great add-on sale especially when you have lots of left-over images that your client would like to keep. ProSelect's Book Builder can be used to quickly design almost any format of composite (digital) or traditional matted book. Design your own templates or use our Composite Album Collections to quickly assemble your book. The auto-populate and auto-page create options make book designing fast and easy.

Show more Custom Effects Actions

With 35 more Custom Effects Actions available in ProSelect Pro, you can to take full advantage of ProSelect's powerful ability to run your favorite Photoshop Actions on your low res images, almost instantly, in the background. Use this to pre-touch your images, make exposure corrections or apply special effects.

Automate your Hi-Res Production and save hours on every job

Having taken orders for the prints and the multi-image layouts that your clients love, or designed any books, ProSelect Pro's Hi-Res Production module will save you hours of work by automating Photoshop to build your final images, composite layouts and book pages in just a few minutes. To save even more time, you can choose to have your selected Perfectly Clear Retouching Presets automatically applied to some or all of your final high-resolution images1.

Watch Folder Auto-Loading

Automatically import images from a specified “Watch Folder” into ProSelect. Great for tethered shooting where you wish to show images in ProSelect after each shot. You can also setup ProSelect Pro to automatically apply a custom action to each image as it is imported.

To see a full list of both ProSelect Basic and ProSelect Pro features click here