May 18, 2015
Aug 22, 2008

Finding the ProSelect Resources Folder

In ProSelect, the ProSelect Resources folder is used to store common images that can be accessed for every ProSelect album that you create.

These currently include the following:

  • Mat Backgrounds (used in Template Styles)
  • Room Views (for the Room View Library)
  • Slideshow Images (start and end images/used in slideshow styles)
  • Template Overlays (used in Templates)
  • Frames (used for Custom Frames) - v4.0.7 & newer
  • Corporate Logos - v2010r1 & newer (includes Stamps, Watermarks & Logos - v2015r1 & newer)
  • Music - v2013r1 & newer
  • Video - v2013r1 & newer

The default location for the ProSelect Resources folder is in these locations:

On Mac
    Your Home Folder/Library/Application Support/ProSelect Resources (see Note 2)

On Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10
    C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\ProSelect Resources  (see Note 3)

On Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\ProSelect Resources (see Note 3)

With ProSelect v2011r1 and newer, the first time that you run ProSelect it automatically create the folder in the default location. With ProSelect v2010r1 and earlier versions, when you first start ProSelect it would ask you where you wish to place this folder and then it will create the folder and the above folders inside that folder.

Checking Your ProSelect Resources Folder location

You can check where ProSelect is set to look for this Resources folder, or change this setting  (e.g. a shared location) in ProSelect's Preferences (under the Edit menu). If you have ProSelect installed on multiple computers, then each copy has it's own setting. We do suggest keeping the folder in the same location on each computer, or better still if using a fast network, then set up the one shared location for each computer to access (please see the "Sharing the Resources" section below).

In ProSelect v2013r1 and newer

The easiest way to get to your ProSelect Resources folder is using the Show in Finder (on Mac) or Show in Windows Explorer (on Windows) command under the Resources menu in ProSelect.

In ProSelect v2012r1 and v2012r2

    Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing (tab) --> Resource Folder Location

Hint:  If you click on the "Show Folder" button, this takes you directly to the ProSelect Resource folder location. This gives you instant access for copying to another computer (if not in a shared location), making a backup copy or viewing the contents of the folders.

In ProSelect v4 through to v2011r2

    Preferences --> General Settings --> Default Folders (tab) --> Resource Folder Location


  1. Your User Name is your account name (careful - sometimes this is not the same as your login name).
  2. On Mac OSX Lion and newer - by default your Library folder is hidden from view. To get direct access to the Library folder, you can open it by selecting Library under the Finder’s Go menu while holding down the Alt/Option Key.  See also the article "Missing Library Folder on Mac OSX" for this and more.
  3. On Windows - by default the Application Data (AppData) folder is hidden from view. To get direct access to this folder, see the article "Missing AppData or ProgramData folder on Windows".
  4. The ProSelect folder also contains an extra folder created by ProSelect call "ProSelect Low Res Resources". This folder also contains subfolders with the same names as shown in the "ProSelect Resources" folder except these contain low res copies and thumbnails of all your images. ProSelect uses the low res copies for speed. Your shouldn't need to worry about what's in this folder because ProSelect automatically create and updates this folder.

Sharing the Resources

If you are using the ProSelect Network Server to share your ProSelect Data (templates and prices etc) between computers on a network (generally for 3 or more computers on a fast network), then it is a good idea to also place the ProSelect Resources folder in a common network location that can be accessed by all computers. If you do this, then make sure that the folder is accessible before you startup up ProSelect, else ProSelect will revert to the the default location (see above) and the link to these resource images will be lost.

As of ProSelect v2012r1 and newer, you can choose from a couple of  "Sharing" options to suit your circumstances for both the ProSelect Resources folder and ProSelect Data in the Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing (tab). Please see "Sharing Data between Computers" in the ProSelect Reference Manual for more on this (quick access under the Help menu in ProSelect). The "Shared Folder" option is good for 2-3 computers on a fast network.

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