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Working with Layouts - Highlights

This is the section of ProSelect where you can create specialty products for your clients such as matted items, canvases, digital collages, press printed products (such as birth announcements, invitations etc) - almost anything!

What's a Layout?

In ProSelect, a Layout is simply a template that you have added your clients images to in order to create a product for them.

Lots to choose from...

Some photographers have thousands of templates! ProSelect includes a few hundred already and you can easily add to these by

  • Downloading many of the free templates available on our ProSelect Resources page.
  • Purchasing a template collection from us or one of the many template designers who create these in ProSelect-ready format .
  • Using ProSelect's built-in Template Editor to design your own.
  • Using your existing Photoshop templates as Overlay Images on templates in ProSelect allowing you to use these in your sales sessions. With ProSelect Pro's Hi-Res Production Module you can then automatically create final hi-res files from these ready to send to your lab.
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Have fun being creative

Create your layout products by simply dragging and dropping images into your templates. You can rotate, flip, swap as you please.

Any size

Templates can be setup to be either a fixed size or can be variable sized so you can show and order them at the best size for your client's needs.

"I have used ProSelect for years, but in the last year have just started taking advantage of all the amazing tools that ProSelect offers with templates, showing christmas cards/birth announcements, and importing my own frames. It has been AWESOME! Thanks for creating such a great software. My clients are always WOWed"

Alison Notgrass, Focal Point Photographics

Mats add total flexibility

ProSelect templates can also be styled using mats as both Surrounding Mats and Inner Mats. Surrounding Mats can be applied to around a composite template (the same as single image prints). Inner Mats allow you to quickly change the entire look of a product by adding borders around images within the template, change the background to a different color or image as well as other effects.

Add a frame to show the finished product

Adding a frame to any layout is easy. Free frame images from most major frame suppliers are available on our ProSelect Resources page.

You can install up to 12 of your favorite frames into ProSelect or up to 300 into ProSelect Pro.

Show them on a wall

As with your print products, you can show your clients how your layouts will look (at different sizes) on their walls. You can mix and match mutiple prints and different layout types together on a room view background to create beautiful Wall Galleries that will simply stun your clients.

ProSelect also supports a special type of template called a Wall Grouping which can be used to instantly show a pre-arranged set of prints (with or without a frame) together on a wall.

Easy template management

Use ProSelect's built-in Template Manager to arrange your templates into catagories and groups so it is easy to quickly find the one you want.

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