Sep 22, 2021
Sep 1, 2021

What's New in 2022r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2022r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2022r1


1. [MAC] - All references to file locations internally now use native path format instead of an absolute path. This change should be transparent to users.

2. [MAC] - The Mac version, and all Helper Apps, is now universal binary and supports both Intel and M1-based machines at full speed. The About ProSelect window now shows if you are running the "Intel" version or the "M1 (Apple Silicon)" version of the software.

3. [WIN] - The ProSelect windows installer now includes a 64-bit version as well as a 32-bit version of ProSelect and associated Helper apps. The 64-bit version will be automatically installed on 64-bit versions of Windows.

4. The Debug Data window now shows more information about the version of ProSelect you are running either: Windows 32 or 64 bit and Mac Intel or M1.

5. The Progress Bar window is now displayed when checking for missing resource files when using ProSelect data -> Install Default 2021r1 Default Resources (under the File menu).

6. [MAC] - Due to OSX limitations, the latest Mac Installers now require OSX 10.12 or newer.

7. The default mat overlap for small sizes is now 0.25".

8. If you try to add a .PNG format image file to an album, ProSelect now warns that it is an unsupported format for image files.

9. The option to Apply EXIF rotation has been removed from the Preferences -> Importing Images since this should always be on.

10. In the Print Paper Sizes window, the option to "Always sort by Size" has been removed. Sizes are now always shown in the order that you have set up in this window.

11. You can now select to automatically open the Client Setup window when starting a new album. This is controlled by the checkbox in Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> General Defaults: On new Album : Open Client Setup. This setting will be ignored if you are creating a new Album from the Lightroom Plugin.

12. The default Raw file extension are now ARW, CR3, CR2, NEF and DNG.



1. "No Results" warnings are now shown in the image list and relevant areas when the image list filter or template Smart filter results in no thumbnails shown.


1. When in Working with Images (Select Size View) and Working with Rooms, you can now turn the "Product Filter" on or off by clicking on the icon in the "Working with bar" and optionally selecting a Presentation Option from the right-click popup menu. When on, ProSelect will limit the sizes of any Print products you are presenting to match those set up in your Price List.

The last selected Presentation Option is saved in the Preferences file and automatically used next time. Use the right-click menu to select a presentation option from all the print products in your currently selected price list. If you Alt/option-right-click, all your Presentation Options will be displayed with the unused ones shown disabled in italics.

You can also turn the Product Filter on/off and select a Presentation Option using the Product Filter menu (under the Orders menu).

When the Product filter is on, you will only be able to select sizes from the Larger/Small size tools that match the sizes for print products in your price list with the selected presentation option. The popup menu will display "Limited to: Presentation Option name" to indicate fewer sizes are being shown. Alt/option-right-clicking on the Larger/Small size tools will show and allow you to select any size.

Likewise, the Quick Order popup menu (right-click on Shopping cart icon), only lists products for your selected Presentation Option (unless you hold down the Alt/option key while right-clicking). If the currently selected image size is available in other Presentation Options, then these will be listed under the "Also Available As" section in the popup menu.


1. You can now use the right-click menu option to Reapply Template on alayout that you have added to your order. This also works when in Working with Rooms.

2. When adjusting the size of a non-fixed size layout, by default, only the best fit sizes for each paper size are now used or shown when you right-click on the Larger/Small size icons. You can Alt/Option Right-click to show all applicable paper sizes.


1. A new display option to "Show Surrounding Mat & Frame Spacing" is now available. When on, any surrounding mat space is shown in light blue and any frame space is shown in darker blue around each opening on wall grouping templates. Use this to visually adjust the position of the openings to allow space for these. If you have also turned on Snap to Edges & Guides then the Auto-spacing facility will set the spacing between the outer edges of any applied mat and/or frame.

2. In the Template Editor, when assigning a Surrounding Mat or Frame to a Wall Grouping Template, you can have the openings automatically re-adjust their position to maintain the same spacing between the outside of any mat/frame combination by checking the "Keep Same Spacing" checkbox. This feature is disabled if the template is not a Wall Grouping type. This setting stay set until you close ProSelect.

3. The Template Editor's default snap is now "Snap to Edges and Guides" rather than "Snap off," and the last selected snap option is saved in the Preferences.

4. The Template Editor's last grid display setting is now saved and re-loaded from the Preferences.

5. To allow for the design of large templates, the maximum number of permitted openings in a single template is now 300. Be aware that you will need a fast computer to utilize this feature since screen update times are proportional to the included openings count.

