Oct 18, 2019
Oct 17, 2019

Lightroom Plugin not working on Catalina

The ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom uses a console application to connect to ProSelect. With the introduction of Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina) all console applications must either be security codesigned in order to be allowed to run unless you give them specific permission. When permission is denied you will see the message:

Could not connect to ProSelect. ProSelect may not be running or you may be running an old version (ProSelect 2019r1.7 or newer required).

We are currently updating the Plugin to include this requirement and expect this to be available soon as version 2.1.1 from the main downloads page.

Solution 1

When available from the main download page (coming soon!), download and install the ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom version 2.1.1 (or newer). Otherwise, follow the instructions in Solution 2 section below.

The Mac version of this plugin is now a zipped installer package. Unzip the downloaded zip file and double-click on the installer.

Make sure that you read the Readme section. See below.

After installing, follow the instructions for testing the plugin as shown below. Note: you can see the Plugin version number in the top section.

Note: The first time you test the plugin you may get a Could not connect to ProSelect error. This is because OSX Gatekeeper takes a while to verify that the plugin is safe. If this happens, close and re-open Lightroom and run the test again. If you are still getting the error check that you have the correct version installed  - you can see the Plugin version number in the top section of the Plugin details area. (see above).

Solution 2

Follow the instructions below to give permission for your existing plugin to run.

1. Open Lightroom Plugin Manager window (under the File Menu in Lightroom) and select ProSelect Album Builder. Click the Status bar to open that section then click the Show in Finder button.

2. Look for the file "proselect.lrplugin", right-click on it and choose Show Package Contents.

3. In List view, expand the folder named "Mac" to see it's contents. Find the file PSConsole, right-click and select Open.

4. The following dialog window will be shown. Click the Open button.

5. The application will briefly run in a new Terminal window. Just close this window by clicking on the red button in the top left corner.

Go back into Lightroom and you should now be able to connect to ProSelect using the Plugin.

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