Lease or Buy - Which is right for me?

We want to make it easy for you to start building you photography business using ProSelect. We offer several purchase options including an outright purchase, outright purchase over 6 months (Easy Pay) or our new Easy Lease option.

ProSelect Easy Lease Advantages:

ProSelect Easy Lease General Limitations:

Frequently Asked Questions

See this Knowledge Base article for answers to frequently asked questions about Easy Lease.

Already Own a ProSelect license?

If you currently own an older version of ProSelect and would like to get the benefits of using the latest version of the software without the upfront upgrade cost, you can convert your current license to a monthly lease at a substantial discount on the regular leasing rates. As an example, on a single-user ProSelect Pro lease, you can save over USD$470.00 over the 24 month discount period on regular leasing rates. Like all leases, you also get the benefit of on-going upgrades and support while you continue to lease the software.

To choose this option, make sure that you are logged into this website using the same email address that you used to register ProSelect then click the Upgrade/Convert to Lease link in your My Account -> Products -> Registered Products area.

More information on this option can be found in the Upgrade/Convert to Easy Lease section on our Sales Policies page.


* See the ProSelect Easy Lease section on our Sales Policies page for full details and applicable restrictions.
** You should check with your accountant to confirm that this is the case in your country.