6. A warning message is now displayed if you attempt to paste or duplicate additional openings beyond the upper limit.

7. The overall size of the template, including any assigned mats or frames, is now displayed below the design area.


1. In the Template Manager, the thumbnail preview now shows any applied Mat and Frame.

2. Removed the option to import templates in the "old .txt format" as this is no longer supported.

3. The option to export templates in the old .txt format is now hidden unless you hold down the Alt/Option key before clicking on the Templates Menu.


1. In the Mat Designs window, you can now select multiple items and change or set the Price Groups assigned to all selected mats simultaneously.

2. The Mat Designs window now includes a Setup button in the Price Groups area to directly open the Price List Setup window.


1. Added the right-click popup option "Combine into Wall Grouping Layout" when selecting two or more prints with matching mats and frames.

2. When more than one item is selected, the overall/combined wall size of the selected items is displayed in the Info Bar.

3. Wall Groupings openings now automatically expand or contract to maintain the same separation between items when you add/remove a mat or frame to the layout. You can uncheck "Dynamic Sizing (Wall Groupings)" at the top of the Select Surrounding Mat and Select Frame tool popup menus to turn this off. You can also temporarily reverse this setting by holding down the Alt/Option key while selecting the Mat or Frame.

When enabled, Dynamic Sizing is also applied to any wall grouping templates when using the drag and drop options used to duplicate and swap templates in Thumbnail view in working with layouts.

5. When dragging the position of an item, the outer edges will now snap to a position that matches the gaps between other already positioned items. When this snap occurs, the gap you are adjusting and other matching gaps are highlighted in a light cyan color. This feature also works the same in the template editor when you have Snap to Objects and Edges turned on and are NOT using the Auto-Spacing feature.


1. Automatic Pricing Methods for Frames and Mats now have a new Fixed Price by Size (FPS) pricing method. When selected for a price group, you can set specific sizes (width and height) and prices for any products that use this pricing method. You can use this pricing method to set prices for suppliers who only offer frames or mats in specific sizes.

To cater to different suppliers, when setting up sizes for Mats, you can specify whether the selected FPS sizes are based on the outside mat size or the inside mat size (ie, the print size).

2. If you set up your Price groups with the markup option chosen, you can set a mark for every size in that group or adjust the markup for any size.

3. When setting up your pricing under the Mats & Frames tab, you can Alt/Option-click on the Add button to select and import a CSV file containing a list of sizes and one or more prices columns. If the file contains a header row, the title of each of the prices columns is displayed, and you can select to add a new FPS price group using the sizes and print column chosen. Repeat this to add price groups for other price columns.

3. If any of your Frames (or Mats) are using a Price Group with the FPS pricing method, a colored frame icon is added to the right-hand edge of these frames in the select frame popup menu. The icon will be red next to any frame sizes that do not match the current display size or green if they do.

Likewise, if you have applied a frame to print and the displayed print size does not match the available sizes of the selected frame, the frame icon in the info bar is red.

If "Show Unavailable Frame/Mat Size Tags" (under View Menu) is turned on, a red icon is shown in the top-right corner of the applied frame or mat on the item. This includes each opening in a wall grouping templates

With a frame assigned, right-clicking on the large/small size icons in the right-hand toolbar will show a red frame icon next to the sizes that do not match the available frame sizes for the applied frame.

Mousing over a frame, mat or paper size in the popup menus will display hint text display with more information about whether that combination is available for any items using the FPS pricing method.

This feature works in Working with Images (Select Size view), Working with Layouts, and Working with Rooms.

4. Your Price Group (FPS) setup can include the option to "Allow Custom Sizes". When this is selected, other sizes are allowed, but the calculated pricing of any "in-between sizes" is based on the price of the next larger size (by perimeter size or "united inches").

5. Importing and Exporting Collections now support FPS price groups.

6. All automatically generated product codes FPS price group include the width and height in the format "-WWHH" after the product code for the group.

7. The Ordering windows now display a warning icon if you select a frame or mat using the FPS pricing method and that frame/mat is not available at the currently selected size.


1. The Order Report no longer prefixes the client's name with "Order for".

2. Holding the Alt/Option key down when right-clicking the Shopping cart tool no longer allows you to select a different price list. This combination now overrides the current Presentation Option filter.

3. When a price is added or changed in the Place Order window, clicking the "Custom Product" or "Add with Extras" buttons will carry the entered prices to the next window.

