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Working with Rooms - Highlights

This is another area in ProSelect that will help you make big money!

It's easy to sell bigger products

When you describe a product to your client, it can be hard for them to visualize how big it will be.

Many clients think that a 8x10 is a big print until they see it on a wall. That's why many studios have examples of different sized framed prints on the walls of their sales room.

However, when you use ProSelect's Room View, this problem is gone forever.

No more guessing the best size

It's easy to change the sizes of your images, canvases or framed layouts up or down until you and your clients can see which size works in each particular wall space. Your clients will feel comfortable investing in a product that they know is the right size for the place where they plan to hang it.

You won't have to sell your images any longer - your clients will just want to buy them!

"I must tell you this program is dearer to me than Photoshop or Lightroom. I love it. I can't begin to tell you the various presentation woes I suffered through trying to project for sales and then ProSelect came along. It is terrific. Being able to project to size is incredible. And then placing an image in a clients own room is even better."

Mark Karlsberg, Studio Eleven

Your clients will love to get involved

When you can, it's always best to use images of your client's own walls as Room View backgrounds during your sales session.

You can invite your clients to take these on their phones using Pro Studio Software’s SendMyRooms™ Client Connection. They will love to get involved and this is a great way to get them thinking about where they want their new artwork to go.

Your client’s SendMyRooms™ images can be directly downloaded into ProSelect ready to use during the sales session.

If you can't get to send you their images, just use one of the many beautiful pre-calibrated rooms included in ProSelect or add additional rooms from one of our Room View Collections.

Delight them with your room designs

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It's easy to create a few different room designs before your clients arrive for the sales session. You can even add these rooms into your slideshow for extra impact.

If they love the design but want to swap some images around, it's easy to make any changes right before their eyes.

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