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Ordering in ProSelect - Highlights

Use ProSelect's built-in price list and shopping cart quickly record your client's orders including any add-on extras, tax calculations, notes and payments.

Multiple prices lists - unlimited price list items & clients

Setup up to ten different price lists for different client types or seasonal changes.

You can select whether you want to include a product in a price list and set a different price for the same product in each price list.

You can also record and keep separate orders from multiple clients at the same ordering session - works great when you have extended family present.

Never miss items or client instructions

Record notes against prints, layouts, book pages, and ordered items. Everything is saved in the client's album (job) file so you can make sure everything is completed as promised.

"We have been using ProSelect now for over 12 months having converted from Kodak ProShots. The time we have saved not only in the sales room but the post-sales production is huge. Our sales have gone up, and we now have bigger sales with larger prints. The 'ruler' feature and the 'shopping cart' are clear winners, making it REALLY easy to sell a large picture, since the client can see exactly what size it will look like on their wall.

The printed order report (with thumbnails) is more professional than a hand-written order and we can send the customer a copy of their order after the sale which they really appreciate. We have 6 PC's and we network ProSelect on a LAN and we couldn't be happier with its performance."

Jonelle Beveridge, Premier Studios.

Don't forget the extras

Apart from frames, you can also setup an unlimited number add-ons for your ordered prints and ordered layouts. This could include mats, glass, retouching, paper options etc. General items such as session fees, delivery and discounts are setup as Order Adjustments since they apply to the whole order.

Automatic frame cost calculations

Just setup your frame prices in united inches (or one of the other automatic pricing options) and ProSelect will calculate the frame price for you. Works for other extras too! Easy as...!

Click to play movie

Your choice - hide or show your prices

Depending on your style of selling, you can choose to show or hide individual item prices and/or the total order value then reveal with one click.

Keep the session running smoothly

Click to play movie

Use the Quick Add to Order feature to add items to the shopping cart from the main window with one or two clicks.

To order multiple copies of each selected item just hover over the price list item and press keys 1-9 to order 1-9 .

Record payments too!

You can add your client's deposit payment right to the order. ProSelect can calculate the deposit as a percentage of the total order cost for you.

Print a professional Order Report

When your order is complete, print out a detailed Order Report that can also be used as an invoice. Add your studio logo at the top, and your terms and conditions at the bottom.

No mistakes, no disputes - all the details including notes, applied effects, and thumbnail images of the final ordered items are shown. Make two copies - one for you and one for your client.

Export order data to your favorite SMS

Most popular Studio Management Systems will accept orders exported from ProSelect. If you aren't using one already, try StudioCloud. You can use this for free (some limitations apply) and ProSelect can directly import and export client and order data to it to streamline your business operations.

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