4. When ordering a print when the Product Filter is turned on (see Working with Images above), the Place Order and Add with Extras windows display the Warning "Limited to: Presentation Option (On)" at the top of the window. When on, the available sizes in the dropdown will be limited to the sizes available in the current Price list with the selected presentation option. You can temporarily click on the text label to turn "On" to "Off" to list all sizes. Alternatively, you can Alt/Option-click on the Products List Popup menu to show all products for all Presentation Options.

5. If some items are "non-taxable" in your price list and the current tax is set to apply tax on all items, the Place Order window now displays any non-taxable items with a red "T*" (rather than a black "N").

The message "T* - Non-taxable item changed by selected tax option." is also shown in red text below.

6. In the Place Order window, you can now SHIFT-click on the Quick Add button to combine the prices of the Mat and Frame items into the main items price. The mat and frame prices will then be listed as "included."

If your main item quantity is more than one, then, for this to work, the quantity value entered for your attached mat and frame must be the same value.

This shortcut also works in the Custom Product and Add with Extras windows for all positive priced extras - discount values are not combined into the main price. In this case, if your main item quantity is one then the combined price will include the price of any extra item multiplied by the entered quantity of that item. If your main item quantity is more than one, then only items with a matching quantity will be combined and any others will remain separately priced.

7. In the Place Order and Add with Extras windows, if the price calculations are turned on and there is insuffient space to display all the information then mousing over the text will display a tooltip with all the information shown. This is more likely to occur when you have added a Frame or Mat using a FPS price group to a Wall Grouping Template.

8. When setting up Price Groups for Frames and Mats in the Setup Prices & Products window, you can now select "Included" as a Pricing Method. This setting will always return a $0 value when ordered.

9. When setting up Price Groups for Frames & Mats, Group Codes can be more detailed with up to 8 characters now permitted.

10. When showing Price Calculations in the Ordering windows, the Group Code of the Price Group used is now shown at the front of the text. eg GNP1 (FPSxM): $69 x 2.5.


1. When Importing a Collection which includes some templates, the list box now displays a header row with Description, No of templates, and Price Group.

2. When Importing a Collection which includes some frames, if your remaining free frame slots are less than the frames in the Collection, the new frames are now added to your Available Frames list until all slots are filled. Any remaining frames are loaded into your Frame Resources area so you can manually install these after freeing up some frame slots.


1. Added a new "Print Order Assembly Report" which can be used as a printed checklist for completing all steps in your fulfillment process. You can define up to six checkbox columns with legend descriptions which you can customize for your studio.

2. The optional summary section on the Order Report and the new Assembly Report now show order counts by Presentation Options, Sizes, Frames, Mats, and Digital Files.


1. You can set up one or QR codes using the new Setup QR Code window (under the Resources menu). QR codes can contain job/order/client-specific data by added text tags to the code. For example, you can create a QR code with a website URL containing the client's Account Code or Name to allow you to use a QR reader to open the client's details in a web-based studio management system.

2. You can set different attributes for each QR code, including size and error correction level and the data to be incorporated into the code.

3. QR codes can be displayed on the Order Report, the Order Assembly Report, and the Client Setup window.


1. In the Setup Frames window, the frame resource folders and contained frame image files are now listed in alphabetical order.

2. The inside dimensions of any applied frame is now displayed after the frame name in the Info Bar as "[W x H units]".

3. The Setup Frames window now shows the width of each frame in the right-hand column of the Available Frames list box. A new header row shows the names of each column.

4. The Setup Frames window now has a sort button that allows you to sort the frames in the selected frame groups by Name or Frame Width.

5. You can now optionally display the width frame in square brackets in the popup and dropdown frame menus (the same as shown in Surrounding Mat popup menus). This option is on by default but can be turned off in the Preferences -> Prices & Ordering -> Settings -> Ordering Mats & Frames.

6. The maximum number of Available Frames in the Pro version has been increased to 500. ProSelect Basic is still limited to 12 frames.

7. The Setup Frames window now includes a Setup button for the Price Group to open the Price List Setup window directly.


1. [FIX] - You can no longer sort the columns in the Get Image Info window by clicking on the header row.

2. [FIX] - Client email addresses with a "+" Plus character in the name will now correctly send the address to the SendMyRooms Invitation page.

3. [FIX][OSX] - The Color Picker window is again available on OSX Catalina and newer. This feature was temporarily disabled because the API method previously used was no longer supported on these operating systems.

