Nov 25, 2006
Nov 23, 2006

Which computer should Production be run on?

High-res production uses your original images so you need to run it on a computer which has access to these images.

Many studios first load and prepare the ProSelect Album file (.psa) on the production computer where the original images are stored, save the album file and close ProSelect. Then copy the album file to their viewing computer to do the viewing  (or open the file across a fast network). This is fine if you don't need access to your original images during the viewing which is usually the case since the Album file contains low-res copies of all the images.

After the viewing, they save and changes, notes and order information from the viewing and close ProSelect on that computer, then transfer the Album file  (if not opened across a fast network) back to the production computer and run ProSelect's high-res Production on the album file.



  1. Only one computer can have the album file (.psa) open at a time (otherwise it will be set to read-only for any subsequent access of that file).
  2. If copying the file to another computer, always make sure you close the album file (exit ProSelect or open a different album file according to your license ability) before doing so.

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