Mar 24, 2023
Oct 26, 2010

I wish to change my Business Name or Transfer my license, what do I do?

ProSelect is licensed to a particular business entity. You can request to change the registered business name when:

(a) The registered license owner has changed the name of the business or
(b) The business has been sold in its entirety to someone else. (ProStudio Software will request evidence of the sale.)

Business name changes can only be made if PLUS is current.

These changes are normally carried out at no charge, however, ProStudio reserves the right to classify this change as a transfer to a third party (see below) in which case a fee may be required.

See the Sales policies page for more about Obsolete versions.

Only one business name change per year is allowed.

Transfer of License Ownership to Third Party

If you just wish to transfer your ProSelect license to a third party (another business entity), then this can be done subject to the following:

  1. ProStudio Software receives a signed copy of the Transfer Declaration from the transferor.

  2. The transferor's Plus will still be current at least one month after the date that the Transfer Declaration has been received by ProStudio Software. This is to ensure that the new owner has access to all the PLUS features and Technical Support during their initial use of the software.

Obsolete Software or Plus Expired

If you wish to change your business name as displayed in ProSelect, and you have a license for an obsolete version or wish to transfer your license ownership and Plus is not current (you can check your account for this information), then you will need to upgrade to the newest ProSelect version which includes 12 months PLUS. Upgrades can be purchased at a discount to the current ProSelect pricing for your license.

Where to request a business name change

Please log in to the ProStudio Software website (if not already) and submit a ticket to the Business Name Change in Support Resources. When requesting this change, please include your business name exactly as you would like it displayed in ProSelect (eg upper, lower or title case and it must be at least 10 characters long). If you need to upgrade as detailed above, then please complete the upgrade first.

If transferring your ProSelect license to a third party (another business) as detailed in the "Transfer of License Ownership" section above, then please provide details of the transferee (full name, contact details and new business name) and request a Transfer Declaration form. You can request a copy of the form from Support.


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