4. [FIX] - When editing Presentation Options, only changed the case of one or more letters in the description will now enable the Save button.

5. [FIX] - When importing frames from a Collection file (.tpk), the sizing information is no longer added twice to imported frame filenames if the frames in the Collection already include sizing information in the frame's name.

6. [FIX] - The Add Print Price List window no longer pre-checks the top-most size in the list of available sizes.

7. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, when a wall grouping is selected, the Overall size shown on the bottom of the Info Bar now excludes any extra template space around the edges.

8. [FIX] - The Select Surrounding Mat popup menu now shows a checkmark on the currently selected mat.

9. [FIX] - The selected frame size now shows up to 4 decimal places in the Setup Frames window display.

10. [FIX] - If you have set up your price list with some items set to be non-taxable but are applying a tax set to have tax applied to all items, the exported XML file now shows the items taxable state as "true" on non-taxable items to avoid confusing some Studio Management systems.

11. [FIX] - In the Mat Designs window, when dragging the position of a mat group in the list box, the drop indicator is no longer shown when over another group.

12. [FIX] - The Mat Designs window no longer gives an error if you drag the position of a Mat Group to a new location in the list that is below another mat group that is expanded.

13. [FIX] - Smart-bleed now ignores tiny gaps (less than 0.04" or 1mm) between the edge of your opening and the edge of the template. This prevents openings designed very close to but not touching the edge of the template being inset within the bleed area.

14. [FIX] - Layouts no longer remove frame rebate size when calculating overall size or when recombining back into a wall grouping template. This prevents 0.3" from being removed from width and height.

15. [FIX] - Export Production Package now creates the export folder and exports Raw files even when you do not have "Ordered Original Prints: Original Images" selected.

16. [FIX] - The Toolbar popup menus no longer overlap the Text hint area in the bottom right of the Display Area.

17. [FIX] - In the Setup Products & Prices window, when duplicating a Frame or Mat Price Group, the duplicate name is now suffixed "Copy X" with X starting from 1 to ensure no two groups have the same name.

18. [FIX] - Text capitalization only changes are now saved when updating a note.

20. [FIX] - The T,C,S & V keyboard shortcuts will also work if you have the Caps Lock selected and press lowercase keys.

21. [FIX] - Text capitalization only changes are saved in the Book Designs and Order Payment Notes windows.

22. [FIX] - In Working with Images, when ordering an image with a Locked Crop, the Quick Order popup now only shows price list items that exactly match the aspect ratio of the image. If there are no items that match, then the Add with Extras option is now disabled, and you need to use the Custom Product option to add your order.

23. [FIX] - When exporting a Production Package, the correct warning message is shown when resource items cannot be found.

24. [FIX] - In the Setup Frames window, dragging the position of a frame group in the Available Frames list now works correctly.

25. [FIX] - The text information about the Default Starting Folder (in Preferences -> General Settings -> Default Folders) is no longer partially hidden.

26. [FIX - In the Template Editor, right-clicking on the Auto-Spacing button and selecting a size, now automatically turns on this option.

27. [FIX] - In Working with Layouts, the right-click option to "Separate Wall Grouping" has been removed (It is designed for use in Rooms only).

28. [FIX] - No longer give an error if you change rooms using the navigation buttons and try to delete an item in the next room.

29. [FIX][WIN] - Updating some button text sizes to ensure windows correctly fits them in the 20 pixel high buttons in the Template Editor.

30. [FIX][WIN] - No longer beeps when entering new price into the price list item price Text box

31. [FIX] - The unique filename check now added suffixes up to 999 rather than 10 to resolve an issue when exporting the same file duplicated with lots of frames.

32. [FIX][WIN] - In Setup Price Lists & Products, the list box for adding print sizes no longer cuts off the bottom part of each row.

33. [FIX] - No longer gives an error launching Photoshop if you have this application located on a drive other than your boot drive.

34. [FIX] - When installing default resources for frames now uses the default ProSelect data setup to preserve any assigned Price Groups assigned to the default frames. This only effects 2022r1 since no price groups were used with the default setup in previous versions.

35. [FIX] - Wall groupings that have openings that are not against the edges of the template now draw accurately when a frame is added.

36. [FIX][WIN] - No longer gives an error when checking which screen Proselect is located on in some monitor configurations.

37. [FIX] No longer gives an error when trying to tilt images using the toolbar buttons in some circumstances. 

38. [FIX] - No longer raises an error when pressing Esc multiple time to close dialogs opened within the Order Review window.

