Mar 24, 2023
Oct 31, 2010

If my Upgrades & Support package has expired, how much will a Major Upgrade cost?

If you currently have PLUS access, you will receive all new ProSelect software releases during this period (and much more). You can check your PLUS status under My Account (top right of website) --> My Products (tab) when logged in. 

If PLUS has expired, then you can purchase an Upgrade to the newest ProSelect software release and receive a discount off the current new price applicable to your current software license (including any extra users if you have any). 

You can review your Upgrade cost and payment options by:

  1. Logging in to the ProStudio Software website (under the log in details of your member account with your ProSelect license details)
  2. Choose Renew PLUS (under "Store" menu on the website)

Upgrading to the newest ProSelect release also includes 12 months of PLUS benefits commencing on the date that you purchase the Upgrade.

Option to Extend PLUS

At the time of purchasing your Upgrade, or up to 9 months before your PLUS expires, you can optionally choose to extend PLUS access further and continue to be kept up to date with the latest ProSelect software releases and access all the other benefits also.  The cost to extend PLUS is shown in the Store Menu.

These options and costs are displayed at the time of Upgrading also (in the secure on-line Store).

PLEASE NOTE:  Your ProSelect license NEVER expires for any one of the ProSelect software versions released as long as your PLUS has not expired.


KnowledgeBase Article: If my Upgrades & Support package has expired, how much will a Major Upgrade cost?