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The Most Complete Sales Solution!

Pro Studio Software's ProSelect Basic and ProSelect Pro are the leading cross-platform In-Person Presentation, Sales and Workflow software packages for professional studios.

Here's why ProSelect will make a big difference to your photography business:

Run a professional in-person sales session

As an all-in-one program, ProSelect makes it easy to run a smooth professional in-person or remote sales presentation that your clients will love.

No hard sell

ProSelect makes it easy to sell large framed prints, huge canvases, collages, books, cards, wall groupings... almost anything! No hard sell required - just show and sell.

Personalize the experience

Show your products at actual size on images of your client's own walls. Send them a personal invitation (via Pro Studio Software's SendMyRooms™ Client Connection) to take and upload their room images to use in the sales session. They will love it and buy with confidence.

Present beautiful images in minutes

Instantly pretouch your images using one of 15 pretouching presets for most portrait situations - each one crafted by a master retoucher.

No more ordering mistakes

Record your retouching notes, add ordered products to the shopping cart and print an order report/invoice with thumbnail images for your client to sign.

Easy add-ons

It's easy to sell add-ons such as books, cards, collages andf specialty products to give your sales a boost.*1

Slideshows for impact and sale

Design and present an emotional slideshow with music. Add title slides & even video for more drama. Export your slideshow as a .mp4 movie for promotion or sale.*2

Boost your profits

Most businesses using ProSelect achieve at least a 50% increase in sales. Many report doubling or even tripling their average sales! This often means that you can pay for the cost of the software with the extra profits from the first few times that you use it.

Get your life back

ProSelect's Hi-Res Production module automates Photoshop to produce a folder full of lab ready images, collages and book pages while you have your feet up! You can even have your applied pretouching appiled to final prints and digital files.*3*4

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"Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful software. I swear it is a license to print money - I have had nearly $8,000 in sales in the last three days! Just thought you might like to know how often (and it is almost everytime) MY clients make remarks like What wonderful software you have for showing the photos. Happened again this morning, on the back of a $1300 sale to boot!"

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Craig Stewart, Craig Stewart Photography

"I have used ProSelect since late '04 and have seen it go through the many changes to arrive at where it is today. All I can say is this is an application that no portrait or wedding studio can do without! It has made my job as a photographer and salesman both simple and profitable. The work flow is clean with its ability to link into Photoshop through the production module and the linking into RAW files.

The production module for building layouts and book orders is without compare and has made the production end of my business fast and easy. I have tried a lot of the viewing, selling and production softwares available but ProSelect is it for me!"

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Stephen Walker, grapeshot studios

*1 Building final book pages requires ProSelect Pro
*2 Adding video to a slideshow only available in ProSelect Pro
*3 Hi-Res Production only available in ProSelect Pro and requires Photoshop CC
*4 Pretouching & Retouching (in ProSelect Pro) requires current PLUS subscription or current lease.