39. [FIX] - No longer raises an error when going trying to order a layout or print with a graphics block style surrounding mat.

40. [FIX] - Added additional error checking while using undo in the Template Editor.

41. [FIX] - No longer gives an error updating the info bar on the main window when starting a slideshow at the same time. 

42. [FIX] - No longer gives an error when drawing or running high-res production on a layout that includes an inner mat set up as a "graphics block only" type.

43. [FIX] - No longer gives an error exporting a production package in some circumstances.

44. [FIX] - No longer gives an error closing Setup shared data dialog using ESC key when the selected folder is the same as the default location.

45. [FIX] - When setting up paper sizes from Add New Print Price List Item, the selected paper sizes are now saved and restored.

46. [FIX] - Additional error checking has been added to a number of places.

47. [FIX] - When installing the 2022r1 Default Resources, clicking the Check All button now includes Book Designs.

48. [FIX] - No longer turns the background of Wall Groupings black when adding a copyright stamp if you are using a Retina or Hi-DPI screen.

49. [FIX] - No longer shows that the video thumbnails as missing the first time you run ProSelect on a new install or after doing a reset to default setup.

50. [FIX] - Auto-backups now correctly restore all album data after opening a previously saved album file, making some changes and re-saving the album.


Minor Release Changes

2022r1.2 - Sept 21, 2021

1. [FIX] - No longer gives B1140 Error when opening an album previously saved with 2022r1 or 2020r1.1 when the path to the images has an "&" character in it. Any albums with this error are automatically repaired on the next load or save.

2. [FIX] - Export and Importing a Template Collection now defaults to include prices from the selected price list and to add prices to the selected price list respectively.

3. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, the Default to Borders Inwards is now enabled after adding a Wrap/bleed to on a Wall Grouping without a wrap/bleed.

4. When importing an FPS price Group from a CSV file, you can now select to use the "Import from" dropdown as the description with an optional prefix.

5. [FIX] - When importing an FPS price Group from a CSV file, the now also works there are spaces around the width and height columns text, rather than excluding them from import. E.g. "11x20 " will now import correctly.

6. [FIX] - When importing an FPS price Group from a CSV file, data using UTF8 formatted character sets now work as expected.

7. [FIX] - Compare Image Snapshots now works correctly when you click on the second or subsequent snapshot buttons rather than always showing the results of the first snapshot button.

8. [FIX] - Now correctly draws the shadow on Mat edges with a raised Bevel Mount.


2022r1.1 - Sept 16, 2021

1. [FIX] - Export Production Package no longer fails if the export folder does not already exist.

2. [FIX] - Importing FPS from CSV file with product codes turned off but tax on, no longer hides the taxable check box.

3. [FIX] - Importing FPS from CSV file window is now correctly size to fit all content.

4. [FIX] - Importing FPS from CSV window no longer, by default, selects any blank values.

5. [FIX] - Importing FPS from CSV file now removes $ character from any import data lines so the cost values import correctly.

6. [FIX][WIN64] - Importing a folder of PSD files when the Helper App is turned on no longer only loads the first image.

7. [FIX] - No longer gives an error when using the PS pricing method on a layout with a mat but no frame assigned.

8. [FIX] - No longer gives an error when showing the select size popup menu when a frame used in an album is referencing a removed price list group.

9. [FIX] - When using the Image List filter, the new "No results" message is no longer shown in Views other than Thumbnail View when there are some results in the Image List.

10. [FIX] - In the Price lists and Products window, the Descriptions column once again shows the correct text for Layouts and Digital files. This column was accidentally hidden in the first release of 2022r1.

11. [FIX] - In the Apply Pretouching window, the Save button is no longer automatically selected.

12. [FIX] - In the Price lists and Products window, you can now enter prices for Gallery Wrap Price list items.

13. When setting up Price Groups for frames using FPS pricing method, you can now select the sizing to be based on the print size or the frame size to match some supplier's pricing methods.

14. [FIX] - Auto-assigned product codes now work as expected on new template price list items when your preferences are set to use "Same Code plus Price List Code Prefix".

14. [FIX] - Auto assigned product codes now work as expected on new template price list items when your preferences is set to use "Same Code plus Price List Code Prefix".

15. [FIX] - When importing a Collection file and there is a conflict with an existing template group, the displayed header now shows as "Template Group" than than "Price Group". Also, added "Replace All" and "Add All" shortcuts to the popup menus when resolving conflicts for imported mat and frame price group.

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