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Hi-Res Production - Highlights

ProSelect Pro includes the Hi-Res Production module which will give you your life back!

Let your computer do the work

ProSelect Pro's Hi-res Production module harnesses Photoshop's scripting abilty to generate all of your ordered prints, composites layouts and book pages automatically.

Once started, Photoshop will automatically load your original or retouched images, then apply any rotation, cropping and effects that you have applied in ProSelect before finally re-sizing the ordered size. Final, print-ready images are saved in a folder ready to print or send to your lab.

ProSelect's Hi-Res production will save you hours of time on each job. Many studios have found that they need fewer staff for production when they incorporate this into their workflow.

"Your program is the final jigsaw piece that makes our work flow 90% automatic. From shoot, preview and print the whole thing is an integrated logical progression. Your program is stunningly good and is as vital to our work as the cameras we use, it's like having another member of staff."

Phil Flowers, Creative Photography, UK

Be confident that the job is complete

The Hi-Res Production window uses a checklist style layout so it's easy to track the stage of every item. Click on an item to see a preview, tweek its cropping, see any retouching notes and set the status when each item is ready. You can save the ProSelect album at any time then come back to it later and see exactly where you were up to.

Works with RAW image workflow

Since ProSelect Pro will link preview images (such as .jpg files) and original raw files, you can easily incorporate RAW image workflow in your production process. Just click the Open Raw Images in button to open your ordered images in either Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, complete your retouching then save the image either back over the original jpg file or as a different type (such as a .tif or .psd format file).

Only retouch each image once

If you have used the same image in multiple ordered products such as some prints, layouts or books, you only need to retouch the original image once. ProSelect will use that one image each time when it generates all of your different ordered items.

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Build complex digital images like magic

Output files made for multi-image composite layouts will include added template styles such as mat & graphics element colors, background images and borders. These files can be saved as layered Photoshop files which you can open to make any fine adjustments if you wish. You can even have ProSelect automatically change the contents of any text layers copied from your Photoshop templates - great for replacing names and dates.

Place your lab order without mistakes

Generated hi-res files can optionally include print sizes and order quantities in their file names, making it easy to drop them into your lab's ordering system. You can also have ProSelect create separate sub-folders by size.

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